Samurai Shodown’s Season 1 DLC roster revealed as the fighter launches today on PS4

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Samurai Shodown’s Season 1 DLC roster revealed as the fighter launches today on PS4

Add four new colourful characters to your game by snagging the Season Pass for free by 30th June

Samurai Shodown is just about to launch and players around the world are roaring to embrace death with their fellow peers. This sword-based fighting game is not for the weak at heart, for at any moment you can go from being on top of the world to six feet under in mere seconds.

This new title in the Samurai Shodown series cuts its way into the FGC by adding three new, completely original characters to its roster. Fan favourites like Nakoruru and Galford take the stage as newcomers Darli Dagger, Yashamaru Kurama, and Wu Ruixiang come blazing in with playstyles unique to their character personalities.

Additionally, SNK has announced who the four characters of the Season 1 DLC pack are!

We kicked off E3 with the reveal of Rimururu, the cute but deadly little sister of franchise star Nakoruru. But the three other characters are true-to-form OG ones that will make any SamSho fan squeal with delight.

In order of release they are:


I bet you’re looking for ice or cold puns. Come on. Even I know better than that.

Cute and cold have never gone together so easily! Oh, but watch out; her zoning tactics will have you ripping your hair out. Loveable Rimururu is joined by her protector spirit, Konru, as she sets out on an adventure to prove she has what it takes to protect nature. Does she succeed or fail in her journey? Read the first letter of each sentence in this section to find out!


Basara is back and ripping into action with his signature weapon, the Togabitogoroshi. If you thought ninja throwing stars were dangerous, wait till you see this monstrosity. Nobody wants to embrace death more than Basara, but he is one of the few examples where you can’t always get what you want.

Kazuki Kazama

When there’s an evil spirit bringing an imbalance to the natural order of things, who do you call? Kazuki Kazama, of course! Armed with the Suzaku, a blade which contains the trapped fire spirit, Enja, Kazuki sets out to bring peace to the land and vanquish evil!


Wan-Fu has used many weapons to send his opponents to the afterlife. In this instalment, he’s picked up his trusty stone pillar to turn people into manhole covers. Wan-Fu doesn’t just drop his weapon, he throws it–you decide who’s going to be on the receiving end.

A message from (Samurai Shodown) Producer, Yasuyuki Oda

“For the first season, we wanted to extend our roster with different playstyles which can keep all players on their feet. Even though they’re still in development, we feel that each character has a very unique playstyle which fans new and old are sure to love. We at SNK truly hope you enjoy the newest instalment in the Samurai Shodown franchise.”

Samurai Shodown hits PS4 today, and the DLC characters start rolling out this August. And don’t forget, the first Season Pass DLC is completely free if you purchase or pre-order by 30th June!

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  • Well, of course a season pass is needed. It would have been too complicated to integrate all 20 characters into the main game, 16 are ok, but 20 would have been a programming nightmare, I totally understand that.

    • lol love the sarcastic comment but, whether we like it or not, DLC to monetize is now a necessary way for developers to generate extra revenue, especially when you see how expensive development has become and games have not really increase their RRP exponentially.

    • And when did you last buy a complete game for 60 euros (except maybe the titles from Sony)? Without a season pass? Without DLC? What used to be a complete 60 euro game has now become the Gold and Deluxe Editions. Somebody who wants to buy a complete game, now often pays 80, 100 or even 120 euros and many of them also offer loot boxes, microtransactions and often they are not even finished at release and we get a half-finished game with a stupid roadmap. No offense, but don’t tell me games didn’t get more expensive the last couple of years.

      And game development is not always getting more expensive, digital sales have become more relevant in recent years, while physical store sales are becoming increasingly insignificant. These costs of huge sums in production, shipping and the involvement of individual stores can be largely saved since then.

    • Problem is, even though we’re continually paying more and more and more for games (not even including DLC), we’re usually getting significantly less content. Fighting games are usually completely lacking content now, with the bulk of it supposed to be made up by (often deserted) “online”.

      Tekken 5 had a crapton of singleplayer modes, more content, more original new characters and proper end movies. Tekken 7 had a 1 hour story mode, and the other option being treasure battle or a 5 round “arcade” mode, copy/paste characters/new characters, no end movies, and lacked survival/team battle and all the usual offline VS options, had disgustingly bad AI (the AI can’t block rage arts or use them) and strangely had worse production values than Tekken 6 on the PS3. The DLC was even lazier and they still haven’t fulfilled the first season pass (they’re on the second now).

      Games are cheaper to develop than ever. There’s more tools and lots of the heavy lifting can be done for you. Remember that a great deal of the “increased costs” they claim is down to advertising/marketing and corporate costs (e.g. paying their CEOs/Stockholders more).

    • The season pass is free at the moment. You can add it to your library even without owning the game

  • No Iroha? Well that’s just silly..

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