Almost everyone is a playable character in Watch Dogs: Legion, a London-set sequel coming soon to PS4

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Almost everyone is a playable character in Watch Dogs: Legion, a London-set sequel coming soon to PS4

Recruit passers-by to your cause and take down the surveillance state

The renowned hacker group DedSec returns when Watch Dogs: Legion comes to PlayStation 4 on 6th March, 2020. In the near future, London has turned into a dystopia controlled by a corrupt private military corporation, where information is king and the citizens are all second class. It’s your mission to recruit new members to your cause and tear down the surveillance state.

Virtually every character in Watch Dogs: Legion’s version of London is a playable protagonist. As you work your way through London’s open-world streets, you’ll discover that everyone you see has different attributes and skills.

One passerby might have a knack for melee combat; if you recruit them as an Infiltrator, they’ll be great for getting up close and personal with the enemy. Another might be a doctor, granting your team an overall health buff; get them on the team, and you can survive even the toughest encounters. These character traits aren’t decided at random but are intrinsically tied to each character’s background.

Watch Dogs: Legion

It’s this variety of stats and expertise that will drive you to recruit characters from all over London, but it’s not as simple as walking up to them and giving them a membership card. Every character in Watch Dogs Legion has their own personal life and routine.

The hacker you’re pursuing may have a loved one in the hospital, or owe a tremendous debt to a loan shark. As a member of DedSec, you can hack into the hospital’s mainframe and prioritise care for your hacker’s family or take a more aggressive route and meet the hacker’s loan shark in a dark alley and send them a message with your fists.

Either way, you’re having an impact on that character’s life and daily routine, and sooner or later that hacker will come to see DedSec as an ally and join your team. How you choose to get them there is completely up to you.

Watch Dogs: Legion

You can assemble a crew of up to 20 DedSec members at a time, though the entire population is always there for you to recruit from.

Enforcers prefer automatic rifles and sticky bombs. Hackers control their environment from afar, relying on their trusty Spider Bot to access hard-to-reach places. Infiltrators are up-close attackers with the ability to cloak themselves from view for brief periods. You can switch between characters to utilize each of these diverse classes, all while leveling up your operatives and earning additional perks and modifications to help you take down the establishment.

Watch Dogs: Legion

But don’t get careless. DedSec may have become a global entity, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got unlimited resources. The world around you becomes more dangerous as you escalate conflict. Stick to melee attacks, using the completely reworked melee system, and your aggressors will do the same.

The moment you pull out a gun, however, your enemies will not hesitate to return fire. If you get shot down during the mission, you can surrender or keep fighting. Choosing the former will send your character to jail, and you’ll need to play as another DedSec member to bail them out. If you choose to keep fighting, you’d better be a good shot, because a new permadeath system means that if you do down again, that operative is out for good.

Choice is the crux of every action in Watch Dogs: Legion. Who you choose to recruit, how you handle your mission objectives, which areas of London you liberate first – it’s all up to you. Whether you take down your oppressors from the shadows, or meet them face to face, guns blazing, London is yours to defend.

Fortunately, you’ve got an entire city’s worth of potential recruits waiting to join your team when Watch Dogs: Legion launches on 6th March, 2020.

Stay tuned for more on Watch Dogs: Legion.

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  • I’m very interested in this, I really enjoy the Watch Dogs game a lot. I’m worried that this whole be anyone thing though is going to mean there’s a weaker plot and narrative compare to the first 2 games, Also permadeath is a very concerning and off putting word to see!

  • “She’s not old, she’s experienced” XD This presentation was okay. Setting looks great and the ‘be any npc’ mechanic seems better incorporated than expected. Figured you’d just command them like in AC. And they even seem to get some backstory so I get more of a ‘GTA5’ vibe off the ‘different characters’ mechanic than it just being a tacked on gimmick.

  • Looks way waaaaaay too clean to be London. Also not sure how that game is going to work in a city with terrible internet.

    Needs raw sewage in the street and the connections between stuff to drop all the time.

  • Wonder if you get stabbed every 10 minutes while walking down the street.

  • Looks great, love me some Ubisoft in the morning, afternoon and evening

  • Now that’s what I call Cyberpunk. Especially looking forward to the whole NPC recruiting/assemble your team gameplay and really hope hacking invasions will still be in the game.

    But why London? With all the driving in the game, I would have prefered any other city. Seriously, if you’re not driving on the right side, you’re driving on the wrong side ;)

    • But if you drive on the left, the steering wheel is on the right side. So, is the steering on the wrong side when we drive on the right?

      It’s all about perspective, init?

    • I drive all over the road in games like these. And all over the sidewalks. And all over pedestrians, other traffic and whatever else I can hit.

  • Already pre ordered my copy I got the collectors edition on ubisoft store

  • I can wait for next year!!! I have played Watch Dogs 1 and 2 and I think Watch Dogs Legion will blow the previous 2 games away!!

  • I’m looking forward to this. There are too few games set outside of the Americas so it’s nice to see some variety. Next up – GTA: Bognor Regis!

  • Someone needs to tell the video game industry that people in London don’t sound like that anymore….Oliver twist is long gone.

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