9 key takeaways from Death Stranding’s massive Tokyo Game Show gameplay video

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9 key takeaways from Death Stranding’s massive Tokyo Game Show gameplay video

Kojima Productions gives us an in-depth look into Sam Bridges’ journey

The mysteries of Death Stranding continued to unfold this week at Tokyo Game Show, where celebrated game director Hideo Kojima debuted a whopping 48 minutes of new gameplay, giving the most in-depth peek at the fractured world Sam Bridges hopes to save. Here are some details we noticed:

1. Preparation is key

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First, we see Sam likely preparing for a mission by picking his equipment and balancing his cargo. His loadout isn’t just attached to his back; he seems to meticulously equip his suit and to carefully select attachments for his arms as well. How these different attachments and options affect his capabilities in the field remain to be seen, but it seems like it’ll be worth it to get things just right before setting out.

2. Plot your own course

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Before leaving the facility, Sam also takes a moment to examine the map, which can be shifted into a topographical view that takes all the area’s hills, valleys, and bodies of water into account. Players can place markers to plot a specific course, as well as prepare necessary equipment like ladders, anchors, and boots for the journey ahead.

3. You’re not the only one exploring this world

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While we’re pretty sure you won’t be bumping into direct contact with other players in this world, it seems you may come across things they’ve built or left behind.*
There are clear signs of other travelers like yourself using equipment to cross gaps and scale mountains, making you the benefactor of their generous intrepidness.
Be sure to leave them a like for their troubles — it’s not yet known what purpose that serves, but at least it will make them feel deservedly appreciated.

4. Treat yourself

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Given the responsibility placed on Sam’s shoulders, both literally and figuratively, Death Stranding encourages moments of tranquility and recuperation. We see Sam taking some time to rest in the grass, with prompts for him to massage his shoulders, stretch his legs or sneak in a quick nap. He’ll stop to play a tune from a quest-given harmonica or bathe in a Recharging Spring, prompting the BB to respond with appreciative coos and likes.

5. On the move

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Sam can move at different paces despite being loaded to the brim with cargo and equipment. We see Sam equip an “Active Skeleton” that lets him run faster and farther.
He also pulls off some rather epic jumps despite his massive pack of cargo — getting around should be a lot more interesting once you acquire one of these. We can also see Sam steal a MULE truck for a quick escape, and later on, ride a motorcycle, illustrating that traversal in Death Stranding can take many forms.

6. Lighten the load

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Sam can also equip a Floating Carrier: a hovering palette of sorts that Sam can pack cargo onto, and be pulled along behind him as he walks.
This should make a big difference in terms of Sam’s capacity to transport goods, speeding up deliveries and allowing for more flexibility should he come across lost cargo he doesn’t want to leave behind.

7. That floating carrier can carry you, too

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Later in the video we see Sam hop onto his empty Floating Carrier to zoom down from his high vantage point and stealthily approach a MULE camp.
This sort of speedy, convenient traversal hints at multiple ways to approach a challenge, giving Sam an even more efficient way of getting down beyond the rope and ladders we’ve already seen.

8. Don’t be a drag

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Sam finds himself in danger in the second half of the footage, when his sensor alerts him to nearby activity. We see him struggle to shift his weight and break free from the BT’s tar covered grip, and eventually be dragged into combat with a more formidable foe.
If running isn’t an option, as it appears in this section of gameplay, then removing packages to keep Sam lighter during combat is. He’ll need to move swiftly to lob Hematic and EX Grenades (we’ll let you guess what those are made from) or use the Anti-BT Handgun from a distance. Should you survive, don’t forget to grab your discarded cargo.

9. Make meaningful connections

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Sam isn’t alone in the world of Death Stranding. We see him complete a couple deliveries throughout the new footage, one to return lost cargo and the other in which he approaches a larger facility and is met with a hologram version of one of its residents.
Upon delivery completion, each facility representative greeted Sam to thank him for his trouble and allowed him to add their base to a larger sprawling Chiral Network. It seems these forged connections are at the heart of his journey.
Those are just some of the details we caught in the new footage. Did we miss anything? What stood out to you? Let us know in the comments, and prepare to take on the world of Death Stranding when it launches 8th November on PS4.
* Internet connection required for asynchronous multiplayer features.

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  • To be honest, for what we have seen so far, the gameplay looks really boring. However I would gladly be proven wrong.

    • why say that? Do you think every game without constant action and combat is boring? This gameplay is clearly about displaying the game mechanics, that makes your journey interesting.

      Delivering packages is important, but the game is not just about that. Certainly there is action and combat, but Kojima said players could take a non-lethal playing style if they wish so.

      Comparing the trailers to this gameplay demo clearly shows that the game is more than just delivering service. Do you think Sam will deliver Pizza to Cliff (Matt Mikelson) or Golden-Mask-Guy (Troy Baker). no !

      I believe there are 2 more Gameplay demo to come at TGS, since you are eager to see violence.

    • Mads Mikkelson*

      To be honest, the trailers for MGSV were really terrible too (as some gritty war crimes and torture story crap) and put me off the game entirely. The end product was much better, it was just sold really poorly.

    • @Vanlischteinstein I never said anything about action/combat. In fact I often think those mecahnincs are boring. I just wanna see something other than walking, like some puzzle solving for example.

  • Still looks stunning, I cannot what to explore and learn all about the world properly!

  • I just watched the TGS clip of the gameplay. That girl sitting next to Kojima was making some very weird noises indeed. Strange.

  • When you strip away the weirdness and intrigue it just looks like we are left with Fetch Quest Simulator… and yet I still want it o.O

  • He (Kojima) said that he wants to clear some stuff up about the game, reason why the TGS trailer – didn’t really get what just that you walk – a lot.

    Didn’t see the TGS, read this article, and it seems that all the points presented here are just meh…

    Will wait for it to be released, check reviews and other gameplay since I don’t want to spend money on UPS simulator and fall asleep in 5 minutes. Thanks!

    • Yeah, you are going to wait for “other gameplay” when you won’t watch the 48 minutes of gameplay shown so far at TGS.

    • Yeah, I will.

      Mainly due to the fact that I’m hoping the TGS gameplay (that I viewed after work) is just the first mission which gets you up to speed with things.

      As I found myself skipping through it randomly.

      I did like the boss battle though..

  • Looks like uber eats simulator. As much as I liked MGS this… Looks boring. I hope story is interesting because this may be the only factor that will make me want to play more.

    • The game is more than delivering parcels, this demo is just to display how deep the mechanics are.

      Sam wants to connect the United Cities of America, on his trips he surmount obstacles such as terrorist or BT. Sice he travels he also do some delivery service for disconnected colonies etc.

  • I like it, and i am definetly buying it first preorder this year..

  • I don’t know why the PlayStation blog chose to highlight these points though when the footage they showed has a very impressive boss battle and a lot of vehicle action and combat too

    • The creature looks impressive but other than throwing grenades at it there doesn’t seem to be any engaging combat in general…

      It looks like taking a weird camping trip or something. Intrigue and story hype is high, gameplay expactations are low for me.

  • Kojima, go make movies friend. This gameplay looks really bad.

  • Whatever happened to this supposed gameplay?


  • At least all the “what is this game?” and “I don’t get what you will be doing” pretentious morons can shut up now. But now we have new comments such as “is that it?” and “all you do in the game is move a character around the place in 3rd person like most other games this gen?”……………Yeah and all you did in Shadow of the Colossus was ride around on some horse.

  • This article isn’t exactly selling the game very well…

  • The story and characters are up to Kojima standards but the gameplay really doesn’t amount to much of anything. This is all they had to show in 48 minutes (!!)? That lenght and release date considered, I don’t think they’re holding back a whole lot at this point anymore… It looks like MGS5 (which I already found tedious compared to previous titles due to the open world elements) but without stealth and action, or very basic forms of it, so… mostly just the huge distances of traveling…. I sincerely hope the story and characters will hold this up, I think for me it will but I hope it does so for others as well. Wouldn’t like to see them tank too soon as a new exclusive studio…

    • The characters aren’t really up to Kojima’s standards, as they’re not really Kojima’s characters. Just largely a bunch of actors who still look like the actors playing them.

      When you see even smaller Kojima characters like the Sorrow, or even Boss/Raiden, etc. etc. they have iconic looks that belong to the universe they’re in.

      When you see Big Boss, you know it’s MGS, when you see these people you just think “oh hey it’s that person from that show”. It’s like them being a character in this game is not as important as making sure we recognize they’re some famous actor.

    • Kojima standards in terms of weirdness and intrigue, I should specify :) I’m going to reserve my opinions on their looks and design after I’m more familiar with that universe. I don’t really mind that they’re going for more famous actors since it adds to the production values and I’ve always felt gaming deserves the same opportunities as those big Hollywood productions. I read an interesting article on it that claimed we’ll be seeing more of those bigger actors getting roles in games as the industry grows.

  • It would be nice if you could listen to music like in MGS V

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