These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

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These are your new PlayStation Store releases this week

Another huge week kicks off with FIFA 20, The Surge 2, Tropico 6 and Code Vein

Whether you prefer to be a football star, an armour-clad soldier or the world’s greatest dictator, this week’s new PlayStation Store releases has something for all types of heroes (or villains). Take your club to the UEFA Champions League in FIFA 20, engage in brutal exoskeleton battles in The Surge 2 or build an empire in Tropico 6.
Check out the highlights below and head over to PlayStation Store for more information.


Why it should be on your radar:
Get ready for kick-off as FIFA returns for a new season, featuring improved ball mechanics, hundreds of authentic teams and official global football leagues, including the UEFA Champions League. New mode EA SPORTS VOLTA allows you to take the action to the streets, from a neighbourhood cage in London to a Tokyo rooftop.
If you want a head start on the action, make sure to pick up the Champions Edition or Ultimate Edition for three days early access.

The Surge 2

Why it should be on your radar:
Deck 13’s brutal action RPG sequel promises challenging combat in badass exoskeletons. Study your enemies’ attack patterns and hit weak points using the limb targeting system, or attack armoured sections to loosen weapon and armour parts. How savage…

Code Vein

Why it should be on your radar:
Try not to give in to your bloodlust in Bandai Namco’s new vampiric adventure featuring a captivating story, unique combat and monsters that are even more bloodthirsty than you.
You play as a Revenant, a person with blood-based superpowers brought back to life to battle vile creatures known as the Lost. Team up with an AI partner and take on tough dungeons, or send out rescue signals to bring in another player for some online co-op monster slaying.

Tropico 6

Why it should be on your radar:
El Presidente has returned, and it’s time for you to shape the fate of your own banana republic as the greatest dictator of all time. Whether your leadership style is peaceful or totalitarian, unleash it all on this hilarious city builder by Limbic Entertainment.
For the first time in the series, you can manage a cluster of islands at the same time. Build infrastructure, send agents to raid foreign lands – and don’t forget to make a bunch of promises you can’t keep in election speeches!

This week’s beta

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – open beta

Why it should be on your radar:
Ubisoft finally launches the open beta for its tactical shooter sequel, running from 26th to 29th September. Become a Ghost, an elite US Special Forces soldier, and infiltrate the mysterious island of Auroa. If you don’t want to waste a second of game time, remember that you can start pre-loading the beta on 24th September.

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  • Star Wars Jedi Outcast for me this week! I have given up on Arcade Archive releases (and lack thereof) for now.

  • Star Wars for me since was Xbox exclusives back in the day . Plus I buy some retro games and if don’t turn up this week off EShop I go

  • You could actually do a prize-giveaway-game for the games which are on the list, but still will not be released on PSN Europe (for unknown reasons, maybe because of climate change, or … I do not know) and the winner, the one who guesses it, gets a free download code for a different platform. LOL

  • Hey, how about you listen now? Reinstate the last 7 days and last 30 days pages, or at least tell us why you stubbornly refuse to do so.

  • Is Time Pilot actually coming out for really reals this time? :P How about Vigilante? These Arcade Archives sure been a tease lately.

    I’mma buy Habroxia for my PS4/Vita too. Looks a good solid retro shooter.

    I tried the demo of Contra – Rogue Corps last week. It was not good. Not worth the money they want for it anyways. Blazing Chrome is where you wanna go if you want proper Contra gameplay without the Contra name. And it’s way cheaper too.

  • Lots of titles that appeared on last week list are here again. Let’s hope they release this week.

  • Hang on a sec, did PlayStation not get a memo that Espire VR has been delayed?

    Also why would they release a bundle with Killing Floor when Espire on its own has not released yet?

  • Why is dlc no longer listed?

    Is Castle Crashers coming any of the regions that got left out last week?

  • A bunch of broken links again?? Come on guys, how hard can it be? At least link to a pre-order!! That will produce more sales surely? Two words, “Thomas Cook”. You have been warned.

    • Or otherwise, Sony will go bankrupt just like Thomas Cook? And you are warning them? What are you on, for real.

    • Every week someone says this and every week the same correction is made. The links activate when the products go live, if a game has a preorder the link directs to it’s preorder page. I would have thought it would be obvious at this point but I guess it needs to be spelled out yet again.

    • True Bigger the Company bigger the Fall

  • Really was hoping we would see Dragon Quest 1-3 this week. I am gonna buy them for the switch but would rather have them on the PS4.

  • I think Sony should save themselves the Bother and just back date the rest of the Arcade Archives and sell them as a bundle the same with the Neo Geo Archives.

    But out to be with Sony some of them are not that good but on the other hand are worth owning as classic,s

  • I would just love to work for Sony EU just to find out as to how why they come up with these crazy idea & as to why they can,t stick to there release Schedules maybe they are Sworn to secrecy like a secret society like the free Masons a secret hand shake this game was to be released this but it will now be next Month

  • What is the release date for Doctor Who Edge of Time?

  • As an exercise,had a random look at last week’s shambles,I mean releases! (At least those that weren’t barred in Australia): Gravity Error & Castle Crashers Remastered MIA…

    Arcade Archives: Int. Track & Field,Time Pilot & Vigilante-up to about 4-5th time,now?

    Overland, Groundhog Day (Sure feels like it on this storefront!),Ellen & Worbital(?),all taking a second stab this week that I’m aware of…

    According to The Behemoth,due to the “changes needed on several storefronts its looking like Castle Crashers Remastered won’t be up ’til next week”.

    As for Vambrace: Cold Soul, (& I’m speculating here), but might account for certain other small indies like Arcade Archives & others, there are still apparently issues between IARC classification & Sony despite a pending deal. Both Xbox & Switch accept IARC classification ratings,Sony EU has been one of the main holdouts…Your competition is selling games in the same regions you’re not due to this sort of nonsense guys,get it sorted out!

    Here’s praying Battle Princess Madelyn & Ultracore don’t get railroaded by this issue too!

  • Isnt Northgard releasing 26th september ? Or did ps change the date to next week?

  • £8 for Jedi Outcast?

    Sold, I thought it was going to be something stupid like £20.

    But £8 is a great price imo.

    • Yes, I must admit when I had a peek at the store this morning, I was expecting £12-£15 range. Instant buy, just waiting to finish work before I can play.

  • What about Castle Crashers Remastered.

    It was released last week at US Store

    • Probably missed it with my mega post. Best keep an eye on The Behemoth’s twitter…last i saw due to “changes needed to several storefronts” & needed to resubmit Castle Crashers. They’re hoping it’ll be next week…tho given aussie store stuff arounds i’m fearing longer!

    • is it not out where you are? it’s out here in the UK when i look at the online store.

  • Fifa 20. Now with 7% new content.

  • Lets not forget that new DLC for Cities Skylines (Campus) is online.

  • I can’t believe this… Overland hasn’t arrived yet…

    • Sadly you might have a few more days. A quick look at Overland’s twitter provided the following: ….

      “The pricing got messed up and the storefronts work on weekly updates- so when it was discovered the earliest we could get a date was *EDIT* Monday 30th September. It’s awful and we both didn’t know of this issue and are super sorry to our EU PS4 fans”

      Trust it being the EU/AU storefront this happens on! Speaking of which,thus far a majority of the indie titles listed for the 27th aren’t working on the AU storefront,so not a great sign for the rest of the EU!

    • Great… Thanks for the answer, we can’t do anything else just wait… The I have to play with the Breakpoint beta. :)

  • Viglantlate & Track & Field fail to appear for a 4th week running Gold medal for them Both looking at the EU store as we speak Quite of few of this weeks releases are Missing

    • Yep, checking the 27th Sept. links here in Australia & most of ’em aren’t working or default to original version,(Valkyrie Chronicles 4 instead of bundle)…what’s the bet when the arcade archives ones finally appear they’ll have a Time Pilot type issue,or price stuff up like Overland?! I mean we can’t expect the SIEE blog/social staff to track such things,they’re probably busy twittering each other about playing Zelda/Switch or whatever!

      Castle Crashers dev The Behemoth posted they’re expecting remaining EU/AU territories to get CC Remastered Tues. 1st Oct….fingers crossed!!

  • Of the games meant to release today,

    Overland, not available 2nd week in a row

    Track & Field, not available

    Dinosaurs Island, not available

    Ellen, not available

    Espire 1, not available

    Worbital, not available

    Gunvol, not available

  • DISGRACEFUL SONY a day when Sony,EU Standards have drop to an all time low

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