Your 4 essential PlayStation Store releases this week: The Sinking City, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, F1 2019, more

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Your 4 essential PlayStation Store releases this week: The Sinking City, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, F1 2019, more

Plus, NHL 20 is now available for pre-order

We’re back with a host of new PlayStation Store releases for you to dig into in the week ahead. Solve a spooky mystery in The Sinking City, explore the new Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion and race at breakneck speeds in F1 2019.

Read on for more details and head over to PlayStation Store’s ‘Latest releases’ hub for more information on the rest of this week’s new arrivals.

1. The Sinking City

Investigate a half-submerged city plagued by supernatural forces in Frogware’s Lovecraftian horror adventure. Each case you take on has multiple outcomes making it perfect for those of you who are up for something with a high replay value.

2. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers on PS4

If you can’t wait until 2nd July to get started on Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, you can get early access from this Friday, 28th June if you pre-order Shadowbringers (requires FFXIV: A Realm Reborn / Starter Edition to play) on PlayStation Store.

You’ll have to cast aside the light and become a Warrior of Darkness to save the realm in this huge new expansion for Square Enix’s MMORPG. Explore Norvrandt, master new job classes and become even stronger with the raised level cap.

3. F1 2019

F1 2019 on PS4

Start your motorsport career in Codemasters’ latest instalment of its racing franchise, featuring all the official teams, drivers and circuits from the 2019 season. If you want some more variation, you can even compete in Formula 2.

4. Samurai Shodown

SNK returns with a brand-new entry to its blade-wielding fighting series, 11 years after the last instalment. Take on intense battles with new and familiar characters, and test out the Deep Learning AI that creates Ghost characters from your playstyle to share with players around the globe.

This week’s new pre-orders

1. NHL 20

Make sure to keep an eye out for EA’s returning sports franchise featuring some of the biggest names in hockey. It’ll even have a battle royale mode for up to 81 players in a survival, winner-takes-all tournament.

If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition before this September’s launch, you’ll get access to the following bonus content:

  1. Cover Athlete Choice Pack (85 OVR) ( Early pre-order bonus available until 18th July)
  2. Up to three days early access
  3. Up to 10 HUT Diamond Choice Packs (Pack available through pre-order offers only)
  4. Hometown Choice Pack (Choice of 1 hero item, increases +1 OVR each month until April 2020)
  5. 5 World of CHEL hockey bags

For the full list of all this week’s releases, head on over to PlayStation Store now. 

*All release dates are correct at time of publication.

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  • So, instead of a list of all this week’s releases, we now have a link to a page which doesn’t list this week’s new releases until they’re already out. A new low.

    • To be precise, we have a link to the British version of said page, which very helpfully shows us across-the-ponders how much we would have to pay for last week’s releases in pounds instead of euros.

      Dear whoever is writing these: you generate more buzz and enthusiasm for everything listed in this post if you use this post to list everything which releases this week. How can I appreciate the release of Judgment if the comment section below is in a state of mourning for everything that isn’t mentioned?

    • Would be even easier: For the full list of all this week’s releases, head on over to www-google-com.

      Edit: The upcoming games of the US Store

      Akash: Path of the Five – PS4 — Digital

      Attack of Toy Tanks – PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy)

      Car Mechanic Simulator – PS4 — Digital, Retail

      Counter Fight 3 – PS VR — Digital

      F1 2019 – PS4 — Digital, Retail (Out 6/28)

      Furwind – PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Out 6/27)

      Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka With Love – PS4 — Digital

      Kid Tripp – PS4, PS Vita — Digital (Cross-Buy)

      Medusa and Her Lover – PS VR — Digital

      Monster Jam Steel Titans – PS4 — Digital, Retail

      Nekopara Vol.3 – PS4 — Digital (Out 6/27)

      Paper Dolls Original – PS4 — Digital

      Pool Nation FX – PS4 — Digital

      Samurai Shodown – PS4 — Digital, Retail

      The Sinking City – PS4 — Digital, Retail

      Spider-Man: Far From Home – PS VR — Digital

      Super Neptunia RPG – PS4 — Digital

      War Tech Fighters – PS4 — Digital (Out 6/27)

      We. The Revolution – PS4 — Digital

    • Something releasing in the US means it’s like a 50% chance of releasing in Europe. Then if it does a rather high chance of not releasing in random countries.

      The SIEE offices probably just roll dice to decide everything.

    • It gets better. The post has now been changed from 5 essential releases, to just 4 (see the hyperlink for proof – it still says 5 even though the title was changed to 4). So much for all release dates being correct at the time of publication huh?

    • I guess one of the games was no longer essential.

      Weird how they kept NHL..

    • Unfortunately that link shows the US store updates. If you click to go to their “25th June EU update” it shows last weeks releases for some reason.

  • Aren’t you listing all of the week’s releases anymore? That’s pretty disappointing.

  • Was gonna say well done on actually being early for a change (often been late recently) but you only several of the games? There used to be so much more effort put into these things. Used to have all the games and all the prices (in pounds AND euros) and everything.

  • 1 week early access for Judgment digital version some good scumbag tactics there

    • With how early some places send out physical copies, getting it a week early digitally will still probably get you it a week or two after physical.

      CTR had people with the platinum days before the release date..

  • Aren’t you listing all releases anymore? What’s going on with this blog? Your US colleagues still bring all new releases, even for PS Vita! Are you low on money or why this low effort post?

  • Rocksmith DLC this week is a Tegan and Sara three pack with “The Con”, “Call it Off” and “Walking With A Ghost”, but these posts are so popular that I guess we’re crowdsourcing the rest of the store update as well huh

  • Where.Is.Everything?

  • @Carnivius_Prime. Maybe they’re too busy dealing with working out what they can cut & paste from the US blog that the EU storefront actually manages to release at the same time?! I’m assuming still no Battle Princess Madelyn yet, ‘cos 6 plus months & doing it whilst it on discount elsewhere would be madness,right? If you want a real store highlight, how about the one where FDG put Monsterboy & the Cursed Kingdom on a 15% sale on Switch,XB,& US PSN, but couldn’t do the same on PSN EU/AU store ‘cos SCEE knocked them back!!

  • lol ok I am still hoping that a full list of releases for this week is published.

    Here is what our American friends gets

    • As well as checking the US blog there is another site that looks at releases in details. Unfortunately the release dates are a bit of a miss as it does not get updated when dates changes but at least it gives you an idea of what is coming for all major platforms and you can filter by platform and month.

  • Why do you still have this blog?

  • @Sony Europe Brexit is coming so please consider to move your poor marketing joke to a better location within EU. This blogspot is the worst marketing i have ever seen (even me could do it better). Come on Sony

    • Pretty much all of the companies in Europe absolutely suck at marketing and put minimal to no effort in.

      Look at Capcom Europe Vs Japan (or even US). Capcom Japan has several monthly web shows, websites, promotions, in store stuff, big events, etc. etc. etc. Capcom Europe make maybe 1 post a week on their official twitter about a random game (or themselves).

    • Sony move to a new location in Europe already and we get this .

  • I told you when Andrew house left things get worst . And plus Sony move to new location in euope and we get this . I am done on this blog I’m going look on USA store what coming out new reasles .

  • “For the full list of all this week’s releases, head on over to PlayStation Store now.”

    That’s really disappointing … A step in the wrong direction. Since on the German blog critical comments are deleted, I must express my displeasure here.

  • Sinking city looks intresting hope the final product is as well, i agree with rest of the gamers on this blog, a lot of things is missing i don’t want stuff like head over to PlayStation store for more info i came to this blog for more info and discuss the topic with gamers who are your fans abd support you for long time,you gotta give us more content and things that we can talk about. Playstation blog us looks way more intresting and alive..

  • What are you doing Sony? Listing all releases had the big advantage that the direct links started working at midnight which allowed me to buy stuff at midnight. Now without the direct links I will have to wait until the next morning because new releases take some hours to show up in the latest releases section on the store.

    • I am hoping this is a temporary change as some developers will lose sale by not having their game advertised in this listing

  • Disappointing. I can see the weekly blog update is an overhead so why not just reinstate the much-missed feature from the PS3 era… a proper “New This Week” section in the store. Take it a step further with filters for the last 7, 14 or 30 days, platform, DLC, themes, avatars etc, but crucially make sure everything is included, not just featured releases.

  • So how do small games developers/publishers get their games noticed now?

    Poor show SIEE.

  • Frequent blog reader, first time poster – really hope that this is just the person handling the update post having an ‘off’ day.

    Providing a link to the latest releases on the store page isn’t really an acceptable workaround, given that there are games/dlc that will come out over the course of the week, not just Monday. For featured ‘AAA’ games, the above list also has some weird omissions, like the upcoming new levels for Hitman 2, for example.

    I’ve been a diehard Playstation supporter since the PS1, so please go back to the full weekly updates – I can’t buy what I don’t know about!

  • Actually can anyone actually recall who took over as head of SIEE these days much less if they even interact online? Shawn Layden & Shuhei Yoshida do. They really should be made aware of just how much of a problem child their EU storefront has become with not approving games available on XB, switch etc.,same regions (or the U.S. psn), let alone whats happening here!

  • A bet you all guys knew the full list before you even comment here. Do you guys see anywhere *full *list or something they just pick 4 games hf. Instead of f bullying and crying like those cyberpunk haters, say something positive once. You guys never have enough huh ?

    • So if you believe we know (I am one who complained) the”full list” of games to be released in the EU region wouldn’t we have listed them on this blog to prove a point. We the so called “cyberpunk haters” come to this blog to see a full list of games being released in the upcoming week as we have for many years. This week we can’t and are understandably confused as to why SIEE have changed the way this information is being supplied now and going forward. So no it is not “fun” to complain about a change that to so many makes absolutely no sense.

      If you believe that the full list of games to be released digitally and retail in the EU region this week is available please tell us where! As it used to be here.

    • Its not about if you wanna change something its about how you asking for it. The website is not named

      If you wanna learn how and where you should tell people how did u find all those games why you asking me ?

      I don’t know why you guys making so much “mess” while you can go to the psn store and press new releases boom you got it

      That’s why publishers exist. Its not our job to think how those small games indie devs gonna sell their games

    • Wow. There is really no point in discussing this with you is there!

      SIEE have been providing this information for as long as I can remember and now have decided not to. I am fully capable of looking for new games via other web sites, the web store and the PS4 store as you have so help fully pointed out.

      I will also point out that Sony get a cut of the game sales and therefore are not doing themselves any favours by not advertising (as that is what the weekly game release blog enty is) all the games to be released as they have done before.

      I am much to old to be arguing with someone like you who is so entrached in their own arrogant point of view that they can not listen or read someone elses point of view (in fact many people give the replies on this blog entry) and sympathise with their view.

      This kind of unreasonable attitude is what makes me so sad for the future.

    • This kind of unreasonable attitude means personal opinion not everyone is the same.

      When you already have one option to check/buy the whole game list from your platform and you need more, you need to ask yourself why. If you think console gamers come to this place to check whats new or that’s how sony publish their games you definitely need to learn whats facebook, twitter and youtube. Maybe if u check the whole comment list* u will see what arrogant means

    • The new release button does not get updated. as of this afternoon 4 games where missing and you need to manually search them, never mind that some announced as coming out today (e.g. Medusa) are not even on the store. This is about a mega corporation that does not seem ot be getting something as simple as a release schedule right. i appreciate there may be last minute changes but not putting a post so every game, including those developed by small developers, get noticed is not rocket science. If changes are needed than at the very least they could communicate with their audience and explain why there has been a change.

    • @Evasiongr

      Sony runs this blog in addition to twitter, facebook, etc., because they can afford it, not everyone can afford an additional blog (with more detailed information, which are unfortunately missing this time) to the usual social media. And yes, I come here to read playstation gaming news. I’m not sure, but I think I’m not the only one, but maybe I’m wrong. What purpose should this blog otherwise fulfill, if not to inform about Playstation News???

    • Microsoft is not doing this, Steam is not doing this. Imagine people complaining about steam not posting the full list of the month oof. I understand you guys wanna check out games fast and easy because the whole interface of ps4 is a lil bit laggy/slow. Thn again its not like 50-100 games every month are being released you can clearly check them out from the official website store which is very fast and updated. The whole point of this was if u guys don’t like the changes you can simply make a topic or send a ticket to the support center. Being toxic its just showing how bad this community is

    • “Steam don’t do this” is a ridiculous statement.

      They do minimal effort every time they can. Their customer support consists of “make a support account and send a message and we’ll maybe get back to you after a week, p.s. we don’t actually care if the game doesn’t work, about your consumer rights or if developers sell things fraudulently”. Oh and hey look…Microsoft are doing this…

      If you hadn’t noticed, the “go check the website” option doesn’t even work. The point of these posts were for UPCOMING releases. The store only has released games, and a few preorders, it’s not a replacement.

    • You have:





      If you need more that’s your problem. Here you can even go to website if you are lazy to search directly from the console or google

      Recent Released:

      Upcoming/Pre Orders:

      Thank me later

      Ohh btw can you tell me what games “don’t” work from ps4 because you saying sony don’t care. Just curious ?

    • I think the main problem you’re having here is that you don’t really understand what is being said…

    • Then tell me why Sony runs this blog, just for fun? After all, people do not come here to get information, right?

    • Give it up, Evasion. He’s getting the likes here, not you.

  • Not listing all of the week’s releases anymore?

    Boo, Sony Europe!


  • So instead of adding the rest of the games to the list you actually cut down from 5 to 4? Poor Judgment (in more ways than one).

  • And the stupidest part is their link has no updated info whatsoever. The games out this week aren’t on the list.. its laughable really

  • So, if you click on latest releases at 15:44 in UK the only thing you will be able to see is Counter Fight 3 which was out yesterday. There are at least 4 other titles which are out (Spiderman VR, Catan VR, We The revolution and Irony Curtain) that doe not show there which proves the point that having a blog post with direct links to the game down load is the best way to get people to check out titles instead of unnecessary manual searches.

    Let’s hope next week they will bring back the normal store update.

  • @yrrek. Take a look over at Push Square mate,EU blog/store getting some well deserved attention! Spot on comments too! The EU storefront needs an overhaul-when competing formats can release games in the same region(s) in a timely manner that the EU store can’t, (& deny sale discounts to indie publishers they can manage on the competition), it speaks volumes!

    • Well Push Square is just saying what we are saying and hoping, like we do, that this is a one off instance. Frankly, when it comes to simultaneous releases things have improved a lot compared to few years ago where, the discrepancies between US/EU were enormous. There are still some titles that are not released simultaneously but that is down to either certification and/or the fact that EU has lots of territories still, it should not be too complicated to achieve a simultaneous release schedule but it is understandable if it happens on some occasions.

      Overall I have no issues, given the massive improvements, with the disparity in releases for some titles but I do find this succinct blog post irritating and lazy from their end given that the ‘Latest Releases’ link hardly works and it is never fully up to date. See my previous post stating at 15:44 the link did not show at least 4 titles that were out and could be found doing a manual search.

      I appreciate some people think that a manual search is not a problem but that only works if you know what you are searching for and if there is no list published here then we need to rely on the PS4 Drop post on the US log page to find out what we need to look for which defeats the all idea of having a blog post here.

      As someone else stated, the people that pay money (or have a deal with Sony) to have their game advertised here get the full attention and the small developers risk having their game not seen or noticed because there is no mention on this page.

  • Is there any update on Pool Nation on PS4? Release date should be today.

  • The folks at the PS Blog are now too lazy to add the full list of games, but we have been listing all of the games that are out, with prices, at for over 10 years. Check it out.

  • BTW, Counter Fight’s description in the Russian language region is written in a hilariously broken Russian. I’m not complaining, just wanted to share the fun

  • THIS IS AWFUL. Give us a whole list. Don’t make click through a store page where I can’t even separate out the rubbish DLC stuff from the games.


  • No surprise no update on the store euo can’t do there job

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