PlayStation Store’s massive Summer Sale starts today

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PlayStation Store’s massive Summer Sale starts today

Grab a bargain on fan-favourites such as Marvel's Spider-Man, FIFA 19, God of War, more

The Summer Sale returns to PlayStation Store today. Save up to 60% on the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man, FIFA 19, Days Gone, Far Cry 5, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more until 21st August.

A few of the titles will leave the sale early, so don’t wait too long to pick up your favourite! Make sure to check back with us later as we’ll be introducing new titles to the promotion on 7th August.

Check out our list of discounts below and head over to PlayStation Store for more information.

PlayStation Video

The Summer Sale also covers PlayStation Video. The discounts vary by region, so head over to PlayStation Store to find out which titles are available in your country.

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  • How hard is it??

  • Finally HZD:CE at 15€ after all this time, great prices for the uncharted series as well (their lowest with ps+). Definitely picking those one up. Overall great sale after the worst sale of this year so far.

  • I want to point out that “Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package” on sale is the ENTIRE series. Six and a half games, three game-movies.

  • Hard to find decent bargains… some titles had much deeper discounts just last month. Oh well, wait for xmas

  • i should probably finally pick up horizon zero dawn at that price and give it another try (i briefly had it on disc but couldn’ get into it as much as I wanted to.. had limited time… and the disc was still worth money so i sold it and also i don’t like discs).

    • H:ZD sucked me in after a few hours. Once Aloy gets given her big mission (not really a spoiler… it’s early on!!) is when I became intrigued. It’s one of a handful of games where I’d put the controller down to watch cut-scenes. But I appreciate sometimes games just don’t click. I’m also a person on attempt number 3 to get into Witcher 3. Clearly I’m missing something!! Good luck though and I hope H:ZD works out for you because I think it’s a special game.

  • You almost had it! Next time link “PlayStation Store” to the sale from the post, not the homepage of the store! Next time you will get it right, I believe in you!

  • Some good bargains here Blood and Truth for £19.99? Count me in.

    Days Gone I’ll pick up when it’s less than £30

    • I was the one who said “Days Gone is trash”. Then 2 weeks ago I bought it on full price, and turned out it is a really good game. It has it’s own problems, but overall it’s enjoyable.

  • Banner Saga 3 on sale, finally.

    I’ll also pick up Onimusha. Fixed camera games are rare so I’ll give it a shot.

  • Thanks for the information on the sale. I’m really upset with my ps4 as it is not backward compatible. I purchased the ps4 at [DELETED] is there any version on ps4 compatible with ps games

    • Ps4 isn’t backwards compatible at all with PS3 or older games. You can however buy classic PS3/PS2/PS1 games on the ps store for use on the ps4.

  • Dying light isnt even in the store how dare you tease me!!!

  • I thought EA Access for PS4 was due to start today? I’ve already got It for Xbox but I’m hoping getting a month on here will give some Apex boosts :)

  • Maybe I’ll pick up Soul Calibur 6.

    Dear store team, is it possible that we can get the Burnout paradise dlc for ps3 back on the store ??. Possibly with a small discount? Pretty please

  • Yet again hardly anything for the Vita. Pathetic sale, Sony.

  • Warrior_Overlord

    So, is it supposed games like Subnautica being on the Less that 20 Euros discount to cost 29.99??

  • Well down here in eNZed your “Summer Sale” is write-fully re-called a “Winter Sale” possibly given that down here in the Northern Isle of these Shakey Isles it is nearly passing for what you would call “winter” down here at the moment.

    Funny that…

  • Why is the EU sale not getting vita games on sale like the US is? Is the vita no longer going to have big sales again?

  • Wait some of the prices are higher than in the sale that just ended!

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