WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 are your PlayStation Plus games for August

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WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 are your PlayStation Plus games for August

Dominate the racetrack or decimate the enemy in the latest batch of Monthly Games

Blast your way onto the podium in a lightning-fast, futuristic race craft, or work to unseat Axis powers as a covert marksman in World War II Italy as two new blockbuster titles join PS Plus on 6th August.

Let’s take a closer look:

WipEout Omega Collection

Go head to head for first place in a blistering celebration of a true PlayStation icon. Combining WipEout 2048, WipEout HD and the HD Fury expansion, all in one package, Wipeout Omega Collection brings the breakneck speed and combat thrills of the anti-grav racing franchise to PS4.

Race against the clock and other competitors to take home a podium win, unlocking dozens of ships as you progress through 26 tracks. Competition gets fiercer online, with eight players duking it out on high-speed circuits, or alternatively you can go one-on-one with a friend on the couch.

Those looking for the ultimate thrill can experience the entire game, including all modes and tracks, on PlayStation VR.

Sniper Elite 4

Slip behind enemy lines and work to drive out Axis forces from the Italian peninsula. As a covert operative, reconnaissance huge, varied environments and take out enemies before setting up the perfect hit on high-ranking targets in the hunt for the Nazi super weapon that puts all of Europe at risk.

Use a mixture of traps and explosives, hazardous environments, melee takedowns and, of course, your trusty rifle to sow chaos in enemy strongholds. For even greater strategy, team up with a friend online to take down targets in the co-operative campaign mode or enjoy dedicated co-op missions for two to four players and competitive multiplayer modes for up to 12 players.

Both WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 are available to download from PlayStation Store for no extra cost on 6th August.

In the meantime, you still have a few days left to pick up July’s PlayStation Plus titles.

Detroit: Become Human is an intense sci-fi adventure driven by interwoven narratives and branching player choice, while Horizon Chase Turbo is a colourful throwback to the golden age of arcade racing, brought to life with slick stylised visuals and a pulsing synth soundtrack.

Both games will be available to download until 5th August.

Let us know how you get on with July and August’s titles over on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll see you again next month.

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  • Cool, nice one. Getting better.


    Nah, pretty solid month really.

    • Waaghhh give me attention…

    • waaaagh you the one whinging cos some games that cost a couple of quid doesn’t match your criteria.

      It’s a decent month and you’re a moron if you cannot see that.

  • Not a good month for me, already have Wipeout on Vita and don’t care for SE 4.

    • It’s not the same Wipeout game. It’s much better graphics and includes VR mode. It’s also a collection. It’s not the same thing at all.

    • I’ve got all three Wipeout games and don’t have VR so…

    • By “collection” you mean Vita’s dlc packs? :) So it’s the same game with upgraded graphics.

      Imo, great month. I love Wipeout so I welcome this one in my collection even though I already basically own it.

    • My bad, I thogut it was a remaster of the PS1 games, but it’s the PS3 and Vita games. Still, worth playing even if you (as I do) own the Vita version.

  • Meh… kinda disappointing. It’s also quite annoying when you give games that are already on ps now, like Sniper Elite 4 for example. If you’re gonna keep giving the same games for ps now and ps plus, you might as well just merge both of them together…

    • Sony wont listen us EVER!

    • ThePirateLeChuck

      Worse than this is they advertise PS Now as not needing PS+ to play the PS Now games online.

      So you sign up to PS Now and download some PS4 games and lo and behold you DO NEED PS+ to play the games online.

      The only way you don’t need PS+ to play PS Now games online is if you stream the PS4 games at 720P.

      Who on earth is going to do that?!?

      So you need both subscriptions and then they duplicate the games on them.


    • Why should they do that? You don’t NEED a PS Plus subscription to play online in PS Now. They are both very different subscriptions that do not rely on each other, like the way game pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are pretty much both needed or you can only play half a game and games like Sea of Thieves, cannot be played AT ALL with just one subscription of game pass.

      When will the games industry open their eyes and realise this lol?

    • @ ThePirateLeChuck No you don’t. Streamed or downloaded games do not need PS Plus to play online.

    • Yes you do need both. I recently downloaded Rocket League via PS Now and tried to play online only to be told that I need Plus to do that.

    • @Bbossness — One is $20 a month and the other one isn’t.

  • Great two games I bought recently and still in the to play list. Not complaining like I see others every week on here, happy people are getting to play two great games.

    • I also have big backlog list of games to play, my advice is don’t buy games until you ready to play unless they are on a huge discount!

    • Yes I collect games so always pick them up at some point usually around the £10

  • As months go… That’s not bad. I have both, but I am sure there will be large number of individuals personally insulted and deeply hurt with plus this month. Both games are great and worth the Subscription alone.

    • £50 a year just for these two games ‘alone’? That’s a bit of an exaggeration don’t you think?

    • Who pays £50 a year?

    • @GUDGER666 Well that’s the price of a 12 month subscription here in the UK

    • I do I use it for online know and back up saves i know very expensive.

    • Yea but who pays that much? Its max £30-35 on places like CD Keys. A lot of the time a fair bit less. Can’t believe people still pay full price lol.

    • @GUDGER666 I’ve never seen it that cheap. The cheapest I’ve ever seen it was on black friday, 25% off so it was about £37.50 and thats when I buy my subscription. So I don’t actually buy it full price but I’m sure a lot of people do, its not always easy to find it on sale for a discounted price.

    • ThePirateLeChuck

      Busy people with a lot going on in their lives don’t have the time to seek out deals and will pay full price.

      I’m not one of them but they do exist in large numbers… :D

    • it was 34.99 on sunday because i renewed it with cd keys, gone back up to 37.99 now though

    • Online and backup should be free, though :P

    • Wait until the sale is about £33 Year normally amazon

      ( £2.88 a month)

      I only buy when is less then £34 , im currently good until 2022

    • Lol same. Always but it cheap and I’m good till 2022

    • I did not intend to re-sub, because Plus is expensive in my opinion, but I did yesterday, becauseI 70€ for 30 months sounds like a good deal.

  • Awful lineup again. that people already brought

  • Wipeout = Good

    Sniper Elite 4 = meh

  • Good month. Own both already, but good month.

    WipeOut is a decent showcase for the PS4 Pro and a pretty fun game in its own right, even though I’m not a racing fan.

    Sniper Elite 4 is most likely the best game of the franchise. Big and varied environments, decent enemy AI, great sniping mechanics. And you kill Nazis, so what’s not to like?

  • Pretty poor imo, no interest in Wipeout, and Sniper is in nearly every sales and is on PS now..

    • I think there are more people happy with WipEout than the amount who are unhappy, so that’s a good choice. As for Sniper Elite being on PS Now – Not everyone subscribes to that as well as PS+, nor is it available in all countries, so that’s a pretty poor excuse to dismiss it

  • Big trashes after Detroit. I guess this is Sony’s ”saving money” month.

    • Lol yeah. Last month was better

    • Ah well, at least it gets yous out of your cave and onto the blog once a month. It wouldn’t be the same without your insightful and amazing constructive feedback. ^_^

  • Sniper Elite 4 is a great game, but the campaign played in Co-Op is fantastic !!!

  • I’ve no interest in Sniper Elite 4 at all but cheers for Wipeout. I been meaning to get that at some point. :D

    (still loving Horizon Chase Turbo by the way. Thanks again for that one. :D )

  • Looking foward to Wipeout collection its the game i thought about buying but now that is free is great news and can’t wait to try it..

  • Do know what Sony should do they should do sort game pass for PlayStation which comes with the online that what should do . Anyway got wipeout collection so .

    • Lol, PS Now ALREADY comes with free online and does not need a 2nd subscription to do so like on game pass. So PS Now was always PS Now Ultimate and you didn’t even know it.

    • Only streamed games don’t require Plus for online. As soon as you download them, you need Plus as normal. I tried it with Rocket League just the other day.

  • Fantastic line up! Keep it up Sony. Definitely getting Wipeout! Played the PSVR demo and it was pretty good, so keen to try that again in VR.

  • Decent enough month, honestly. Still nowhere close to the glory days of PS+ (before the PS4’s launch), but hey, I don’t mind being able to play Wipeout on PS4, and x-ray-shooting some nazis in their nether regions

  • Havent played wipeout since the very first one, so that will be cool yo try out.

    Also been on the verge of getting a sniper game a few times while its been on sale. So now i get to try one and see what the fuzz is about!

    A good month, gets to try something new!

  • Zico, I’m coming for your head, AGAIN.

  • OK, getting better but still bad to get the usual email from Sony saying they’re giving you £77 worth of games. Wipeout is £13 and SE4 is £11 at Amazon for the hard copy with resale value on Ebay etc.

  • ?You’re?getting?there?

  • Semi-decent haul two months in a row? Steady on, Sony. You might make me reactivate my auto-renew!

  • Decent month, even though I have Wipeout Omega Collection steelbook, digital and Totaku ships. Had them on PS3 and Vita too, but the PS4 remaster is brilliant. Still gutted, as a fan of the series, that Sony closed Psygnosis/Liverpool. Asshats!

    Wasn’t a fan of Sniper Elite 3 so avoided 4 but I’ll give it a go. Hopefully EA Access now on PS4 keeps the quality of PS+ games up.

  • Is Sniper Elite 4 the one that has Charlie Brooker in it? I love that guy and eagerly await my chance to shoot his digital avatar in the chuddlies.

  • Now that 1st party games are being more and more present on PS Plus, do those of us who already own those games get the right to complain? I would much rather get smaller releases like we used to to try them out. Wipeout has been like 15€ tops on the latest sales and it was included on the latest pack for PSVR. So including it here is a nice way of rewarding (/irony) users that buy your software and hardware; not because we have bought it in the past and now it’s free, but because we’re losing PS Plus value. Maybe now we should avoid buying any older exclusive games since we know they will be on PS Plus eventually and we will get them for free… Or maybe you can make online play free/cheaper and offer PS Plus w/ games on the side.

  • Wipeout is great but that’s a ps plus repeat – I got it when it was on ps3’s ps plus years ago.

    Idk still tempted for the updated graphics though…

    • Wipeout HD was the very first PS+ game back in 2010. Wipeout 2048 was a PS+ Vita game in 2013. The Wipeout Fury expansion pack hasn’t been on PS+ before.

    • Wipeout HD was also given away as for actually free when PSN went down for a bit after that too.

      It is a bit weird how PS3 ports have turned up every other month after stopping PS3 games..

  • WipEout Omega Collection is a great pick. Thumbs up for that.

    But I already own it on disc. Thumbs down for that.

  • Nice picks, I can’t believe I still have not picked up Wipeout considering it has a VR mode but now I don’t have to.

  • Where’s PES 2019?

  • Wow only 50 comments after 2 hours = great PS Plus month because the mass trolls are hardly going to come from their caves to compliment it now would they.

    • It’s hardly a good enough lineup to ‘compliment’ anyway. Sniper Elite 4 is decent but the fact that they keep giving the same games for PS Now and PS Plus is a let down.

  • I need to stop buying games it seems. I own both of these games, last month’s Detroit and Borderlands The Handsome Collection from the month before that. Three months in a row where there are great games to be had and I get nothing.

    Oh well, at least they are giving out decent games month on month

  • Nice way to sneak in a VR game to PS Plus.

  • one game I own, one game I don’t care about. PS+ in a nutshell

  • Excellent a month! Worth!

  • 2 great games (wipeout vr excellent), shame I already have them. Should be more than 2 to prevent this especially as there’s no vita/PS3

  • Another good month for me ?

  • I’ve bought WipeOut Omega months ago… But still a great month

  • Solid lineup I’ll be giving both a try

  • I haven’t played WipEout in ages. I’ll hapily go back :) Pretty solid month SE4 is also great fun, but I already have that one.

  • Really happy, it’s the first update in years where I both *want* and *don’t already own* both PS4 titles.

    Doesn’t really balance out the redused number of titles/price hike, but still, I’m happy.

  • Wipeout in VR is something else. We need more VR arcade racers.

  • So Sony stops giving us ps3 games followed by giving us more ps3 collections for ps4 not sure how I should feel about that.

  • Very good and nice

  • WIPEOUT is a classic. Everyone should have it. Awesome!

  • Great month. The only problem is, that if you downloaded Sniper Elite 4 through PS Now you are locked out of the purchase through PS Plus. People should really be able to purchase individual games they downloaded through PS Now.

  • Tired of getting the same games that have already been given away in other services.

    At least they’re big titles for people who haven’t played them

  • Nicely done sony i haven’t play wipeout since ps1 looking forward to it and sniper elite brilliant games

  • I bought SE4 just a few weeks ago but still, it’s a great month for PS Plus Subscribers!

  • Its already August 6th but ps store still showing me the july games (my ps4 is up to date everything is updated)

    What should I do ?

  • I have to investigate, is Xbox Game Pass – good thing or not. Next year new generation will arrive, after really poor games (in amount of 2 per month) for a long time in ps plus subscription i really think to buy Xbox from the next gen. If Sony continue in that way, i thing they lost a lot of customers.

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