Hideo Kojima reveals Death Stranding cover art and more at San Diego Comic-Con

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Hideo Kojima reveals Death Stranding cover art and more at San Diego Comic-Con

First-looks at cover art, SteelBook art at SDCC

Master storyteller and game creator Hideo Kojima surprised attendees of his San Diego Comic-Con panel by revealing the final pack front for Death Stranding. The art features Sam Bridges, who must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding, and save mankind by reconnecting a fractured society.

Check out the Death Stranding official cover art below:

GameTitle on PS4

We also have our first look at the SteelBook:

GameTitle on PS4

This collectible SteelBook is included in the Death Stranding Special Edition and the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition. Click here to pre-order either edition.

Hideo Kojima was joined at the panel by renowned film director, Nicolas Winding Refn, who has a special guest appearance in Death Stranding as the character, Heartman.

The two discussed their approach to narrative, their inspirations as creators and what excites them about the future of entertainment. Mr. Kojima also shared a short clip from the game featuring Heartman and shed some light on his role. There’s still a lot to learn about Heartman and what role he’ll play in Sam’s journey, but in signature Hideo Kojima style, you can bet an engaging story like no other awaits when game comes out on 8th November.

Stay connected to our official channels for more details as Death Stranding’s 8th November launch date nears. Remember…

Tomorrow is in your hands.

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  • Even though i’m interested in the game, that cover isn’t exactly very interesting… or worth doing an article about…

    • You’re kidding right?

    • Why would you even think it was “kidding”. It’s a random shot of a guys face that’s not even cropped very well..

      Unless you thought i was kidding about being interested in the game…

  • where is the “Only On PlayStation” mark? why doesn’t it have it? is this game a timed exclusive? will it come to PC 6 months/a year/two years later?

    • Probably not going anywhere due to the specifically PS4 engine.

      Nioh had “only on Playstation”, and later went to PC. It’s not really much of a sign of it staying exclusive or not being.

    • Not gonna happen, more like 2 or 4 years if they ever do decide to release it on the PC..

      And then it’s a budget PS4/PS5 title with all the DLC, It’s sony published, sony engine, and Sony isn’t going to cut into their own console sales..

      But seeing it uses the Decima engine you can pretty much forget about it… (Porting that wouldn’t be worth the effort)

    • so yes or no?

    • Nioh didn’t have Only On PlayStation and Sony doesn’t own and didn’t develop Nioh

    • Nioh did have “only on Playstation”, though it depended on the region.

      Also Sony didn’t develop this game either. It’s by a third party studio.

    • Nioh DID NOT have “Only On PlayStation” in ANY region

      and Sony IS developing Death Stranding, they are PAYING for ALL the development of the game, they have MADE the ENGINE it is made on, and they provide support for it with their 1st party stido, GuerrillaGames, Mark Cerny is the technical director on the game, the guy that made the PS4 and is finishing up the PS5, the motion capture is made at a Sony studio, Visual Arts, the music is made by Sony Music, they OWN the IP

      you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about so i’m going to ignore you

    • Just no. Sony is NOT developing this game, Kojima Productions is. Kojima Productions are NOT a Sony studio, end of story.

      Kojima Productions is a third party studio, and will likely remain so, Sony are just funding the development in return for publishing rights for this single game. This isn’t complicated.

      Epic games MADE the ENGINE Days Gone ran on, and provided technical support. So you think Days gone was made by Epic Games and Bend are owned by Epic too??

    • you have no idea what you’re talking about, GET LOST,

      Sony owns the IP, trademark whatever you want to call it for DS, THEY OWN IT, they don’t need to pay for it to publish it, THEY OWN IT, CAN. YOU. READ, SONY. OWNS. DEATH. STRANDING, automatically they publish, fund and market the game, IT IS SONY’S GAME, NOT KOJIMA’S

      Sony Music is making the music

      Sony Visual Arts is making the motion capture aka cutscenes and animations

      all the big actors were hired and paid by Sony, like all that has anything to do with this game has been paid by Sony

      Mark Cerny, the technical architect of PSVita, PS4 and PS5 is the TECHNICAL DIRECTOR ON THE GAME, Sony have their own people working on it too

      the game is mad eon DECIMA, A SONY MADE AND OWNED ENGINE

      GuerrillaGames also supports the development

      Sony paid for Kojima’s studio, it is right next to Sony HQ in Japan, Kojima is literally in Sony

      what has Bend licensing Unreal Engine 4 for their game to do with that? what are you even talking about? lmao

    • Kojima productions is not a Sony first party studio. Hideo Kojima, outside of the current contract is not a Sony employee. He could release his next game for mobiles phones and the Sega Mega CD if he wanted to.

      Sony own the rights for the game, they don’t own the studio. Kojima productions is not a Sony first party studio.

      I’m not even sure why you’re getting so emotional and defensive over something so weird… Kojima productions is not a Sony first party studio, so what??

  • I’d prefer just black cover with Death stranding logo. Cancelled my steelbook pre order, grabbing just plastic “normal”version. Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

  • the placeholder art was so much better, this is just ugly af

  • The way Kojima is keeping us in dark when it comes to story and yet with trailers gets you hyped for game that you don’t know is about is amazing to me. No one can deny this doesn’t look, intresting and cool hope it delivers and will be amazing. I know i am buying it day one hopefully we will get more info or gameplay at Gamescon or Tokyo Gaming show..

  • “Click here to pre-order either edition” Uh might wanna sort that out? Cant sell any without a link to click!

  • This game is built on the Decima engine which is Sony exclusive. I suppose they could be making an Unreal engine version in parallel for the PC, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Those engines are completly different and function in a completly different way, so that’s never gonna happen…

  • Don’t judge a game by its cover.

  • Can you guys (community manager from sony or whoever that has enough credibility) tell us if it’s a timed exclusive or not, I know anything can happen in future. But here and now, it is planned as timed exclusive ? Do you plan to port it to Epic games Store ? People are talking about this a lot because of missing “Only on playstation” text, that usually appears on Sony exclusives.

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