Days of Play starts tomorrow – see the full list of PlayStation Store discounts and more

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Days of Play starts tomorrow – see the full list of PlayStation Store discounts and more

11 days of huge discounts across games, hardware, peripherals, PS Plus membership

2019’s massive Days of Play promotion kicks off tomorrow. Over the next 11 days you’ll find amazing discounts across all things PlayStation: PS4 and PS VR bundles, games, PS Plus memberships, PlayStation Now, PlayStation accessories and merchandise, available at participating retailers while stocks last.

Days of Play PlayStation Store discounts

We’re pleased to confirm the games included in the promotion on PlayStation Store. The huge range of games below will be discounted from tomorrow until 17th June.

We know you want to get straight into the deals. So here we go: settle in and start scrolling through!

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now

  • 12-month PlayStation Plus membership for only €41.99 – a 30% saving
  • 12-month PlayStation Now membership** for €69.99 – save €30 and play over 600 PS4, PS3 and PS2 classics for a year

PS Gear merchandise

Want to show your love of PlayStation and its iconic games? How better than with PlayStation Gear, which features merchandise – from clothing to mugs – for your favourite brands. From 7th – 17th June you can get up to 30% off on the store for tie-ins for games such as:  

PS Gear  
  • God of War
  • Fortnite
  • Resident Evil
  • Devil May Cry
  • The Division 2
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Call of Duty
  • Dark Souls

Head on over to the PS Gear site to check out the offers!

PlayStation 4

  • Limited Edition Days of Play PlayStation 4 1TB slim* from £279.99 / €299.99 RRP
  • PlayStation 4 Jet Black 500GB slim** from €249.99 RRP
  • PlayStation 4 Jet Black 1TB slim + select game** from £279.99 / €299.99 RRP

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR bundles**:

  • PS VR Starter Pack for €199.99/£179.99 RRP
  • PS VR Mega Pack for €229.99/£209.99 RRP

PlayStation Accessories

Days of Play  
  • DualShock 4 and Special Edition DualShock 4 wireless controllers – from €39.99/ £34.99 RRP each
  • Gold Wireless Headset for €59.99/£49.99 RRP
  • Platinum Wireless Headset for €149.99 /£99.99 RRP

Remember, all offers end on Monday 17th June, check them out over on our Days of Play site!

* Limited Edition Days of Play PlayStation 4 available while stocks last.

** Availability may vary between countries. Please check with your local retailer for details.

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  • Worthless without the actual sale prices…The US blog has the prices.

    • That’s actually because of the region/location. for example I am in the middle east and we use USD instead of EUR or GBP. so maybe it easier for them like this.

    • Muntazar, if that’s the case, what’s stopping them from doing something like this:

      Name of the game – price1 (region 1)/ price2 (region 2)/price 3 (region 3)

      Also, then why they had no problem mentioning the price of the discounts for PS Plus and PS Now?

    • Lol, what kind of auto censorship mechanism does this website has that keeps deleting my post without any type of offensive language or whatever might justify deleting my posts? Third attempt:

      “Muntazar, if that’s the case, what’s stopping them from doing something like this:

      Put the name of the game and, in the other side, the price for each region and the name of the region.

      Also, then why they had no problem mentioning the price of the discounts for PS Plus and PS Now?”

    • Who the hell cares what’s easier for them when the feature is totally useless for the customers?

  • Just keep your pricing expectations low and you won’t be disappointed.

  • StevenJamesHyde

    Coupe of things on the selection of games:

    Driveclub – please make it both super cheap and very clear that it’ll be gutted of online capability very soon

    What about the rest of the PlayLink catalogue? I don’t think WordHunters has been on sale at all yet?

    Just generally, since we don’t know the prices yet – “still more expensive than a disc” is not a sale. It’s a good *selection* of games, but if the discounts are 20-30% across the board it’s borderline worthless

    • You’ll be pleased to hear Driveclub got a massive £3.00 saving! Down from £15.99 to £12.99 for a game that will only be half playable in two months time. Terrible sale.

    • It’s a common misconception that Sony has anything to do with the price drops, it’s the publishers who own the games that decide on what price changes they do, if any. Sony might request them to do a large price drops, but if publishers think it’s not good for them they’ll just raise the price beforehand and make a fake drop.

    • @Rizentam you’re right of course. Can you tell me who the publishers of Driveclub are so I can have a go at them instead?

    • @StevenJamesHyde

      ROFL !!

    • Just to correct one thing The servers for Driveclub, Drive club VR and Driveclub Bikes all go dark on March 31, 2020 not a few months time. The games them self will be removed from the store and sale Aug. 31st 2019

  • Is there an expected time for the sales for consoles/PSVR to go live? Will it be global or will it depend on each retailer (starting midnight tonight for online retailers, maybe)?

    • If it’s like last year, I found the retail stores price drops went live a few hours after the sales began, had it when I was buying a VR set last year. Shop I ordered it from had a deal on that was different to the days of play offers, but a few hours later, the advertised offer went live.

    • Oki, thanks a lot!

  • What is the point without the sale prices [DELETED]?

  • So the UK PS Plus is £34.99? That would be 30% of here.

    • Yeah, was posted up at Hot UK Deals a couple days ago, as they apparently showed the price early by mistake. £34.99, so if you grab some PSN Credit from CDKeys or similar, you can probably get it for closer to £29.99

    • Had a few months away from +, guess I’ll renew this weekend. The cheaper pricetag is just a fiver off, but the hours I’ll likely throw into Borderlands handsome collection, it seems a no brainer to get back on-board

  • Useless without prices or even percentage savings and the store page doesn’t even update yet!

  • What’s the point of this post? Is someone having a holiday tomorrow? Why didn’t it just wait until tomorrow? Will we have to come back to this post tomorrow or will there be a new post? So many questions so many deals?? ?

  • I really hope Monster Hunter World goes back to the previous sale price of £15 !?

    Trying to convince friends to buy it!

  • Hello, a couple of weeks ago all major gaming sites reported that the preorder for Bloodstained Ritual of the Night on PS4 would include a 10% discount for Plus subscribers, and a free theme. I’m only seeing the theme, where’s the promised discount? All news reported that it was 505 Games, the publisher, that made this promotion, but i couldn’t find anything. What’s the truth, please?

    • Welcome to Sony, the self anointed masters of spin and retracting promises.

      With credentials like that they should put themselves forward for leadership of the Conservative party in the UK.

    • Sony? It’s 505 Games THEN Sony.

  • I hope ”The City That Never Sleeps” for Spider-Man (and other Season Passes) will get equivalent discounts for us who will choose the physical editions during Days Of Play!!!

  • So no discount on the Pro? That’s a huge missed opportunity considering the ps5 is on the horizon.

  • Why aren’t the prices shown? they are in the US blog

    • They never show prices on the EU blog, they said it was something to do with being really lazy and not wanting to show all the currencies they support so they decided to show none instead. Even though I’m pretty sure every country has its own regional variant of the blog

  • Kind of annoyed it’s not the same titles across the board. AC Odyssey season pass on sale in the US but not in the UK. I think the better games are in the US sale. Same as always.

    • Better games? All the main titles are the same for both stores bu the prices are not stellar in either. The rest is up to one’s preference.

  • I wonder how much they going to ask for NBA 2k19!? It’s $2.99 on the US store!!! I expect at least 8.99€… Also, we don’t get Detroit for $7.99 as our US friends, but we get a fancy version of it for like 39.99€…

  • Whats the name of chimpanzee who does the math? —>

    Gold Wireless Headset for €59.99/£49.99

    Platinum Wireless Headset for €129.99/£99.99 RRP

  • Even at the discounted price, and purchased with cdkeys credit, Playstation plus still costs too much due to the loss of PS3 and Vita games and nothing to replace them.

  • This is not a sale. Take FIFA 19; if you follow the link today (06/06/2019) the price is £59.99??? The real price elsewhere is about £22. So tomorrow Sony will claim there is a massive discount. Unless the price drops to £10 it is just a lie.

    • My point is proved. Now £20, basically the price it was a few days ago so not the 60% price drop Sony claim. This is actually not just lies, it’s unlawful under advertising standards.

    • Yup – from trading standards; to claim that products are on sale, you should show the previous price and should have been selling at that price for a meaningful period of time – this went back up just a week and a half ago, so this technically shouldn’t be allowed to be shown as a “sale” price

    • yes indeed! I also couldn’t help but notice it here in South Africa that these “mega sale” prices have been recycled for the past year already. Take for example GOW Deluxe Edition its standard price is R1069, yet on this “sale” it was discounted to R469; the price it was sold for back in the Christmas Sale of 2018.

      And why is Uncharted 4 never discounted below R200; like never ever for such an old game? Nah, no thanks Sony. I’ll hold on to my money until you have a REAL sale!

  • What an utterly terrible ‘sale’. Multiple games well above previous sale prices and many much, much, much more expensive than on the US store. Ugh.

  • the playstation plus is normal price and not with discount

  • Those GB prices Terrible.

    US store deals are much better except for…

    ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission, which I’m picking up.

  • PlayStation Plus membership is not discounted in Poland.

  • Terrible sale, games more than twice the price of the US sale. Crazy.

  • How come the NBA 2K19 in the US Store drops to 9.99$ and in the EU Store only drops for 19.99€. You guys here in Europe really know how to convert the money currency properly. Its ridiculous and no matter how you spin it you can´t justify it being double the price here in Europe. Pathetic even…

  • This sale is indeed a ripoff. I wanted to buy Detroit, but then I started reading the comments. It turns out that the “sale” price for this game is the base price in the US! With the discount, the price is about 32zł the US vs 79zł here. And yes, there still isn’t any discount for PS+ in Poland.

  • Why Eu discounts have to be terrible all time ?

    • Because Europe has always been a strong Playstation territory. So unlike the US/Japan, they probably feel they don’t have to do anything to win peoples favor. There’s basically next to zero competition.

  • Days Gone was advertised as being £40, now the sale is finally here it is priced at £45.

  • Well, that was an anticlimax wasn’t! Another terrible sale with games ‘reduced’ to prices that are more expensive than they were only weeks ago. Seriously Sony, you need to up your game in big sales like this, Days of Play is supposed to be your big one each year and it’s rubbish. Oh, and maybe try and make the pricing fairer between EU and US for once? I wonder if Microsoft do? Maybe I should check it out next gen.

  • Also 30 % discount on Ps NOW for a year :)

    • I bought 4 years and I had one year left on my last purchase so I’m fine until summer 2024 ??

  • Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition; US Price $9.99 (£7.89) ; UK Price £22.74….Words fail me. Even if you use the usual lame argument about sales tax/VAT, that’s at best a 20% difference. The UK price is more than twice what the US pay. Why on earth do we even bother?

    • Same with NBA 2K19 – the US price $2.99, the UK price £15.99!!! Disgusting from Sony. Really shoddy treatment.

  • Amazing sale. I’m so grateful for the chance to buy GOTY fallout 76 for £30.

  • Always love to see Controller sales. Those babies need renewing from time to time.

    • It’s easy enough to replace basic components like analogue sticks and conductive membranes/gaskets. Give it a try before forking out on a new controller if it’s getting that bad.

    • Or stop throwing them on stones.

  • Disgraceful sale, prices are ridiculous!

  • This sale in the EU is useless. I’m in Ireland. 29.99 for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition here and it’s 9.99 in the US. That’s rubbish Sony. I mean cmon. No good deals to be had in Ireland. They can shove it. I won’t be buying PS5 when that comes out anyway. We’re treated like rubbish by Sony over here.

  • Days of Don’t Pay these ridiculous prices more like.

    What a waste of time, it seems to me that everything has been in sales for these prices already. I don’t see one deal that’s even a maybe later. Let’s hope that physical sales are better.

  • Comparing the prices between the us and eu “sale” its dissapointing at least.

  • All hype with no bite type of “sale.” This is as a result of being too comfortably ahead of your competitors. The level of arrogance and disregard from Sony to us loyal supporters who’ve placed them at an unassailable lead ahead of their competitors is a stomp to face considering what they’ve put on the table as a “thank you” to us. Geez what a waste…

  • Just bought God of War, Uncharted Collection and Uncharted 4. Now i’m on the fence wether to buy Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition or Spider-Man Digital Deluxe Edition. First world problems..

    • Buy Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, you won’t regret it, read some reviews and watch people playing online to get a better idea if it’s your sort of game, it got 9/10 on most reviews.

    • It is actually my first choice.

      Spider-Man’s gameplay feels same like the Batman Series and played a lot of similar games.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • I was actually happy when I saw that jump force was on sale as per the list… but it isn’t !

    All jump force editions are the same prize ! So is there an error ? or is this false advertisement ?

    And BTW Sony, reducing by 5$ a game and calling it a sale is a disgrace… the only game I saw on sale who’s price was actually good is “Detroit become human”, the rest are a poor excuse of a sale (and you can generally find them cheaper as 2nd hand then buying them from this sale).

    I was looking forward to this sale… and I am disappointed

  • The very few Playstation Hits titles in this sale are 20% off.

    The Playstation Hits titles in weekly sale number 12394193 are 60% off.

    It’s 1/3rd as good as a weekly sale.

  • Very disappointing sale… and where is the advertised Jump force on sale ? for me all jump force edition are normal price…

    But seriously Sony when you weekly sale is better than the annual “Day of Play” sale… you know it’s BS

  • tried to buy psn plus on the 17th June 2019. But i couldt becuase the server was not working. Now i missed out on a good psn plus deal. Sony need to extend the offer so the people who where affected can buy the games.

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