Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches on PS4 25th October

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches on PS4 25th October

Modern Warfare has returned and deploys 25th October. Prepare to go dark.

Developed by Infinity Ward and scheduled for global release on PlayStation 4 on Friday, 25th October, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a powerful, reimagined experience and all-new title, built from the ground up. Take on the role of highly-skilled Tier One operators in an exceptionally raw and gritty narrative affecting the global balance of power.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Modern Warfare


A Visceral and Heart-Pounding Campaign

What can PlayStation 4 players expect from the Campaign mode? The new Modern Warfare ratchets up the intensity with an emotionally-charged and thought-provoking single-player experience. Edgy, culturally relevant, and shining a light on the changing nature of modern war, players will fight alongside a diverse cast of international special forces and freedom fighters. You’re working within the grey area of the rules of engagement, whether you’re venturing through Europe or trekking into the expanses of the Middle East, expect a number of heart-pounding operations. These operations include long-range combat with a reliance on tactical decision-making, close-quarter, and stealth missions.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Modern Warfare


A Unified Narrative Experience

Continuing beyond the edge-of-your-seat single-player campaign, prepare for a unified narrative experience and progression across all elements of the game, whether that’s single-player, online multiplayer, or co-operative experiences.

Additional Intel: Don’t Be Kept in the Dark

Be sure to check both here, and the Activision Games Blog in the coming days and weeks for the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare announcements and content.

Pre-orders at participating retailers are available now, and at .

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  • Definitely going to play this

  • already better than bo4

  • “We get dirty, and the world stays clean”

  • I thought we already got a remaster for this, didn’t we? Or is this not cod4?

    • This is MW 4. Not another remaster.

    • Actually it’s not quite MW4. It’s a reboot, similar to what tomb raider did last gen. The story won’t continue from MW3. But it’s not a remaster of any of the MW games either.

    • It’ll be more of a reboot or addition to MW1 or along the same time frame

  • Great that this one have a campaign, and i hope it’s public 4 player co-op like BLOPS 3.

  • My daughter bought the wrong console. Hoping I’ll be able to get shot by her anyway as cross play is being mentioned in various places e.g. @charlieINTEL on Twitter. Fantastic job by all involved if you’ve managed to include this.

  • Well, since you can no longer trust the video games industry these days, I’ll wait and see what rip off Activision is going to pull off again. But maybe they prove me wrong, but I STRONGLY doubt it.

  • Am I the only one who’s getting fed up with this recent trend in just stupidly naming games the exact same name as previous in the series? Tomb Raider, God Of War, now this. Why not just call it Modern Warfare 4? Now we have three different games:

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (which is actually Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4)

    Then we have stuff like Battlefield One, Xbox One. Its just getting stupid.

    • In this case im pretty much sure it is desperate attempt of milked dry franchise resurrection

    • I guess they want to make it sound like a reboot, rather than a sequel in a rather tired, stale series. Probably why they use phrases like “reimagined experience” (when i’m assuming it’s going to be 95% the same). The whole industry is like this now because no one wants to take any risks with millions and millions riding on it they go for safety and mundanity.

      Kind of wish there would be more new, new games. Companies like sequels and reboots because they’re more commercially safe, but this generation has been really lacking in interesting new characters and settings.

      Hoping for more next generation.

    • No, it’s ridiculous. It’s like at this point, the series is so milked out they can’t even be bothered trying to find new titles anymore… All that much the easier, and they can doubly rely on brand awareness since this was the only really decent game in the series. It’s all very much in compliance with their copy-and-paste mentality.

  • Since this is no longer the Infinity Ward consisting of Zampella, West and co., I have zero interest in this despite it being based off of my favorite one in the series. Treyarch is the better developer of the two now. But I just miss the tight and responsive controls that the original IW provided with COD4 and MW2, and after that they all went full copy-and-paste in terms of pretty much anything from map to weapon design. Respawn got punished for wanting to change this series for the better and since then it’s been a pale, empty comparison to what the series once was. As easy as it is to hate on now, I really did love this series at one point in time…

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