Introducing the PlayStation Pride range from PS Gear

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Introducing the PlayStation Pride range from PS Gear

Get Pride-ready while helping a great cause

Happy Pride Month! Every year, June sees the start of a month-long celebration of LGBTQ+ history and culture across the world, and we’re marking it with a brand new range of exclusive, limited edition PlayStation Pride items from PlayStation Gear.

PS GearPS Gear

You may have previously seen some of the range worn by PlayStation employees if you attended London, San Francisco or Tokyo Pride festivals in recent years, but for the first time, we are making these available to gamers.

The range will get you fully Pride Month-ready, but it will also help a great cause. The PlayStation Employee LGBTQ+ Group have partnered with akt, who support LGBTQ+ young people facing homelessness, to ensure all profits from the sales are donated to the charity.

PS GearPS Gear

Note that the range is currently only available to PS Gear customers in the UK.

The range is available now on PlayStation Gear, but is extremely limited, so move fast if you want to get your hands on it.

PS Gear

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1 Author Reply

  • Why post this on the ***EU*** blog if it’s UK only? You know, that country that decided they don’t want to be in the EU anymore? Hello??

    Edit: I legitimately got excited at the title, but it was nice clickbait I guess.

    • Because the UK is still in the EU maybe? Also there is no UK blog (at the moment) so deal with it.

    • The EU in this instance stands for “Europe”, not the European Union…

      Hence why Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey etc come under “EU”.

    • I think (maybe) it’s because the charity this is for is based there?

    • The UK is part of Europe. Always has been, always will be. What it WON’T be is part of the European Union, which is nothing to do with Europe as a continent. How is that hard to understand?

      You actually thought the Playstation EU blog was something to do with the European Union?….puts head in hands…

    • They just seem dissapointed of not being able to buy these. I think that’s understandeable, so that’s probably what caused this post (which I do agree is somewhat uninformed). Also, this isn’t an EU blog anyway (even though it says it is) as there are countries from Africa, Oceania and the Middle East on here as well. It’s a “everything that’s not the America’s or Asia” blog.

      It’s just weird that this gear is UK only if they say it’s to ALL the players. That’s not very inclusive at all.

  • nukualofaperson

    EU in this case stands for Europe, I guess. No matter what happens, the UK won’t leave the continent.

  • Cool but if it’s for charity why is it extremely limited? Shouldn’t you have as many for sale as you possibly can? Shirts, mugs and badges aren’t exactly expensive to produce.

  • SHAKEYshooter123


  • Stop trying to profit from my orientation.

    • It’s like what “pinkwashing” is to breast cancer. I guess that makes this “rainbow-washing”. I find the idea of buying a t-shirt advertising someone else’s brand to be tacky in and of itself anyway. Like, you’re paying THEM to be a walking billboard.

    • We’re not actually profiting from this – you can see in the blog that it states all profits are going to akt.

      If you follow the link through to the PS Gear site, you can see how much per sale goes to the charity for each individual item too.

    • I was not sure if I should write this comment or not. But wow, an official answer here on the Playstation blog is rarer than a polar bear at the South Pole. So psst, I’m already quiet again, I do not want to scare you away.

    • @Barrow30 I also don:t post often but like you I am amazed at getting a reply to a post.

      @maxdiehard I expected a reply from you and am disappointed that you went for the negative attitude rather than the positive. You are trying reinforce the attitude that corporations can’t be gender neutral and Eric’s reply show’s that they are not trying to make money from this promotion. OBTW I am “straight” but have had lots and lots of friend of both sexes who are not and love them for who they are and most definitely not their gender “preference” or “orientation” I hate both those terms because they are who they are through and nothing else (and as for before you ask or accuser you I see a fellow gamer and nothing more).

      @Barrow30 So Sony decided to make money for a good cause and automatically they are evil. Surely it would be easier for them to avoid this by not partnering with a charity like akt rather than face criticism from people. I would rather see the positive in this gesture than the negative, Yes I see that there is some positive spin for Sony but ultimately a charity gets an injection of cash and that can only be a good thing.

  • Good answer!

    Also, an answer from a PS employee…that was a long time ago!

  • Clicked on this expecting to have to wade through pages of troll comments from the worst kind of people. It’s still early days, but well done so far everyone.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      yup, this page has had a bit of a cleanup. There were a couple comments that were very ‘trollish’ and depressingly had quite a few likes. :/

  • Could we please soon get the gear store to more EU countries? Any update on this would be nice, thanks :)

  • Not a fan of the word all added to the slogan, it’s like implying that when you said before it was for the players it was exclusive of the LGBT community and now it’s for all the players, love the fact you are working to a good cause it’s just I would like to think it was always for all the players. Still tho great job and hope ya raise a good amount for the charity involved ❤❤❤

    • I find it strange to say to “All” the players and then limit these to one country only. That’s not all the players at all (it’s actually less inclusive than they normally are). It should have been “For All The Players, If you are in the UK, the rest can get lost”. While I am personally not interested in these as I am not part of the LGBTQ+ community, I do think it’s a good cause, so I hope it does well. It’s just a bit weird saying you include everybody and then limit it to one country.

      I hope they do understand that there are LGBTQ+ members in all countries? And if they do, I hope they think they matter as well.

  • Why is it not available in Russia? :( :( :(

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