Be an action hero with the Blood & Truth demo, out tomorrow

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Be an action hero with the Blood & Truth demo, out tomorrow

Try the first mission of the PS VR action blockbuster, downloadable on PlayStation Store

Tomorrow may be a typical Thursday for some people, but for you, it is special. It’s the day you get your first taste of the action hero life as a demo for PS VR blockbuster Blood & Truth is available for download on PlayStation Store.

Pull on your PS VR headset, wield your two PS Move controllers (or grip your Dualshock 4 controller) and prepare to experience the first thrilling mission of London Studio’s acclaimed release as you perform a daring rescue mission deep behind enemy lines.

Infiltrate an enemy compound, blast your way out of danger in an intense rooftop shootout and take part in a car chase in this gameplay-heavy slice of the full game. The action-packed sequence plays as a flashback and is bookended by a tense interrogation back in the present day, as you’re trapped under the steely gaze of the mysterious Agent Carson.

Blood & Truth on PS4
The demo is available tomorrow, Thursday 18th July, so make sure to head to PlayStation Store and start living out your life as an action hero.

And if you needed extra incentive to pick up the full game and get stuck into the campaign, London Studio is readying a new update for 25th July that includes some fun post-game extras. More news on that very soon.

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  • I just finished blood and truth yesterday. And what a game! loved the story and it was just a very special experience, one of the most awesome experiences i have had on ps4. I hope there is a sequel. Somebody should give the london studios guys the james bond license, that would be magic!

  • Grim_streaker999

    I love the psvr, but have the V.1 vr glasses.

    And since the connection box on V.1 doesnt support HDR, I have to reroute my setup to play vr games.

    Making it to much of a hassle when I want to use my already short time to do some gaming. So sadly the glasses are now just collecting dust.

    Anyone know if its possible to just buy the V.2 connection box ? As I have a bunch of VR games I really want to try, but they sadly loose due to the hassle of reconnecting

    • Someone on reddit posed the same question maybe yesterday.

      As far as we know, the V1 headset cannot work with the V2 connection box due to different wiring setup.

      Solutions given were:

      1) Get a 2 port HDMI splitter that supports HDR and plug everything into that.

      2) Get a connector box with a manual toggle that swaps output between headset and direct to tv. Some support HDR passthrough such that you can get the effects of the v2 box with a button toggle.

      I don’t understand much about those options, but I at least hope it gives you a way forward.

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