Take a tour of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s co-op mode Special Ops

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Take a tour of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s co-op mode Special Ops

Introducing the multi-stage operations, missions and PS4 exclusive mode coming to Infinity Ward's shooter when it launches this month

Special Ops marks the return of one of the series’ most-beloved game modes. In Modern Warfare, the cooperative-focused mode is reimagined as a collection of expansive, interconnected Operations against a new threat stemming from the Eastern Hemisphere.
In Special Ops, players will assemble into strike teams of four to execute multi-phased objectives, which together will advance the overarching story of Modern Warfare.

Here’s a quick tour of what Special Ops has to offer:


Special Ops includes different experiences that take place on a wide variety of maps. The largest and most involved multi-stage experiences are called Operations. These four-player, matchmaking-supported activities unfold around the city of Verdansk, and pit players with destroying the logistics of the Al-Qatala army.
There are plenty of ways to play. In some Operations a stealthy approach may be prudent, but hopping into a tank, helicopter, or ATV opens up tactical options. The choice will always be yours, but the enemy will respond to your tactics, meaning the outcome of any battle can change.
In Operations, you’ll be able to carry over all the Operators, Loadouts, and Progress made in Multiplayer.
Special Ops at launch will include four multi-stage Operations, with more scheduled to release post-launch.

GameTitle on PS4GameTitle on PS4


Missions serve as a focused complement to the more complex Operations, and you can play solo or with up to four players. Missions will test your proficiency with specific weapons, killstreaks, and other tools, and are designed to be extremely replayable. In Missions you’re able to achieve a 1, 2, or 3-star ranking based on your performance.

Survival mode

Unrelated to the Special Ops Operations and Missions is an additional wave-based horde mode known as Special Ops Survival. This is an exclusive,* additional cooperative mode for PS4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players that pits you and up to three of your friends against enemy forces in intense cooperative combat on one of three Multiplayer maps. In Special Ops Survival Mode, you will fight off waves of increasingly difficult and determined combatants in a variety of experiences.
Special Ops Survival Mode is exclusive to PS4 until Oct. 1, 2020.

Completing Special Ops content will unlock rewards including new items and equipment that can be utilized in both Multiplayer and Special Ops Modes.
Assemble your squad and report in on 25th October. We’ll see you there, soldier.
*Play Special Ops Survival Mode First on PS4. Timed Exclusive content until 1st October 2020

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  • Liberate Hong Kong.

  • Disgusting Exclusivity. [DELETED] Disgusting.

  • Disgusting Exclusivity. Absolutely Disgusting.

  • Cant wait, good news

  • “Timed Exclusive content until 1st October 2020” – This is getting a lot of people angry… Not to poke the fire… but this is good for the industry. My reason is as follows, Microsoft started with some great games for the XBOX – (Halo, Gears Of War) but they stopped there. Sony fumbled the ball with the PS3 and worked hard on their range of games. The diverse range of games on the PS4, puts Microsoft to shame. Microsoft have seen this, and have bought a number of studios to compete with Sony….. This battle, pushes the companies to out do each other. I nearly bought an X-Box due to the Tomb Raider exclusive… The money the studio makes from these deals, allow more great games to be made. Hopefully the race for the next gen may make me purchase both consoles…. Either way looking forward to how Microsoft fight back.

    • Exclusivity is NEVER good for consumers

    • So whats the difference with Exclusive games ? God of War, Spider-man, Last Of Us : Nintendo has Mario and Zelda…. And that is why I also have a switch. As a consumer, I am very happy with these titles.

  • Exclusivity is NEVER good for consumers.

    • Too many good gaming studios collapse and go under. These deals help them make more great games. We all want AAA titles, but as most of these cost around 80 million and no-on wants loot boxes and micro-transactions. Where else do they get the extra money.

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