New PlayStation Store discounts start today – save up to 70% on EA games

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New PlayStation Store discounts start today – save up to 70% on EA games

Pick up savings on of FIFA 19 Champions Edition, Battlefield V, UFC 3 and The Sims 4, more

We’re partnering with publisher EA for a batch of new PlayStation Store discounts kicking off today. Save up to 70% on titles including FIFA 19 Champions Edition, Battlefield V, UFC 3 and The Sims 4* until 18th September.
Head over to PlayStation Store for more information and regional pricing.

Deal of the Week (until 11th September)

Experience Lara Croft’s expedition to uncover the secret of immortality in our new deal, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. Craft weapons, climb towering cliffs and take down vicious enemies as you try to survive in treacherous, remote regions of Siberia.
Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration

Games Under €15 (until 18th September)

Whether you prefer your action dark and gritty or colourful and family-friendly, our Games Under €15 promotion has something for everyone. Grab a bargain on a range of titles including Dishonored 2, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Game of the Year and more.

Games Under €5 (until 18th September)

Finally, our Games Under €5 promotion also returns with discounts on quirky titles such as Overcooked and The Escapist, to fast-paced games like MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore.

*Replaced by A Way Out in the Middle East.

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  • A lot of folk are getting sick of EA and their games consistently going on sale isn’t going to change that. These deals keeping getting worse every fortnight.

  • Thank you for having the worst sale ever, this is a pricey month for me with BL3, Ni No Kuni, Code Vein and Surge 2 on the horizon. Not being tempted to buy anything from that pile of muck is a blessing!

  • Just call it battlefield sale.

  • Thanks PlayStation. Looks like i Will be saving money for at least 2 weeks

  • No thanks, I’m fine. I prefer to play games instead of electronic farts.

    • What you don’t like spending your hard earned on some games, to find you only have 25% of the game and need to spend more buying a chance to obtain some of the content that actually came with your game install files…

      what sort of wierdo are you ;-)

    • It’s a Surprise to know that you don’t like the Mechanics in their games

  • I absolutely agree to everyone else here. I’ve got 35 games in my wishlist and only one of them is an EA game: Sea of Solitude, which is not part of the sale. And it is not even a real EA game – they only publish it. I haven’t bought EA games for a long time now and based on their upcoming portfolio I also see no reason in future.

    That is also the reason why I personally would never investe any money into EA Access. Even for free it would not make any sense for me.

    Interesting to see that the “great success” Anthem is not part of an EA sale. Looks like EA is really proud of it.

    And I’m really wondering how many people still buy FIFA xy after it was already part of so many sales…

    But anyway, it is ok. I’m saving a lot of money.

    I guess we are back in the standard cycle: EA sale, Ubisoft sale, Big in Japan sale, and back to the beginning.

    Interesting note: everytime I open a blog page there is automatically a “like” to the article without having clicked on any of the symbols. Only when I click on another symbol it changes…? Am I the only one with this error?

    I’ve tried it on different devices and it is always the same… strange…

    • In terms of the “like” problem, yes, that’s been the case for a few weeks now, but I’m also sure that the blog robot will not answer.

    • Its funny, when EA publish good games its not really a EA game. But when they publish bad games, its always their fault, not the actual developer. People are hilarious

    • That’s because all those yearly franchise games are developed by EA-owned studios, meaning they are published and developed by EA.. The game rainynight118 mentioned was developed by an indie studio and only published by EA.

      anyways, thanks for the heads-up on Mirror’s Edge theme !

    • The Big in Japan sale is the best sale ever don’t ever compare it to EA or Ubisoft.

    • Also the Big in Japan sale only happens once a year… the EA sale is every month…

  • Dont know why really but they decided to put up a Mirrors Edge theme for free, its really cool if you wanna change it up a bit :)

  • If I’m gonna play any ea games I’ll do it via ea access, not even bothered about there dlc. Gotta be honest and say this sale is trash. Rather spend my money elsewhere.

  • Typica EA sale, has more dlc than games :”)

    No thanks mates!

  • ” *Replaced by A Way Out in the Middle East.”

    Not available in the Saudi store

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