Discover your next must-play game with PS Now’s ‘Collections’ feature

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Discover your next must-play game with PS Now’s ‘Collections’ feature

A new way to browse and find games on the PlayStation game service, available from today

In the mood for a multiplayer co-op evening, or want to lose yourself in some tactical espionage action? Save yourself the search and let PS Now find your perfect gaming night for you. Starting today, you’ll have a new way of browsing the 600+ games that are available to play on PS Now with the new ‘Collections’ feature, as part of a new update for the PlayStation game service.

Collections will group together the entire PS Now catalogue into different collections based on platformers, genres and themes.

So if you want to experience the best PlayStation exclusives, enjoy the thrill of an action-packed sci-fi tale, roar around the track or test your piloting skills in a bullet hell title, it’s now easier for you to find the next game you want to play.

Perfect if you’re struggling to decide how you’re going to spend your gaming time, or want to try something new in your favourite game genre.

Simply navigate across to the ‘Browse’ tab on your PS Now’s main menu and dive into a wide range of Collections that’ll let you find your next must-play game the easy way. See a game you want to play later? Just press the Square button to add it to your curated list. Easy.

Not yet a subscriber? For more information on how to sign-up to PlayStation Now, as well as a full rundown of all the games currently available to stream or download, visit

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  • How about releasing the service to more regions?

  • Can you still not add in a way to split the PS4 games from the PS3 games? Oh, and this service costs a lot of money, the least you could do is put the PS4 versions of Uncharted and Last of Us on there, rather than the PS3 versions.

  • Excellent news. Now how about we get PS Now integration into PS Plus as compensation for removing PS3 and PS Vita games for the monthly instant games collection?

  • Great, gonna check it out. Got Ps Now for a year when the price went down to around 60 euro. Lots of fun so far, been playing alot of games I missed on the Ps3.

  • still overpriced, dont get me wrong not fanboying i love my ps4 and switch too tbh

    but i sub to gamepass on xbox and its much better deal, especially with pc stuff included

    xbox gold, game pass and pc is 10.99 a month, without a deal, sometimes its 18 quid for 3 months on offer

    ps now alone is 12.99, and has a tendancy to repeat games made free on ps plus anyway, or vice versa so usually get the better ones anyway

    and yeah i know ps now has lots more games, but really only about 10 % of them are worth playing (imo obviously) game pass has some duffers dont get me wrong but its definitely a higher % of games worth playing at a cheaper cost

    if like is mentioned above it was intergrated into ps plus at some point, that would be a great deal though

    • I kinda disagree , i paid for 12 months PSNow and it was £84 .. so to me , psnow is amazing value.. love it!

    • If you do wanna try it you should look at the one year subscription. Alot cheaper. And Im sure it will get a discount at black friday or the holidays. I got 12 months for around 60 euro when it was on sale. But I do agree with the month price, that should be cheaper for sure.

    • You can literally just get PS Now for free, all you need to do is get a few free trials. It’s not worth paying for

  • I’d much rather buy individual ps4 games and buy remasters or simply play on ps3 than subscribe to ps now which is what I do. It’s just not worth it.

  • Sure, i’ll give it a go. Just as soon as you actually get around to releasing it in my country.

  • The service is still a joke compared to Gamepass. Roll it in with PS+, cut the price and then we’ll talk. You’re going to lose the next generation if you don’t start looking towards Microsoft for some customer friendly ideas.

  • Liking the update! Keep them coming! How about ps1 games in the future?

  • Jesus christ finally, this update was long overdue

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