GT Sport’s 1.43 update detailed ahead of tomorrow’s launch

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GT Sport’s 1.43 update detailed ahead of tomorrow’s launch

Get your first look at the Toyota Corolla Levi, Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo ‘91 and more

We have some classic Japanese sports cars from the 80’s and 90’s this month including the iconic Toyota Corolla AE86, loved for his lightweight chassis and FR configuration. On the newer end of the scale we have the Honda S2000 engineered for perfect weight balance and an extremely efficient naturally aspirated 2.0l engine producing an astounding 246bhp.
GT Sport on PS4
In addition, we are introducing rain for the first time on GT Sport! You will now find rain as a weather option on the Red Bull Ring track.
The update will be available for everyone to enjoy tomorrow, 27th August.

New Vehicles

In total, five new vehicles will be available:

  • Honda S2000 ’99
  • Nissan Silvia K’s Dia Selection (S13) ’90
  • Toyota Corolla Levin 1600GT APEX (AE86) ’83
  • Subaru Impreza Coupe WRX Type R STi Version VI ’99
  • Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo ’91
GT Sport on PS4GT Sport on PS4

GT League

7 new rounds have been added to the league including new rounds for the J-Sports Meeting,and Porsche Cup.
GT Sport on PS4

GT Sport on PS4GT Sport on PS4
GT Sport on PS4 GT Sport on PS4GT Sport on PS4

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  • Wet weather limited to 1 track!!??

    Also there was a certain real world track used in the New York event this weekend that doesn’t appear to be part of this update…….

    And lastly, that exclusive license you have for pikes peak that prevents it appearing in any other racing game, do you ever intend to actually use it?

  • I haven’t play game since came out . It be time I will play it when I get my new PS4 since old one not playing discs since keep coming out so I guess I get white PS4 Pro

    • open up the PS4 and re-seat the blue ray drive cable easy fix

    • P. S buy the game from ps store and you won’t need disc,scooter.

    • It should be cheap enough to get digitally too. I believe it was 20 quid only a month or 2 after launch in 2017 after it spectacularly flopped, for a Gran Turismo game, and none of us bought it.


  • Still waiting for trial mountain….

    • They addressed this a long time ago. They were having great trouble updating the track to work on the PS4…so I assume they are still working on it, rebuilding it from scratch…or have given up.

  • Well it’s seems the rain was a half hearted addition,why oh why did they only put it on ONE track?We didn’t expect much but this was just a kick in the head :( even if it had been added to 4 or 5 tracks it would have felt like they were giving us something to actually smile about for a change but………….ho hum we will just have to wait forever until the powers that be decide otherwise. Updates in games are supposed to make them better but in this game the only thing they seem to inspire is “disappointment”

  • Awesome update! Finally added the AP1, so happy about that. Don’t see how anyone could complain, all the updates have been great. Don’t care for the rain at all, so no issues there. Keep up the good work guys!

    P.S. please add the Porsche Carrera GT, Audi RS4, Ferrari f430 scuderia, a few Ruf’s, some Lotus’s, e39 M5, ferrari daytona, porsche 959 and 918 spyder, Lexus LFA, Saleen S7/mustang, and some more classic American muscle!

  • Totally agree this is a total disappointment. How hard is it to have rain in the game after two years for more than one track and not even changeable weather just rain.Still a great racer but could have been so much more.Im guessing they are hard at work with the ps5 version so that’s at least something.

  • How come I must download the whole 43.141gb again??

  • the game was released 2 years ago and you’ve got a FREE update almost every month since then, and yet some folks still complaining every month.

    Be grateful what you get because you have to admit, these kind of free regular support is one if not the best in the gaming industry, or just save your headache and sell your copy / play project cars and thats it.

    • But to be fair, on release day, they only released half of a game at full price. The game back then was a huge letdown, compared to its predecessors.

    • GT 6 had amazing support for 2 years too, this id nothing new. The difference is that game had 50 tracks and 1200 cars and dynamic day to night and weather on MANY of these tracks too……………. from day one.

      I’m not grateful of ANYTHING when it is GT Sport related, a game I have boycotted since it was announced in Oct 2015.

      The more I see updates for this disappointment, the longer it will be until I get GT7 or at least an announcement of it with a release 2 or 3 years later.

  • I think I paid about £15 for this game on the Playstation Store. Brilliant value – with a continuous stream of free content every month. Give these guys a break…

  • I think I paid about 15 pounds for the game last year to so for that price it’s a great game.They released half a game 2 years ago and now playing catch up.Why can’t they release more real life tracks like Monaco surely it’s not beyond there capability.

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