Showcase your weapon skills with Blood & Truth’s latest free update, out today

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Showcase your weapon skills with Blood & Truth’s latest free update, out today

Five new challenge modes to test your reflexes, dual-wielding abilities, tactical prowess and more

We’ve been adding new ways to play Blood & Truth ever since our PS VR action blockbuster launched earlier this year. Game updates to date have included New Game+ and online leaderboards, as well as a Hard mode and Skeet challenges.

Today, we’re putting a different spin on things with the addition of five new Gun Skill challenges; each designed to test different aspects of your weapons handling and technique.

For experienced players, these present the perfect opportunity to jump back in to the game, play in some surprising new ways and further develop your skills, while showcasing your mastery on our leaderboards. Let’s take a look at what challenges await.

Quick Draw

Blood and Truth on PSVRBlood and Truth on PSVR

Swap modern-day London for the Old West in this quick draw dueling challenge. Holster your revolver, approach your target, and be ready to draw and fire when they turn hostile! 

Gunslingers with the reflexes required to defeat an entire posse will be rewarded with bonuses and a bronze trophy awaits any bounty hunter able to complete all duels in one attempt. And remember, in the Old West, not all opponents fight with honour, so be wary of ambushes between duels!

Pro tip: If playing with PS Move controllers, try fanning the hammer with your off-hand to boost your fire rate!

Pistol Spinning

Blood and Truth on PSVRBlood and Truth on PSVR

Players may have already discovered the joys of pistol spinning, and perhaps even developed a knack for it! If so, then good news – you can now put this impressive trick to practical use!

In this challenge, you activate targets using pistol spinning. Call up as many as you dare before stopping to shoot, but don’t let them time out! Lights will display your available targets, and track your hits and misses. Can you take out an eight target sequence in one go? Achieve this feat to earn a shiny bronze trophy!

Pro tip: If you’re struggling to get your spinning up to speed, try twirling the gun in a figure-eight motion!


Blood and Truth on PSVRBlood and Truth on PSVR

Hone your multitasking skills in this timed survival challenge. Drive gears with levers to reveal time-boosting targets. Perform well, and you’ll unlock additional levers and higher-value targets!

While a keen eye and steady aim will serve you well in this challenge, the key to success will come from mastering control over the mechanism itself. Drive gears faster to uncover more targets, then slow (or even reverse) them to help you take a tricky shot!

Pro tip: As soon as extra levers become active, be sure to make use of them to dramatically increase your scoring options.

Colour Coded

Blood and Truth on PSVRBlood and Truth on PSVR

 All of you Blood & Truth veterans out there may already consider yourselves dual-wielding experts, but let’s be honest; you favour one hand over the other, right? Not an option in this challenge!

In this dual-pistols time trial, you must shoot colour-coded targets with matching weapons. Successful hits build up your score multiplier, but any misplaced shots reset your streak, so check your targets!

String together a combo of 20 coloured targets, and a bronze coloured trophy awaits!

 Pro tip: This challenge is all about getting into a good rhythm! Just don’t get so in the zone that you’re caught out by an unexpected colour change!

Hot Swapping

Blood and Truth on PSVRBlood and Truth on PSVR

The colour-coded targets make a return for this final challenge, but this time with an additional tactical twist!

Manoeuvre your way through this time trial with a rifle and pistol load out, swapping weapons intelligently to respond to threats both near and far.

Test your skills to the limit in a range of combat scenarios; from vantage-point sharpshooting to close-quarters room clearing!

Pro tip: Think tactically to anticipate weapon swaps. While crossing open ground you should be using the pistol, and once fortified behind cover, you’ll be needing your rifle.

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