Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Lego City Undercover headline June’s PlayStation Now update

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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Lego City Undercover headline June’s PlayStation Now update

Plus Surgeon Simulator, Desert Child, Danger Zone, I Am Bread and more also join the service

Open-world fantasy epic Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and family adventure Lego City Undercover are amongst the wide range of games joining PlayStation Now this month.

Elsewhere, explore a dream world with action adventure Anodyne, play bounty hunter, pizza delivery guy and hoverbike racer in sci-fi tale Desert Child and relish some old-school arcade racing in Danger Zone, developed by the same creators behind the Burnout series.

Here’s the full list, available to play from today:

  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
  • Lego City Undercover (PS4)
  • Desert Child (PS4)
  • Enigmatis: The Ghost of Maple Creek (PS4)
  • Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition (PS4)
  • I Am Bread (PS4)
  • Rainbow Moon (PS4)
  • Anodyne (PS4)
  • Gal*Gun: Double Peace (PS4)
  • Danger Zone (PS4)

These titles join well over 600 other great games already available to PlayStation Now subscribers, ready to play today on PS4 or PC. To learn more about the service, check out the full game library or start a free trial, visit our PlayStation Now hub today.

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  • awesome month,great games.

  • Hot damn! Another Lego Game

  • Very good month. What would be helpful though is also a list of games that have been taken off the service, if any. Oh, and for the love of god please do something about the UI and search funcionality on PS Now, it’s a mess.

    • The UI needs a massive improvement ASAP. It’s almost as if they don’t care about PS Now yet they charge high prices.

    • It is really odd. They are clearly starting to try and push towards streaming etc but make no effort with PS Now at all. I would only ever pick it up for around the £55 mark like I did last year in Days of Play. I certainly wouldn’t pay £12.99 per month for it.

      I really like it, and the addition of new games is great, but what’s the point when I can’t search for them properly!! All it needs is something similar to the PS Now website where you have an A-Z breakdown of games and maybe a PS2, PS3 and PS4 section.

    • Days of play are again right around the corner…

    • @tomford50 Have you never actually opened the psnow app on your PS4? You do realise the front page is just a list of various collections and new updates…

      Look at the top. You have home, your games, all games and search. You can move between the tabs. You can save games to your favourites, so they goto the ‘your games’ section, or in ‘all games’ you can filter by genre, rating and organise them all in A-Z

      It’s not hard to use. What we really need is the USA layout. It’s similar but they have an option to just see downloadable games, for those who don’t want to stream.

  • Nice list, but still we are missing Ni no Kuni 1 here in EU. Would love to see it here aswell.

  • really want a reason to try ps now out but you keep adding really old games . shame

  • I’ve read, rather worryingly, on Reddit that all Metal Gear Solid Games have dropped off the UK PS Now. These were only added two months ago which, if true and not an error, is extremely underhand by Sony. It means I don’t really want to continue to sub to a service that can advertise new games and then in the blink of an eye remove them again. What if I really like Shadow of Mordor so buy a yearly sub off the back of it, only for it to be removed a month later. It’s not on if this news is true.

    If you are going to want people to sub to this service (at a hefty cost as well) you need to be more transparent not only with the games that you are adding but the ones you plan on removing as well. We need to know when, why and if they are coming back.

    • Whoever said that are lying.

      I’m looking at the service now. Metal Gear rising, Metal Gear 4,Metal Gear HD Collection, Metal Gear 5 and Metal Gear 5 ground zero, are all still on the service in the UK.

      The only 3 games that I know have been removed are Contrast and Enslaved (shortly after MS bought them) and Divinity.

      I don’t recall any others leaving the service recently. However, if a game is due to be removed, the service flags it up and tells you that it’ll be removed in X amount of days – or at least it used too. I’ve not seen it warn me in over a year.

  • What would be nice is if we could find out if Australia is ever going to get this service…

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