Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled gets new tracks & characters as post-launch DLC from next month

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Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled gets new tracks & characters as post-launch DLC from next month

The arcade racing remake expands with the Nitro Tour Grand Prix

We at Beenox have been waiting for this for a long time. Today we’re thrilled to announce the plans for post-launch content for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled!

Aside from all of the tracks, characters, modes, and customisation you already know about from the main game, expect even more content in the form of the CTR Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix: themed seasonal content and challenges available to anyone who has purchased the game, for no additional cost.

This includes an additional track released at the start of each season, and available to play both online and locally from that season onward!

The first of these seasons — the Nitro Tour Grand Prix — begins on 3rd July; less than two weeks after the game launches on 21st June. This is our way to give Crash fans everywhere even more ways to race!

Grand Prix content is not only new, but it’s also introduced by Chick and Stew

We know you’ve got questions, and luckily, we’ve got some answers. But first, let’s give a warm welcome to Chick Gizzard Lips and co-host Stew — ace rooster commentators for CTR TV, your CTR news channel!

Yes, the chicken reporters from Crash Tag Team Racing are back and settling into their new roles as hosts for each new season of content!

Simply tune in to CTR TV through the game and listen to Chick and Stew introduce each Grand Prix, explaining all the different challenges and rewards you can win by simply participating!

We’ve got grand plans for the Grand Prix

What is a Grand Prix in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, exactly? Think of it as a themed season, constructed around a newly-themed track with a number of different challenges to undertake.

Finish a challenge, and you’re awarded Nitro Points (think of Nitro Points like Experience Points). Complete more challenges to continue to fill that Nitro up. When you’ve filled Nitro up to certain levels in your Nitro Gauge, rewards are earned. Examples include new characters, karts, skins, and kart customisation items.

You’re easily able to see your Nitro Gauge in the game, which shows your progress, the items you’ve earned along the way, as well as the ones you’re still driving toward!

Just keep playing the game to complete these challenges and fill the Nitro Gauge before the end of that Grand Prix to earn every challenge reward. Challenges include top speed, power slide, reverse, and other competitive challenges, and they vary from easy to quite hard, increasingly testing your skill as the season goes on.

If you reckon you’re the best Bandicoot in the racing business, it’s time to prove it: with global leaderboards for every Grand Prix Season, you can compete to be the best in the world and win special in-game reward items!

Redeem those Wumpa coins: head to the Pit Stop

As well as completing Grand Prix challenges to earn Nitro Points, filling up the Nitro Gauge, and unlocking a specific set of rewards every season, you can also earn Wumpa Coins by participating in Grand Prix challenges too.

As you learned a couple of weeks ago, as you gather these Wumpa Coins, you can redeem them in CTR Nitro-Fueled’s Pit Stop for even more items.

Speaking of the Pit Stop, we’re also excited to announce that during each Grand Prix a new set of items will be introduced to it, like even more characters, kart sets, wheels, paint jobs, decals, stickers, and skins.

With this, players have the ability to redeem their Wumpa Coins to play as racers that go beyond the original CTR and to find many unique ways to customise their characters and karts.

Season 1: time to get warped — welcome to the Nitro Tour

Now that we’ve laid the foundation for what the Grand Prix is, let’s dive into the first Grand Prix, set to launch on 3rd July!

It’s called the Nitro Tour Grand Prix and features a track called “Twilight Tour”, which re-imagines the Ancient Egypt and Arabian Town levels from Crash Bandicoot: Warped — so look for some familiar sights and sounds as you’re racing!

Season 1: say hello to Tawna Bandicoot and the Nitro Squad

This one has been difficult to keep as a secret for so long! We’re excited to announce that as well as an enthralling new track to perfect in the first Grand Prix, players are also able to earn Tawna the Bandicoot as a playable character. Players are able to unlock Tawna by earning Nitro Points during the first Grand Prix, and are also able to earn an amazing new Motorsport Tawna skin which lets the world know that she means business!

In addition to Tawna, players will be re-introduced to Ami, Isabella, Megumi, and Liz. Together, they are now known as the Nitro Squad (formerly known as the Trophy Girls in the original CTR), and are now characters that you can race with! They can be unlocked using Wumpa Coins in the Pit Stop during the first Grand Prix.

These global bandicoots hail from all over the world, and are ready to compete! There will also be new Motorsport skins for them as well, to really show off their speed and style.

Season 1: more than just new characters

In addition to the new characters, you will see a bunch of other items that will be a part of the first Grand Prix, including international-themed items for players to show their national pride, new kart parts, and even the return of Le Chaux, the fan favorite kart from CTTR!

In short, make sure that starting on 3rd July, you are beating challenges in the Nitro Tour Grand Prix to fill up your Nitro Gauge, keep earning those Wumpa Coins by playing any mode in the game, and make sure you are heading to the Pit Stop to see what’s new!

Looking to the future

That’s a deep dive into the first Grand Prix season, but as teased today, this is only the beginning! We have some incredible Grand Prix seasons coming up, including one that revolves around everyone’s favourite purple dragon… (if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will).

Our goal with the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix is to make sure that the race lives on, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to talk to you about it. Make sure you start practicing when the game comes out on 21st June, because the real challenge begins on 3rd July!

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  • This is phenomenal, you guys are too good.

    I cannot wait to get this game in the door next week!

  • Brilliant, I love it. ?

  • So, I’m reading that these Grand Prix rewards are missable if you don’t play the game enough in a certain amount of time, right?

    “Just keep playing the game to complete these challenges and fill the Nitro Gauge before the end of that Grand Prix to earn every challenge reward. “

    key words: …before the end…

    Which is like the only thing I absolutely hate about gaming nowadays, missable things, and I’m a gamer who likes to collect everything in a game. Like, I can’t play much, you know, I’d like to enjoy the game at my own pace, don’t want to be rushed to play to earn cool rewards or be stressed out to go and get some. If this is true, you kinda ruined CTR for me, this is the worst news I could get during E3, cuz it’s a part of the experience I’ll be missing out on or have difficulties to accomplish. This should never be the goal of such an awesome game…

    • Im afraid thats exactly what it mean. Weekly challenges is a big thing nowadays, wanna get players to get back to the game often. I get that it sucks for players who dont have all that much time to game.

    • The challenges will be repeated so if you can not win the prizes, you will have to wait until the same event is repeated.

    • You sure about that? Then I can actually enjoy the game in peace :)

    • If you miss any items they will be available to purchase on the pit stop with in-game currency :)

  • So much for keeping true to the original game, this is becoming more like the rubbish sequel racers.

    Should have stuck to the original game just like Vicarious Vision instead of turning it into this pathetic DLC and grind fest just like every other game.

    Thanks for ruining it just like you did The Amazing Spiderman games.

    • That’s little bit over reacted I think this game is not ruined. Because everything from the original is in it, and all tracks from crash nitro kart. Just little beat dlc don’t ruin the whole game. Have you seen hot air skyways yet ? This is mine opinion. And we don’t know exactly how this grand prix will work.

    • That’s really unfair IMO. This is new and additional content adding value to the game that they didn’t have to go the extra mile to add in, but they are. That’s commendable.

      I get that some people want to be total completionists, but I feel you’d be in the vast minority by choosing to exclude great content updates like new free maps, skins and other items that keep the online community thriving online and excited.

      If this system bothers you to such a degree, you always have the base games to enjoy as you remembered them. Treat them as you would the originals and don’t partake in this online system. The rest of us will be free to enjoy it.

    • This is by far one of the stupidest comment I’ve ever seen in the internet, I have to be frank.

      You want a game so bad, they give it to you with a MASSIVE improvement, much more then the fans can ask for, added online mode, added almost every single character in the universe, and much more.

      And you say some DLC that’s COMPLETELY FREE destroys the entire thing? All that effort put so much into the game? The entire community is hyped about this, except you and some other 14 people, apparently

  • “… themed seasonal content and challenges available to anyone who has purchased the game, for no additional cost. This includes an additional track released at the start of each season …”

    So, how many seasons are planned (for no additional cost)?

  • Looks like a lot of fun. Unlike pretty much anything shown at e3 so far. Man that event is dull…

    • It was dull because Sony wasn’t there this year.

    • No one bothers announcing anything at E3 now because they think it will get lost in all the other announcements.

      Though as no one really bothers announcing anything, it’s probably the best time to announce something.

      I need to not say announce again.

  • I love the game and I appreciate all your efforts.. but quite disappointed that Nitro Kart adventure mode isn’t in the game, considering it’s more expensive than the trilogy, i feel ripped off paying $100AU.. i really hope you plan on introducing it at no extra cost with all the tracks in the game already. Still, keep up the good work. It’s awesome to play CTR agian

  • This starts on July 3rd and i’m leaving the country for 2 weeks on july 4th. Do we know how long each season will last or how long the wait will be before a season repeats? Also is anyone hoping for a cttr season with nina, pasadena, von clutch and willie? or a naughty dog season featuring brio, kong and komodo moe?

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