Dreams Early Access update adds new features, games and optimisations

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Dreams Early Access update adds new features, games and optimisations

Plus, more regular updates planned for the weeks and months ahead

On Thursday, June 6th we’ll be releasing our first Early Access patch to Dreams.”What’s new?” you might ask…Well, just that! We’ve added a “What’s New” feature to the main Dreamiverse menu, so you can see new Mm content as it’s added.

For this update, you’ll find the “Ancient Times” art kit with its adorable new characters and everything you need to craft a gorgeous scene. We’ll also start a Community Jam called “Ancient Times” on 11th June so you’ll have the perfect excuse to try out these new assets.

We’ll also be adding two games into the Mm Arcade – Combo Crush, a coin collecting frenzy that you can remix and make your own, and fan-favourite Comic Sands, created by four Mm jammers on a train during Train Jam 2018. You’ll also find new multi-part imp quests to reward your creativity with some cute new imps.


Of course, we’ve also been hard at work polishing up the Dreamiverse while addressing your feedback and bug reporting. This patch adds in more options for AutoSurf and cover pages as well as the ability to block other users, list or un-list creations from search, replay the intro levels in the Mm Showcase and customise the time before prompts appear.

There are also a host of other smaller improvements and bug fixes included and the full patch notes will be available on indream.me! so you can take in every last detail.

Oh, and one more thing. We recognise that in a living, evolving game like Dreams that waiting a whole month for updates can feel like forever. So, from now on, we’ll be updating Dreams more frequently with little changes and tweaks in-between our major content drops. You’ll see what we mean this month as we make some improvements to sorting, discover-ability and more.

Happy dreaming!

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  • I’ve been happily creating on Dreams for a while now, but fractured my wrist last week, unable to play properly.

    It’s painful waiting until i’m healed so I can get back to it, but waiting eagerly for VR.

  • This is great. But release date would be nicer :-D Then editor feels complete, finished and polished (based on feedback there are some bugs in rare cases, but nothing serious that could not be patched in the full version). And considering how long ago you shown the campaing, I guess it should be also finished by now?

    So what are we waiting for exactly? :-D

  • Hmm, maybe I should get this now? I’m contemplating with it for a while now.

  • You won’t regret it

  • Please can we have an update so we don’t have to use motion control. It’s really annoying. Also, I fear a bit for Dreams to be honest. Everyone is trying really hard to promote it etc, but I rarely see much engagement in comments etc. I’m just not sure people are that interested. I hope I’m wrong.

    • I think most gamers just aren’t that into creating their own stuff. They’re likely so devoid of imagination they don’t even want to play fresh new content and just want the next Call of Duty or Fifa instead. There is certainly a market of sorts for this kind of product but it’s never gonna appeal to the masses like those sorts of games and that sucks really.

    • The beauty of dreams is if they want the next call of duty or FIFA but can’t wait for the next instalment they can just make it themselves or let someone else with the skills and imagination do it for them.


      Lets not overestimate the engine :-D Im not sure how much you tried to build inside of the game. But although saing “you can do enything” it very close to the truth in theory, there are strict limitations on how much you can place inside once scene (thermometers). So you can create almost anything, but you can not place much of these “anythings” into one level at once. Making creations of some games almost impossible.

      For example I really can not imagine how would you create Call of duty? I can imagine creating the nice fps enviromnent. I can imagine creating nice FPS gun handling and hit calculations. I can imagine creating several enemies. I can imagine creating AI and pathfinding.I can imagine creating the basic ingame rules (ammo handling, health namagement. Even inventory and rpg elements). I can imagine creating cutscenes, voiceovers and ingame scripts to tell the story.

      But I can not imagine taking these elements and placing them into once scene to create final level. Because your thermo would skyrocket to 2500%

    • They have said a no motion control option is being added

  • YYYYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When will we be able to co-op create


  • Прекраснейший конструктор, спасибо Молекулы, вы вновь доказываете миру, что можно ещё этот мир удивить, и у вас получается это доказать. Так держать!)

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