FIFA 20 release date announced, new Volta mode detailed

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FIFA 20 release date announced, new Volta mode detailed

EA Sports franchise returns this September, get first details on new updates

Get the date in your diary and gather your mates, we’ve just announced that FIFA 20 will launch worldwide on PlayStation 4 on 27th September!

We know that there’s far more to football than what happens in the stadiums. This year we’re really excited to add a new mode to the game.

Break new ground: Introducing Volta

We’re incredibly excited to announce that FIFA 20 will take the game back to the streets with EA SPORTS Volta Football, an all-new mode which celebrates the authentic culture, creativity, and style of the small-sided game. In Volta , you’ll be able to build your own unique player, pick your gear, and express yourself in football playgrounds around the world, including a London cage, an Amsterdam underpass, and a Tokyo rooftop.

Customisation is at the heart of Volta, and you’ll have countless ways to personalize your experience, both with your in-game player and how you play the game. Create a male or female player, pick their outfit, hairstyle, and tattoos, and fit them out with the latest vanity items to show off your style on the pitch.

And when you do that, you’ll be able to pick from playing 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 with your favourite professional team in Kick-Off mode, taking on the narrative-driven Volta Story mode, playing online match ups in the Volta League, and building your squad in Volta World. There’s plenty to get stuck into!

FIFA 20 also introduces Football Intelligence in gameplay, putting you at the centre of the key moments in every match you play in FIFA 20. With new features designed to make AI players better understand time and space on the pitch, give you more control over each game’s decisive moments, and make the ball behave in an even more true-to-life way, FIFA 20 will provide a whole new level of gameplay realism.

We have a lot more to come so stay tuned for more news about Volta, gameplay, and much more ahead of launch. In the meantime, make sure to pre-order for some great offers to give you a head-start in FUT 20, including a guaranteed Ones To Watch player and three days Early Access when you pre-order the Ultimate Edition before 5th August!

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  • So it still includes real money gambling aimed at children?

    Guess you have to get as much money as possible before it’s made illegal everywhere..

    • I’m sure that companies as this has already found loopholes to avoid even that. Greed is eternal.

  • People asked for FIFA Street and this is EA’s way of giving it to you plus the next FIFA game all in one package. Nice move EA, if done right. People will obviously whine about microtransactions but in all honesty, it’s user optional. I for one am grateful to our ant overlords. Will pick it up on sale though.

  • JamieBhoyBoom998

    Yawn FIFA street was overrated this is another attempt to revive it except let’s call it Volta football ! let’s have Messi scoring goals in space or Ronaldo is one on one with Neymar in a prison cell ! In fact let’s have Rooney and Brazil’s Ronaldo playing football in a popular fast food restaurant This looks like a desperate move EA have run out of ideas maybe fixing career mode no of course not because they want players to play in Samba street mode with Ronaldinho oh the memories.

    • Thats alot of whining in a single comment. Im hyped for the street mode, gonna be fun to try ut :)

  • It’s something like this that may sway me to FIFA from PES, although the gameplay in the actual 11-a-side games would need to improve massively. I don’t think that will happen until PS5 really. Gameplay isn’t a patch on PES. And, also, on a ‘Street’ mode all I actually want is to be able to play a 5 v 5 on an indoor sports hall type surface, much as I do every week in real life. I don’t care for ‘skillz’ TM or tats or haircuts or urban blah blah blah.

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