Days Gone’s new DLC challenges you to survive an endless Freaker horde

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Days Gone’s new DLC challenges you to survive an endless Freaker horde

Full details on this month's updates, starting today with ultra-hard Survival difficulty

Days Gone has been out for just over a month now, and everyone at Bend Studio is thrilled by the fan response. We’ve been watching the community share beautiful and artistic shots from photo mode, and been incredibly entertained by all the emergent sandbox moments in the video streams.

Coming in June there will be new game modes to share even more unique experiences, now with a SHAREFactory Days Gone Theme.


Survival difficulty

Survival difficulty mode kicks things off on 6th June. This builds on top of the current hard mode, with many tuning changes that create a much more challenging experience surviving the Central Oregon wilderness. Not only are the enemies harder, but you can’t bypass them using Fast Travel.

This mode also features an immersive HUD that increases tension by removing enemy awareness indicators and outlines. The HUD is turned off, but players can temporarily display it by activating Survival Vision. In addition to bragging rights, players will earn new bike skins and Trophies that can only be acquired by playing and beating Survival difficulty.


Later in June we will begin releasing Challenges. Each week a new combat, bike, or horde challenge drops with unique rules and scoring modifiers.

Doing well at challenges awards wearable patches that come with perks. Patches provide small gameplay improvements like increased health, faster stamina recharging, decreased focus cost, greater melee weapon durability, better gun accuracy from the bike, and more. Patch benefits stack and even carry back into the main game.

Players also earn rank and credits to buy character skins, bike skins, and wearable rings that also have gameplay perks. Rings provide more potent gameplay perks that help players perform better at all challenges; Rolling reloads a portion of your ammo, vaulting regenerates some stamina, headshots increase gun accuracy, and more. Players can only equip two rings at a time, so they have to make tactical decisions for each challenge. Rings do not carry over to the main game.

Replaying a challenge with new perks opens up increased scoring possibilities and opportunities to earn new rewards to build a better score to compete against your friends and the world via leaderboards.

Days Gone: DLC

As you may have caught above, character skins are available in the Challenges. Players will finally be able to change Deacon’s outfit by choosing between three looks; apocalypse Deacon, flashback Deacon, and for the ultimate in fan service—shirtless Deacon. This is in addition to ten other characters including Boozer, Rikki, Addy, Iron Mike, and more!

Days Gone: DLC

Our first gameplay challenge, “Surrounded” drops in late June. Players must survive an infinite horde onslaught in the town of Sherman’s Camp. They’ll be scored on how long they survive against not only the Freakers, but a clock that is constantly ticking down — killing Freakers adds more time so players can’t run and hide—they have to stay engaged in the fight to get the best score. They can also earn point multipliers by executing specific sub-challenges like environmental kills, headshots, and collecting ears while on the run.

12 challenges over 12 weeks makes this the summer of Days Gone and the summer of fun!

Days Gone: DLC

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  • Excellent, only completed the game a few days ago. Over 5 weeks since it came out. Was brilliant to the end. Its very clear that a lot of the terrible reviews of the game, came from people that didn’t bother playing after the first 10 hours assuming they saw it all. It does start off very slow, to the point where you want to kill boozer when you get a call for the 100th time of Deacon saying “yeah, we are gonna ride up north, ride up north, ride up north” lol. But it gets SO much better when you get to the the 3rd camp in the game and its occupants.

    Loved every minute of the game at that point and can’t wait to see what the studio does next. Please stick with Unreal Engine 4 as you are clearly masters with it, making one the best looking AAA open world UE4 games out there. I had my doubts about the game on this engine but you proved me wrong. The amount of bodies that stay across the map at a time, the day to night lighting, dynamic weather, physics of the bike, the character animations for a game that went for a very gritty realistic style. It all came together perfectly.

    Imagine a new Syphon Filter game with this style of game. There could be 2 or 3 regions and just like in Days Gone its broken into main acts for each of the regions. Obviously a new Syphon Filter game would have to be a reboot at this stage but either this or Days Gone sequel I eagerly anticipate either way. :)

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Doesn’t sound very brilliant if you gotta get though 10 hours or so before it gets so much better.

      I’ve not played it myself as not my sort of thing but going by the tweets of some friends of mine. One thought it was absolute trash apart from the hordes though completed it all the way cos he does that sort of thing. And another friend said it was a very broken game and very bad but that he’s playing it anyways because he likes ‘janky’ games or something like that.

    • I enjoyed it a lot to start with and have made it to the third camp but I stopped playing shortly after, I’m not sure why but it just failed to keep drawing me back and I became somewhat bored with it, usually a good story will inspire me to see it through to the end but I didn’t really care enough about any of the characters for that, I have tried it a few times since but usually quit after a couple missions and just cant get back into it.

      I’m sure I’ll finish it one day but I have no desire to do that currently.

    • @Carnivius_Prime Isn’t it good for a game to get better the more you play it unlike most other games that either stay the same or go the other way? There isn’t enough main characters the first 10 hours and the bike is so slow lol. Its a whole other beast when it is upgraded, even when you get better condition weapons, THAT is the kind of thing I am talking about here. The game is most certainly not “absolute thrash”, not even close to something like Crackdown 3 or State of Decay 2. The first 10 hours aren’t “absolute thrash” either. And its not “broken”, you are just quoting a majority of the vast number of reviews for the game. Over 90% of bugs were fixed launch day. But why bother talking to you since you have clearly let others made your mind up for you? Do you do that with all games? Will you be waiting for friends to be, lol, tweeting, about The Last of Us Part II?

      Now that I have completed the game, I know EXACTLY what reviewers didn’t even make it half way through the game with the nonsense they were saying, most things that get better when you get into the game further. And its the game that I have saved the most video clips for ever because of the crazy spontaneous things that can happen with all the systems they have in place like every different faction and enemy killing each other on site as well as many crazy physics related things that happened e.g. doing a crazy drift down a mountain and a wolf jumping out behind a tree and Deacon going taking a tumble off the bike lol.

    • “I haven’t played it but going on the Tweets of some friends of mine” – Sorry but this invalidates your opinion slightly. Not saying the game is 10/10 perfect but someone slagging a game just through tweets of “friends” and not actually playing the damned thing is a bit skewed. Don’t be a sheep

  • Great content!!!Will these challenges be time-limited for the week they drop or will all 12 challenges stay as a permanent part of the game??I don’t want to miss anything when I ll get to play Days Gone later this year…

    • This! I wonder exactly the same thing, especially as I haven’t bought the game yet. It would be stupid to include those only for a limited time (yeah, I know it would be to force people to buy the game earlier but that’s not a good approach).

  • Best Game this year only completed the platinum trophy last week and destroyed the last horde Monday.

    Thanks for the extra modes and challenges awesome stuff!

  • Different outfits avaible only during The challenge? Or we Can use this three different outfits in the main game? Someone respond

  • Nice to hear about the DLC. I enjoyed Days Gone, even unlocked the Platinum trophy (my 2nd one ever – so I am not a completionist, just liked the game + kind of easy to get for a platinum). DG is a good game in my opinion (strong 8/10), got a lot of unfair reviews if you ask me. Sure, it needed a lot of patching upon release, but honestly it played well on PS4 pro almost from the start. Some side missions very broken and there still are some glitches and awkward bugmoments, but I will pay for a story DLC if there is one down the road and I want to play a sequel, so please make it happen sony + bend studios :)

  • Loved the game. Great story and characters, especially considering it’s an open world game. Haven’t been this infatuated with open world since Witcher 3 and Horizon. Finished it a couple of weeks ago and noticed a very different pacing with only the hordes left to finish off, it just isn’t that interesting without any of the story or characters left. Those elements and their provided context shouldn’t ever be overlooked, even more so for an open world. Got the platinum too. Great trophy design. I hate having to finish a game multiple times to get the platinum or have one or two trophies that are way harder than the rest and keep you from getting it. If people want more challenge in their games, fine, but don’t let it be of any influence on the trophies, give them some in-game rewards for doing harder stuff, or whatever… In any case, Sony got it right with their exclusives and their emphasis on story and great trophy design.

  • As for the soft DLC, I probably won’t be giving it a try since I deleted the game a while back. Might be willing if there was future DLC but at this point I don’t see the need since there’s nothing left to do in my game. Nice for those still playing, though.

  • How about the thing everyone has been asking for:




  • just curious:

    1) the game was released well after the original release date, multiple times it was delayed.

    2) since it’s release, patches and updates have been made constantly…while playing, I had to restart the game almost every time i faced a horde..

    3) with much anticipation, I waited for the survival mode to be released…then found out NG+ wasn’t available…so, I think to myself, why would I restart the entire game just for a few extra patches? I’ve already beaten the entire game, 100%. Understand? *WHY WOULD YOU EXPECT PEOPLE TO RESTART THE GAME FROM SCRATCH FOR ABSOLUTELY ZERO REASON?*

    4) I’ve been keeping up with blogs, discussions, forums, articles referencing the release of the surrounding challenges, bike challenges, etc..mostly, I see June 20th as the release date…and still nothing. Still no useful updates.

    5) not saying I’m a genius, doctor, game engineer or designer however in 99.9% of open world games have the “jump” button …a pretty simple concept considering climbing…

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  • Oh btw, the stun gun weapon is hilarious the first 2 times you use it then gets very dull, considering you’ve already beaten the game in order to receive it, what exactly is the point of it? And it hardly works, you might as well make a stealth kill for more XP rather than use the stun gun..

  • Also…it doesn’t help that everyone’s concerns and comments are being ignored. Very smart guys.

  • So…… Is the challenge mode delayed? It was due today. Maybe for once actually TALK TO US.

  • Hello everyone I’M jetcitywarrior I will be the one to beat I only play on SURVIVAL MODE 3 playthroughs good luck catch me if you can LOL


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