Grand Theft Auto V was PlayStation Store’s most downloaded game in August

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Grand Theft Auto V was PlayStation Store’s most downloaded game in August

Plus, the top downloads for PS VR, free-to-play and DLC over the last month

Grand Theft Auto V was the most downloaded game on PlayStation Store in August, making it the second month in a row that Rockstar’s crime opus topped the digital charts.
It’s an achievement shared by Blood & Truth, as London Studio’s action blockbuster retained its number one position on the PS VR charts. Elsewhere, Fortnite took top billing across both the free-to-play and DLC charts.
See the full listings for last month below.


  1. Grand Theft Auto V (1)
  2. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition (2)
  3. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (7)
  4. FIFA 19 (4)
  5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (7)
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2 (20)
  7. The Forest (17)
  8. Marvel’s Spider-Man (6)
  9. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (18)
  10. The Crew 2 (RE)
  11. Black Desert (New)
  12. No Man’s Sky (RE)
  13. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition (13)
  14. ARK: Survival Evolved (RE)
  15. Need for Speed Payback (RE)
  16. Rocket League (8)
  17. Remnant: From the Ashes (New)
  18. F1 2019 (11)
  19. EA Sports UFC 3 (5)
  20. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (10)


  1. Blood & Truth (1)
  2. Beat Saber (2)
  3. Astro Bot Rescue Mission (5)
  4. Superhot VR (4)
  5. Arizona Sunshine (8)
  6. Job Simulator (3)
  7. Robinson: The Journey (RE)
  8. Creed: Rise to Glory (9)
  9. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (10)
  10. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (RE)


  1. Fortnite (1)
  2. Apex Legends (2)
  3. Brawlhalla (4)
  4. Genesis (New)
  5. Warface (6)
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Lite (3)
  7. Dauntless (5)
  8. World of Warships: Legends (8)
  9. Paladins (9)
  10. Growtopia (7)


  1. Fortnite: Battle Royale – The Red Strike Pack (New)
  2. Fortnite: Battle Royale – The Wilde Pack (1)
  3. Grand Theft Auto V: Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack (4)
  4. Fortnite: Save the World – Standard Founder’s Pack (5)
  5. Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps – Season Pass (6)
  6. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Season pass (10)
  7. Rocket League – Knight Rider Car Pack (7)
  8. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Black Ops Pass (RE)
  9. Rocket League – McLaren 570S Car Pack (8)
  10. Rocket League – Fast & Furious ’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (RE)

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  • Pretty sure your ratings are broken, pretty sure everyone owns a copy now, and if DLC counts towards it, then that’s just plain unfair for the other titles.

    • Pretty sure you are wrong. The PS4 sells averagely 1.5 million units a month since launching in Nov 2013. That alone means there are plenty of new people every single month who haven’t bought GTA V on PS4. Even if only 10% of those buy it, that’s still easily over 100,000 people buying GTA V a month.

      If its any consolation, I don’t own it lol, got a lend of it on PS3 2 years after it came out. Its alright, 9 years it took them to essentially make San Andreas 2 and I never touched the online part for even 1 second.

    • Probably due to the fact that it was only £12.99 on the store. I know trade in at Game was still £14.00 for part of the month and this is why I traded in physical for digtal. I’ve actually played it more these past 2 weeks due to not having to swap discs.

  • for fricks sake. it ain’t even that good.

  • I am not sure what those two guys are talking about, GTA V is absolutely a masterpiece and it is still selling in retail like fire

    • if you say so. Only fun i got out of it was the online mode with some friends causing chaos. the story mode bored me to heck and the same old gta cliches i was never even all that fond of in the previous games. couldn’t care less about any of the unappealing characters.

    • GTA 5 story mode is absolutely magnificent – maybe the humour goes over your head? ?

    • Unless he’s aged 5-10, I don’t think that kind of teenager humor can go over anyone’s head…

  • umm, Where is Control exactly ?

    it wasn’t on US Chart too…

    how about Erica ?

    why they aren’t on the lists?

    • Control came out at the end of August

    • Man of Medan came out on the 30th yet it still made it into the top 20 on the US charts. Fact is it looks like Control didn’t do so well at least in the launch week. Remember pre-orders would’ve boosted it up the chart too but it just seems like they were very low. I’ve heard that word of mouth has been doing well for it though so perhaps the second week on sale was better and it might end up in the September charts.

      Erica also sadly didn’t do so well which is to be expected. It was shadow dropped half way through the month and most people didn’t even know what it was.

    • Erica is a revival of the FMV games genre, which has been basically missing since the PS1 era, and even then was never popular.

      Control came out at a bit of an odd time. I mean, I was interested in it but didn’t bother as Iceborne was coming out soon after (probably the same reason why i’ll skip Code Vein at launch too).

    • @Mercenary0907 Which is why I’m even more dumbfounded why people think Sony is going to buy Remedy next. Control doesn’t even hit standard 1080p on PS4 and still can’t maintain as nice 30 locked frame rate either. No thanks. I had very little reason to care about the game before but this CDPR style mess up with the optimisation means I definitely won’t be touching it. And what I’m talking about there is the 15fps thing that was only on the PS4 version of The Witcher 3 for even 6 months after the game came out.

    • High level of polish might be the only good outcome of a potential purchase of Remedy by Playstation. They are a small team with a relatively small budget. With Microsoft funding Quantum Break and Alan Wake were very nicely made games. Other than that, I’d prefer Remedy to be successful and independent.

      Also, despite some technical issues, Control is a dope game. You are definitely missing out.

  • just like last month, Stop buying GTAV or they will never release GTAVI

  • Any chance of an indie chart? Visibility for indies is enough of an issue to begin with, would be nice to see those games that are download only feature.

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