Square Enix dives deep into Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay

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Square Enix dives deep into Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay

New trailer revealed at Square Enix Live Event, with pre-orders starting on PlayStation Store

Hey folks – tonight, Square Enix’s E3 2019 Live Event gave the world an up-close and personal look at Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game will also be playable starting tomorrow at Square Enix’s E3 booth.

Tonight’s presentation kicks off with gorgeous recreated scenes from the original game’s iconic opening, featuring fan favorite Aerith Gainsborough and stoic mercenary Cloud Strife.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeFinal Fantasy VII Remake

During the show, producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed that the first game in this project is expected to ship on two Blu-ray discs, and will greatly expand on the story of Midgar. Kitase also pointed out that the game would serve as a perfect starting point for newcomers to the world of Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy VII RemakeFinal Fantasy VII Remake

Then, the presentation shifted to a detailed walkthrough of the game’s combat mechanics, including a revamped ATB system and an all-new Tactical Mode, which slows time during battle and lets players perform actions by selecting options from a command menu.

These are noteworthy details; from what we saw, it seems Remake will empower players to choose between a strategic, methodical play style (Tactical Mode) or fast-paced combat with spells and abilities executed through hot keys.

The gameplay demo transitioned to an action-packed battle, where the player switched between controlling Cloud and Barret in order to take down the massive Scorpion Sentinel — an impressive re-imagining of an iconic boss battle from the original game.
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Scorpion Sentinel battle completed, Remake Director Tetsuya Nomura walked onto the stage and thanked fans for their patience. He then ended the Final Fantasy VII Remake presentation with a trailer showing a first glimpse of fan-favourite martial artist, Tifa Lockhart, and an announcement that the game is available to pre-order now.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to PS4 worldwide on 3rd March, 2020. Pre-order from the PS Store to receive the Cloud & Sephiroth Dynamic theme along with the Chocobo Chick Summon Materia DLC when the game launches.

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  • Beautiful. Definitely can see their labor paying off as it looked a lot more polished than before.

    And it’s so big it has to release on two Blu Ray discs? And that’s just the first part?

    Somehow that takes away some of the disappointment of it being episodic for me :)

    Also, FF8 remaster!!! <3

    • Yes! Give FF VIII some love too!! We haven’t even gotten FF VIII HD….

      I’m really looking forward to see what they’ll do with one of my favorite games ever

    • Knowing Square Enix, what they’ll do with FFVIII is probably the following.

      Make it have mindless Kingdom Hearts 2 button combat.

      Change “Quistis” to “Quistith”.

      Add draw magic as lootboxes.

      Make it like 90 for the first episode that’s only joining SeeD.

      Add a whole bunch of fluffy haired teenage boys.

      Add comedy English voiceovers done by people who can’t do emotion.

      Probably find a way to make it a sequel to XIII and add “Fal’cie”.

    • @paveman They actually announced FFVIII HD at their E3 press conference, so you’re getting that at least. Honestly, the whole thing with linking your magic stock to your stats completely killed FFVIII for me. It incentivizes not using your magic and drawing for ages as soon as you find an enemy with new magic, which regularly grinds the game to an absolute halt. And the difficulty spikes mean you have to actually go through that stupid process regularly.

      Hopefully they’ll include the cheats they did with FF7. I can imagine those would improve the game immensely

  • Can we please get confirmation that the line “Pre-order from the PS Store to receive the Cloud & Sephiroth Dynamic theme today” is actually true, even for us EU customers?

  • If people buy this, they will send a very wrong message to Square-Enix, the game shouldn’t be in episodes, what Square-Enix want is you to finance this absurd and yet beautiful remake, this is almost like Final Fantasy XV and how it got to be a half game.

    Please people, be aware that if pay for this we are saying that is OK to keep doing it!

    • I wouldn’t support the episodic matter if I could but if that’s really the only way to play this remake, I’ll budge… I was thinking of waiting for the full experience to be available on disc, like I did with Hitman, but I wouldn’t be able to hold out for this one… Besides, from what we know now, it might just be two big parts instead of seperate little chunks, so as to cut down on our waiting time for the first part? I know it’s not ideal not being able to play through your game completely but if they only seperated the game in two and release both parts on disc from release, I’m okay with that. Better than having to wait another 2-3 years for the complete experience…

    • We don’t know anything yet. Its starting to look like this game has new scenes, not just a beat for beat of the original game. What if, when you get to 7th Heaven, there is whole other level to the game like being able to explore a massive part of the Sector 7 slums with far more areas and NPCs. And then Sector 5 and more, think something like Shenme (okay not that crazy), but Yakuza where there is lots to do. Its sounding like its going to be a whole big game in itelf. I don’t think its going to be 5 hours like the original game, that it sounds like you are talking about lol.

      Now Hitman, I avoided that thrash since the day the developers said “Whoops, that game we announced 4 months ago at E3 as a FULL NEW HITMAN GAME, is now going to be released as LEVELS and we don’t even have TWO levels ready for the end of this year, let alone a full brand new Hitman game like we promised, again, 4 months ago. The first 2 levels will be available next March with grand, amazing, current gen, SIX WHOLE LEVELS by the time we are done with this butchering mess of our franchise. Sorry about that, our bad”.

      Never have I gave up on a developer so quick then that game and franchise. But then, they turned their backs on me by straight up lying that they were making and relasing a brand new full Hitman game before changing everything mere months later. At least FFVII Remake was always announced as being in parts.

    • I don’t understand why people think this is a bad idea there are expanding the store and the first game is 2 Blu-ray discs. That’s a lot of content. If it takes a few games to make it through the story so be it. Also I hope that after they finish they want to make a sequel. They only probably I see is it’s going to take many years between this one and the next.

    • Because it’s not being made by the original director or writers. It’s being directed, headed and written by Tetsuya “insert rude word here” Nomura. The fool almost single handedly responsible for ruining the FF series, the guy with no ideas of his own, especially since the guy he stole from left.

      He likes to put “his vision” into anything. He’s made statements about how it’s “impossible to include all the original game’s content because the game would be too big” but paradoxically there is a need to have new areas and storylines. Because making this another one of “his” games is much more important.

      Which would be fine, if he was any good at anything. His storylines are always terrible and make very little sense, filled with gaping plot holes and bland generic characters (imagine a fanfic written by a 10 year old). He has no originality and is utterly terrible at emotion, characterization and probably worst of all needs to add really bad romance scenes into everything.

  • i am really hyped to re visit midgar <3

  • How long would this part be, story wise, to justify the 75 pound price ? Thanks!

  • So this is indeed only a part of the original VII as we’ve feared before, and from what I understood from the topic, it will limit itself to Midgar? I can wait till everything is released and bundled in a discount bin, thank you.

  • Can’t find it on the Saudi store, any ideas of the regions it will be available?

  • I’m excited but I agree with others, Midgar is barely a few hours long in the original, how different is the story now to make that section 2 blu-rays long?

    how much has the main game changed? No world map anymore? Not all locations, characters plots added?

    Id love a roadmap for development for this as it’s been 4? Years since announcing the remake and all that’s been done is Midgar.

    • Remember it took the same clueless director 10 years to make FFXIII-4/FFXV (before he dumped it off on some other person) while spending 13 years making Kindom Hearts III…

      Also remember that it’s usually not game content that makes things take up a bunch of space, but cutscenes. Also knowing the “work” of the director this “new story” is probably all horrendously written love stories. Also tales of fluffy haired teenage boys, old people who are evil because they’re old, people turning into crystal and nonsensical nonsense with massive plotholes.

  • “Digital Deluxe Edition Includes:

    Cactuar Summon Materia

    Carbuncle Summon Materia”

    So summons as paid DLC…

    Guess episode 2 will have materia loot boxes…

  • I think I will wait for the full game release in ten years or pick up the parts they make when they drop the idea and say sorry but they dreamed to high and it was impossible to finish

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