Arizona Sunshine creator returns with PS VR multiplayer shooter After The Fall

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Arizona Sunshine creator returns with PS VR multiplayer shooter After The Fall

Craft weapons and join up with friends to battle colossal mutations in an ‘80s-set post-apocalyptic Los Angeles

Hey everyone! Nick, from Vertigo Games here – you may know us as the creators of Arizona Sunshine. Have you ever wanted to star in your own 80s post-apocalyptic cult classic? Then we are super excited to announce our next and biggest VR game yet: After The Fall, a multiplayer VR action shooter with co-op at its core.
Set in a frozen, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, After The Fall pits you and up to three friends against unprecedented, huge waves of monstrous, undead creatures known as the Snowbreed. And when I say huge, I don’t just mean in numbers; you’ll be facing off against some of VR’s most colossal brutes and repulsive deformities.
In an alternate 1980s, the age of decadence and delight, humanity started experimenting with a new type of designer drugs to elevate the human potential beyond known limits.
Meanwhile, the planet suffered: climate change ran hot and cold to extremes, resulting in a new ice age. To cope with the cold, people only consumed more drugs which led to horrible mutations – the deadly Snowbreed. Now, 20 years later, Los Angeles lies in ruins and survivors are clinging to life in a frozen city roaming with mutated terrors.
In your fight for survival you’ll wield a wide variety of weapons. Will you rush to the frontlines with your electrified knuckleduster and custom handgun ready to take down hordes of Snowbreed? Or would you rather stay back and use your hunting rifle with explosive ammo to take down the hulking brutes? It’s up to you.
On top of this, you’ll be able to unleash devastating attacks using crafted devices, such as a volley of missiles from a wrist-mounted ’80s walkman-turned-rocket launcher. Crafting and customising weapons and gear requires resources and blueprints found throughout the world, which you’ll take back with you to the basecamp for use.
Speaking of basecamp; this is a shared hub where you’ll run into other players from all over the world, hang out and interact with them in VR, form a party of up to four players to go on a new mission, and more. But you can also decide to play the game by yourself – the difficulty will scale accordingly. Though I personally feel playing with friends is more fun, especially in VR!
Where our previous foray into VR shooting, Arizona Sunshine, is a somewhat slower paced survival experience, After The Fall is all about adrenaline pumping action. It’s slated for 2020, and I can’t wait for you folks to play it.
We’ll be back on the PS blog with more announcements soon – in the meantime, scavenge to learn more!

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