New Death Stranding footage and character spotlight videos unveiled

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New Death Stranding footage and character spotlight videos unveiled

Check out three new videos debuted today at Gamescom

Celebrated game director Hideo Kojima appeared at Gamescom this week to wow fans with not just one, but three new clips for the highly anticipated game he is developing, Death Stranding.

The videos offered spotlights on familiar characters and introduced new in-game footage, giving fans more insight into what to expect along Sam Bridges’ journey to reconnect a fractured society and save mankind.

The first clip revealed the more playful side to Sam’s mission, and featured a cameo by The Games Awards creator, Geoff Keighley. Check it out below.

The new footage is a brief introduction to traversal, delivery and character interactions as Sam scales a mountainside to deliver supplies to an isolated prepper.

The second clip reintroduced fans to another character integral in Sam’s journey: Deadman, and provided more details about Sam’s mysterious B.B. unit.

As a BRIDGES member, Deadman knows the ways of the living – and the dead. During the scene, he explains more about the background of B.B.s (Bridge Babies) and their role in Sam’s mission.

The final clip released at Gamescom focused on another BRIDGES member, Mama.

Through their first face-to-face meetup, Sam learns of Mama’s tragic connection to BTs.

You can pre-order the Death Stranding Special Edition today.

There are less than three months until the 8th November release of Death Stranding. Follow our official PlayStation channels so you don’t miss a thing about the upcoming game in the days leading up to launch.

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  • Great article. Is it possible to get the banner picture of Sam as a wallpaper please?

  • Still not sure I’ll really enjoy the gameplay but in terms of story and characters I’m super excited. No other game director can keep me this intrigued eventhough I have no idea what’s going on. Love his directing, always waiting to sit back for that next trippy cutscene or character. This makes missing Metal Gear Solid a tiny little bit easier for me… :p

    • So far they did not show basically any gameplay. So it is really difficult to be excited here.

      And regarding story – there is also nothing really interesting shown yet. They just play with the human nature, that if they show something very mysterious and unexplained, people we want to see the details. Marketing is basically exploiting the human brain and gets people excited by showing them nothing :-D But from what they shown so far Im really really worried that we will get another Lost storywise.

  • “B.B. unit.”

    Still read that as “Beauty Beast unit”..

  • So it’s not P.T. but B.T. Or just P.P.????

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