Conquer demanding biking trails in arcade racer Lonely Mountains: Downhill, out this month on PS4

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Conquer demanding biking trails in arcade racer Lonely Mountains: Downhill, out this month on PS4

Pick a bike, choose a mode and race for leaderboard glory from 23rd October

Hello riders! We are Megagon Industries, a three-person studio from Berlin, and our game Lonely Mountains: Downhill is finally near the finish line. We can’t wait to welcome all of you to our mountainous creation, which will arrive on PlayStation 4 23rd October!. Most of all, we’re looking forward to seeing your videos and hearing your stories about making (or not making) your way down the mountain side!

In Lonely Mountains: Downhill, it’s you and your bike against the mountain. Every mountain features several trails, and each trail has a variety of challenges for you to accomplish. In other words – you have some work cut out for you! Visit new mountains, explore new terrain and unlock new bikes with different features.
Each bike has its own advantages, so try each one to see which one best fits the trail and your playstyle! Some bikes are great for going off-road while others focus on large jumps, high drops or absolute speed. A shortcut that’s great for one bike might not be the best for another one! Not all paths down the mountain are obvious, so always keep an eye out (you might even find some beautiful resting spots along the way).
Finding the best route down the mountain is key on your way ​to the top of the leaderboards.
Lonely Mountains: Downhill on PS4
You can certainly say that Lonely Mountains: Downhill can be a demanding experience. Successfully getting down the mountain is just the first step – and worth a Trophy in itself! But it gets even more fun when you start challenging yourself to do it without crashing once. Or, to learn all the right paths down the mountain in order to set the fastest time possible! Make sure you hit each of the checkpoints before going totally off-road in the Free Ride mode!
Lonely Mountains: Downhill on PS4
If that all still sounds too easy for you, well, no need to worry! We’ve decided to increase the challenge even a bit more by adding a Night Mode!
To master this mode you need to learn every nook and cranny of the trails, or the smallest pebble might become your downfall. Thankfully your bike comes with headlights. Prepare to hit that Share button many times to capture all your greatest victories…or most spectacular crashes.
If you want to celebrate the release with us feel free to join our ​Discord​ or follow the release on Twitter​, ​Facebook, or ​Instagram​.
Have a good ride and see you on the mountains!

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  • After watching the trailer… I’m in! …. Definitely looks like a game i am going to say just 1 more go, for the 1000th time.

    • This would be great on my Vita, but Sony don’t support that any more… So the The big question, PS4 or Switch. (And A Switch version is being released). The Switch is here because of the VITA, so Sony…. Look there is a market for a powerful handheld. I would buy it. I am sure you can make a portable PS3 by now… maybe even a full portable PS4.

    • VITA is FAR from dead IMO. Just because a console gets discontinued doesn’t mean the games stop rolling out. Hell look at the Dreamcast! Still getting releases well into 2019 and beyond (Volgarr, Another World HD in recent years) along with plenty of indie support.

      Its a shame devs never really took advantage of the console though. The OLED screen and augmented aspects really opened the door to a lot of possibilites

    • There hasn’t been a new vita game since March and that was a [DELETED] atari compilation. The vita is dead.

  • True, that does look good and fun!

  • Played this one at Rezzed earlier this year. Fun.

    Just a tip though for the folks who are looking forward to this: there are two separate control styles. If you’re struggling with one, switch to the other.

  • That does look fun. When that rider hit the rock face it made my ****s go tight.

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