Get your first look at Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled’s PlayStation exclusive track

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Get your first look at Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled’s PlayStation exclusive track

Beenox takes you on a tour of Retro Stadium as well as the remastered spin on Dragon Mines

Today’s I’m happy to give you guys a little more of a deep-dive to one of our favourite remastered tracks from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, Dragon Mines, as well as the PlayStation-exclusive track, Retro Stadium

Breathing fire into Dragon Mines

At Beenox, Dragon Mines has turned out to be one of our favourite tracks in CTR Nitro-Fueled, because we feel it really exemplifies the injection of personality that we’ve tried to put into every facet of the game. Back in the original CTR, Dragon Mines was a fun track from beginning to end, with awesome details of being down in the caves, minecarts whizzing by you, the beautiful glow of the subterranean lake, the giant gears making the whole operation run – – racing in this track really enveloped you in the setting.


Yet, with ’90s-era technology, a lot of the heavy lifting had to be done with your own imagination. The pieces were there to help inspire this, but it was really your mind taking the relatively limited detail and creating a beautiful and immersive landscape out of it.

With the tools at our disposal today, we don’t have to rely on imagination, alone, to fill in the gaps.

Like all of the other tracks In CTR Nitro-Fueled, we have tried to give Dragon Mines an incredible level of detail and life that will envelop you like it never has before. Aside from the graphical updates and the art direction that went into the 2019 version of the track, a huge part of this process was giving a story to the track.

This is something we’ve done with a lot of the tracks for the game – – providing context to the detail that we have added. For Dragon Mines, the original track didn’t actually have any dragons in it (although it gets its name from being Komodo Joe’s home track). For CTR Nitro-Fueled, we felt it would be fun to bring that element into it.

The track’s story is simple: a group of miners have discovered an aging dragon’s treasure deep under the earth and have now built an entire community to harvest the treasure out. Creating this story gave us the direction to start animating a ton of fun details into the track, like miners working to the beat of the music, mischievous rats getting into trouble, and even a slumbering dragon, sitting on what’s left of his treasure, trying to breathe fire on the racers as they pass by (but unfortunately, only mustering a feeble puff of smoke before he loses interest and goes back to sleep).

A miner desperately reaches for a stubborn bat at the starting gate. Another tries to engage in a (literal) game of whack-a-mole while being mocked by a family of them. A whole underground town bustles as the workday goes on.



Going old school for PS4 players

Now, switching gears entirely, I’m excited to talk to you about another track in the game which is on the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of modern-day detail – – Retro Stadium.

Fully revealed today, this track rounds out the set of retro content offered exclusively to PS4 players of the game. Together with the retro skins for Crash, Coco, and Cortex, and their retro karts, this bonus track brings you back to the days of low-polygons and minimal-pixel textures!

The track is based off the original Turbo Track in CTR, and to create it our team had a lot of fun reversing the mindset we were taking with all the other tracks in the game.

While we’ve been spending most of our time seeing how we can bring the original tracks from CTR and CNK into the next stratosphere in terms of graphics and detail, with Retro Stadium we turned off the texture filtering in the level, scaled back details with a “less is more” mindset, and embraced the pixelated look of video games of the late ’90s.

With the high-fidelity qualities that we’ve been putting into all the other tracks in CTR Nitro-Fueled, we felt it would be fun to offer PlayStation players a way to step into the past with this track if they wanted to.

In addition to this, we really did want to make this track an homage to the PS1, and the history of the Crash franchise on the PlayStation platform.

The platform and the franchise essentially got their start together and have both created a ton of great memories for me, for all of us at Beenox, and for millions of players across the world. This track is a way to hearken back to the early days of these two gaming icons, and it is simply fun to be able to think back to when graphics like these were blowing you away!

With Dragon Mines and Retro Stadium, we have highlighted two tracks that are polar opposites in terms of graphics and detail, but both of which we have tried to pack with the spirit and fun that CTR Nitro-Fueled is all about. We can’t wait for PlayStation players to try them both out on 21st June!

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  • Booooo to exclusive content! Booooo! It only hurts the game.

    • Agreed. I was considering buying this for my Switch but knowing that there is less content now makes me not want it straight away.

    • I am on the same boat when it comes to exclusive content in multiplatform games. However, I just can not imagine having a track with all those Playstation symbols running on a Switch for example. That would not fly well there :P

    • Boo, this was originally a PlayStation only game, it’s good to pay tribute to the home console so stop whining and get over yourself.

      Next you’ll be complaining that the Mario Minecraft DLC should have come to PlayStation too.

    • mschulze01010101

      they could’ve easily replaced the PS logo with switch or xbox logos…

  • I know no staff people will likely read this ever, but can someone fix the PS web store?

    Since the new layout has come about there’s no direct links to code redemption (though you can still do that through account management), store selection or other features . Worse of all there’s no links to the download queue or download list. It’s also disallowed downloads for all consoles as they “aren’t activated” when according to the account it is, and has been for years.

    You should probably just revert it back to how it was before.

    • Sounds weird, I still see all that in the webstore :O

    • You are most likely on a bad/outdated browser. Redeem codes, Store selection, download queue and download list are all available for me.

    • It’s not the browser, I checked on different computers/phones/different up to date browsers/cache reset and they’re all the “new” store now.

      The “new” store was launched a month ago or so, then it was quickly reverted back to the “old” store, and now the “new” store is back again since yesterday. If you do a cache reset, you’ll probably get the new terrible store layout too.

      The “new” store is the one with the white menu section at the top and links to the stuff. The old one is all blue.

    • Literally all you have to do on the white layout is click on your PSN avatar at the top, literally every option you asked about is there.

    • Yes, we worked that out.

      But it really makes zero no sense as a UI thing. Why would someone randomly click their avatar?

    • Sounds like complaining for the sake of complaining.

  • Seeing the love taken in to the tracks for CTR makes me happy

  • Never really into this because of Mariokart, which I feel is better in every aspect.

    I remember it could’ve profited from some more kart variation.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      nah, i always felt Crash Team Racing was better in every single way. Which is odd cos at the time I didn’t really care for Crash. I had played the first game but didn’t get into it and found the character annoying but me and my friends played a lot of Mario Kart 64 and eventually I felt like renting CTR cos had heard good things about it and wanted to see how the PS1 could measure up in that genre and I fell in love with the game and from that point on found it hard to go back to Mario Kart 64. :P

    • I have to agree with Carnivius here… I don’t see in what area Mario Kart is better actually. Don’t get me wrong: I love playing Mario Kart on the Switch with my kids, but I won’t play it other than that. I never got why they didn’t add a story mode to Mario Kart (although Mario games usually don’t excel in that area anyway). Mario Kart might have been slightly better gameplay wise at that time, but the difference was so slim that I’d take a new CTR (even if it’s a remaster) over Mario Kart 10/10 times.

    • Nahh MK controls and general gameplay are much tighter. There is a reason why CTR never took off.

  • Change browser. I use Chrome, and everything is there as always.

    • I used Chrome too. It’s still missing the old stuff and still has the white section with useless links at the top. Press ctrl F5 and it should update.

      Think about it. It’s unlikely they made a whole new store layout with new stuff just for me.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      I use Firefox and haven’t had any issues with the web store so don’t think it’s a browser issue.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      oops never mind. Now it’s a huge white section at top for me too. Everything in it appears to work ok though. It just looks ugly. I can live with ugly. With a face like mine I’ve had to learn how.

    • So the stuff is still there. Just hidden in a bizarre place.

      To get to the old stuff which was in big obvious place before, you have to open the hidden menu by clicking your avatar. I’m not sure what would make people want to randomly click their avatar to view a store menu, but website design is often nonsensical.

      The consoles seem to have “reactivated” themselves once again, which is good.

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