Bone up on MediEvil with new video series ahead of the PlayStation classic’s impending resurrection

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Bone up on MediEvil with new video series ahead of the PlayStation classic’s impending resurrection

A Bonehead's Guide to Gallowmere will equip you with the skills you need to survive the undead romp

Brave soldiers of Gallowmere, every kingdom has its share of threats, and the ones you’re about to face seem to have a bone to pick with you! If you think you might have trouble parsing through zombie parts, demolishing demons and mashing these monsters, we’ve got just the trick.
For those slightly fuzzy on the ways of the land (and who wouldn’t be after a few decades?) I present to you the Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere – four episodes of a new weekly video series to remind every loyal knight, new or old, of the essential skills needed to defend the kingdom. No more skulking in the shadows for you!

So pay close attention – the lessons within might just be what you need to win the day. We’ll update this post with the latest info as we rattle closer to launch, so stay tuned!
MediEvil launches for PlayStation 4 on 25th October 2019.

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  • Still can’t believe you aren’t releasing this on October 31st. You missed the spooky day by less than a week!

  • Is there going to be any optimization before the release??

    The demo felt like it was running at 10-15fps, even in the crypt, and there was quite bad input delay.

    As much as I like the game series, it would help to make it a more certain purchase hearing you’re working on improving things…

    • Either buy it or stop complaining besides medievil is 4 male gamers developers told me so

    • Unfortunately commas, spelling and actually reading what’s written aren’t for you. Apparently..

    • I hope so too, but I doubt it will happen. The PS5 will be backwards compatible and boost performance on PS4 titles, so at least we got that option when it’s released! :D

    • i agree it felt a bit off. Fun but.. sluggish

    • Wrong. They need to lock it to 30. The game has a 60fps target but never really seems to achieve it but doesn’t go below 30. So a 30fps cap would clearly be the the best way to go. And it should be on by default with a an “Unlock Framerate” option for people that want that.

    • If it didn’t go below 30 it wouldn’t look and feel as juddery and jumpy as it does. Smooth 30 doesn’t look like that, neither does jumpy 60. Right now it behaves and feels exactly like the bad framerate bits in Bloodborne.

      Which is strange as it’s not exactly the most graphically intense game out there. So there’s no obvious reason why it shouldn’t be hitting smooth 30 (or even 60) in tiny rooms with just the character and 2 walls on the screen. Nor would framerate problems alone explain the around 500ms of input lag that often occurs.

  • Demo seemed good but will there be an option to invert X and Y camera in the full game? Without that I probably won’t buy…

    • Isn’t there an option to “invert camera” already? Though it’s either both or none.

      Re configuring the keymap would be nice too.

    • There is an invert option in the demo – it’s the first thing I changed (it was actually checked by default). I didn’t like the demo. The style and story are cool but the gameplay felt super clunky.

    • There definitely is an option to invert the Y axis, i did it the first minute of play.

    • I could only find Invert Look Mode, I’ll look again but it didn’t seem to affect the camera during gameplay.

    • Not sure what it was called but the option that was there definitely affected the Y axis. I really struggled with the controls before changing it lol

  • Camera did feel a bit weird but I wondered whether it was just a case of getting a little more familiar with it… It is a remake of a PS1 game afterall, it won’t ‘feel’ like a modern game altogether. Played around with the modern and classic controls and stuck with the modern ones.

    The one thing I did feel was a bit off, was the ‘impact’ of the weapons. I don’t remember if this was the case with the original but the weapons don’t seem to carry a lot of weight. It feels like swinging them wildly and hitting enemies in the process (looking ridiculously awesome), but I don’t really feel the ‘impact’ of them.

    • Crash and Spyro were remakes of PS1 games and they felt excellent to control. I haven’t played all that much Crash but I’ve played a lot of Spyro and the remakes do feel like modern games.

    • I didn’t think the controls of Medievil remake were bad per se. The old one was played with the Dpad so it’s great to play with joysticks now. I just felt it was a bit slow even on the highest sensitivity, but it’s probably just a case of spending a while with it and getting used to the camera :)

    • @Carnivius_Prime That’s because the originals of Crash and Spyro were already excellent to control. Medievil was always a bit clunky. I guess they translated it too well.

    • I do love how true it stays to the original despite being a full remake in this case :) Crash and Spyro are platformers so movement is most important. I think Medievil was supposed to be a little clunky, with Sir Daniel being a revived skeleton and all :)

  • Thanks for giving us a demo to try, saved me £20

  • Was never a good game, and looks like a horrible remaster.

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