Sonic Mania and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection are your PS Plus games for June

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Sonic Mania and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection are your PS Plus games for June

Revisit Gearbox’s hit FPS series, or indulge in some vintage platforming action

June’s monthly games for PlayStation Plus, available to download from Tuesday 4th June, offer a heady mix of high-speed retro platforming and over-the-top shoot ‘n’ loot FPS action.

Let’s take a closer look at the two games on offer.

Sonic Mania

The blue blur returned in style in 2017 with this lovingly crafted throwback to the Sega icon’s 2D side-scrolling roots, tailor-made to put an ear-to-ear grin on the faces of the Sonic faithful.

You know the drill: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles face off against their old nemesis, Dr Eggman, across a mix of brand new zones and re-imagined classics. Expect lightning-fast left-to-right platforming thrills, countless collectibles, hidden areas, and both competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes for two players.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Getting excited for the freshly announced Borderlands 3? Now’s the time to revisit Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and get up-to-speed with Gearbox’s fan-favourite loot-focussed FPS series.

Not only does The Handsome Collection include all DLC for both titles, enhanced local multiplayer and remastered visuals, but if you played either title on PS3 your game save will carry over so you can pick up where you left off (see here for more detail on this feature).

While you’re waiting for those to drop, you’ve still got a few days left to download May’s line-up: award-winning narrative adventure What Remains of Edith Finch and madcap couch co-op hit Overcooked!. Both titles will be available until 3rd June.

Let us know how you get on with June’s games over on Twitter and Facebook!

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  • This is going to be a great month!

  • I have been on the fence with Borderlands so this great. I have Sonic Mania but it’s a great month.

  • Yessss well happy with this month

    • Meh… it’s not all that great imo

    • @BBbossness

      What would make a good month in your eyes?

      There’s a HUGE amount of AAA content in the Borderlands collection, then Sonic goes back to classic roots. What’s not to love?

    • Don’t forget that Borderlands fans completed these games on last gen consoles.

      So not much to love for Borderland fans this month.

  • pretty mediocre month again. Although they are great games, I would estimate over 80% of PSN users have borderlands

    • Really? You’d estimate 80% of people who own a PlayStation and buy games digitally own Borderlands? I mean… OK… I’m sure Gearbox would have retired to the Bahamas if that was the case. An absurd statement to make!

    • Over 80% of PSN users have Borderlands? An absurd assumption indeed.

    • yeah borderlands has been as low as 5.99 i think at somepoint, which is when i picked it up, but consistently been on sale, keen to play sonic though, certainly a lot lbetter than last months effort..

    • That would mean BL would have outsold GTA V.

    • It wasn’t a literal comment with 80%. I was implying with the amount of times it has gone on sale, anyone who was interested would already have it. Its always dirt cheap

    • Yeah, you could say that with any game though. The point of PS+ games for me, is that they’re games I probably wouldn’t have bought, but I’ll try them and sometimes end up loving them.

    • but the difference being this was released years ago. I remember the days we would get games that were new out, like Rocket League. Now we just get old things which we;ve had the opportunity to buy already cheap

    • Fair point. Sonic is pretty new, though.

    • Games being free on launch like Rocket League were an exception though. If that happened more often, many people wouldn’t buy new games in fear of it being on PS Plus a few days later.

      Also, Rocket League then, wasn’t as big as it is now. DLC and Lootboxes also helped them give it away for free.

      But really, most games get quite cheap over time. Doesn’t mean everyone owns it.

      Think of it this way: There’s people that only try it because they get lt on PS+ and end up liking it.

      There’s also people that owned it for PS3 and don’t want to re-buy it to play it on PS4.

      Those people alone justify putting it up for Plus.

      Just because you personally don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s a bad month nor the games have no value.

      A lot of people complain if there’s a indie, sports or CoD-like game in the line-up. Now it’s none of those, so that should make it a good line-up to many people.

    • 80% lol .. first of all, most ppl alredy had the game in PS3(not to mention it was alredy offered in PS Plus before)

      2nd if they had sold that much, they wouldn’t had been in the RED due to other titles like the famous fiasco aka “Battle Born”.

    • Well I don’t! I have Sonic Mania though.

  • You know what, first month in ages I’ve been quite pleased. Not a huge Sonic fan but wouldn’t mind trying that out, and wouldn’t mind revisiting Borderlands. Two games I’d have never paid for but would happily give a go. Not a bad month, really.

    • At least you admitted unlike the many missing people here today that usually never miss the PS Plus Monthly games post religiously lol.

  • We_Are-The_Dogs

    sonic mania is great, bought it a few months ago and play it between games. been hoping for borderlands as i rinsed BL2 on ps3 and didn’t want to pay to go again but i think i will now, especially with the pre sequel which i barely touched. getting prepared for BL3

  • Even I got both games they are excellent titles to go out.

  • Well, that’s certainly better than last month I guess! Not enough to tempt me back I don’t think, but decent enough.

  • Oh no i just bought the handsome collection a while ago and now its free

    I’ve e got some luck :p

  • Guessing this doesn’t include Borderlands VR?

  • ihadalifeb4this

    “Let us know how you get on with June’s game over on Twitter and Facebook!”

    Why Sony? So you can ignore me there too?

    • Last month we’ve gave them feedback and look at it now. Way better

      So they are definitely listening even though they are not directly replying to comments/tweets

  • Another disappointing month. A 4 year old PS3 remaster and a old ‘classic’ which only gets people excited for nostalgia.

    • No there not better than last months games

    • Yeah its definitely better than last month, but overall its still a bad lineup imo. Borderlands is a 4 year old ps3 remaster, its always on sale for dirt cheap, I’m not sure why people think this is a good month.

    • Which games would you have wanted?

    • I don’t have anything specific that I want. It’s just that Borderlands isn’t really a game that I’d enjoy. Not a fan of the cartoonish visuals. But I’ll have to check it out to see what the game is about and what the gameplay is like. That being said though, it’s a 4 year old PS3 remaster, so it isn’t something that I’d get excited for anyway. As for sonic mania, I genuinely believe people are just pleased about that simply because of nostalgia.

    • Sonic Mania is not just for nostalgia, it’s a really good game in its own right.

  • my friend bought borderlands and wanted me to buy it too , thanks sony

  • Better than last month i guess.

    • That’s the thing, this month only seems ok because the last few have been complete trash.

      It’s still a rental of a PS3 port that’s on sale for 3.99 constantly, and a 2d platformer.

      You could almost buy both of these for the cost of a monthly sub.

  • sonic mania is a good addition as for borderlands i bought for £4 in a sale last year over all decent month.

  • Better month and might get

    ff7 remake demo as a bonus

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Oh cool. Sonic Mania is on my wishlist I just never liked Sonic enough to want to buy it so free is good. I don’t really care for Borderlands but I know plenty folk will like that.

    come to think of it I HAVE bought Sonic Mania before. As a gift for a friend who loves Sonic back when Mania came out. So they got my money anyways. :P

  • Beginning off topic I random my Rage 2 dlc on PS4 Store they work but there was no download button and lost dlcs . So has this happened anymore got the game because I’m upset and ya company are criminals.?

    • not all dlc is download some are automatically activated in game.

    • yes I got codes for it and didn’t download when active it . I think ring playstation support tomorrow see what can do

    • Some DLC for games are already included in the game data, so there’s no need to download, it’s already there.

      Hover over the game in the main menu, scroll down to the game page and at the bottom left there’s a [PlayStation Store] section.

      Enter that and on the right there will be an option with [Add-Ons]. Go in there and it will tell you if DLC is already installed or give you an option to download it.

      You’re welcome.

    • Start the game and once you drive outside you should get a message about dlc… Drive a good way away from base down the road and a rock will crash to earth and inside is bfg gun and mission of the death god is unlocked after 2 or 3 main mission which gives you suit and gun

      The other dlc packs do not have to be unlocked but using the wizard codes will lock trophys as they are seen as cheat codes.

      Message me and I will send you a screenshot of what you should see

    • How did you people even know what he meant with the post? It isn’t in English.

  • You have won my trust back! for now…

  • Meh, have both. Lol only joking. But seriously, where are the usual people that moan about the PS Plus Monthly games post? They can’t even stop by to say “Great”???

    • I’m here. I personally think this is a very disappointing lineup in my opinion.

    • I never had a Sega console, so I never got into Sonic. I have played the Lego Dimensions Sonic DLC and it was boring af…

      About Borderlands… Well, the only shooter I am playing is FarCry. Also not a fan of mutants or whatever…

      Crappy month for me…

      Hope you are happy now. :)

  • Looking forward to trying out Sonic Mania!

  • Great month but too bad that I played all of the Borderlands games and their DLCs on PS3 :) Hopefully there is still Sonic Mania for me.

  • Alright that’s decent. I already have Borderlands BUT it is an excellent offering, and I’m pleased with Sonic Mania.

  • This is the sort of offering that will tempt me back Sony. Shame I own Sonic Mania and have no desire to revisit Borderlands, so will not be renewing this month. Do keep it up though.

  • JohnAnnihilation

    To say this is an improvement over this month would be an understatement

  • Finally a great month again. Considered getting Sonic Mania last time it was on sale, so that’s lucky for me.

  • It’s Dr Robotnik. Stop with that Eggman rubbish.

  • Hyped for Borderlands, havent bought that yet. Got Sonic Mania on disc cause it got a great cover :)

  • Sweet, I get to play the Pre-Sequel, since I already played Borderlands 2 when it was given for PS3.

  • That’s a bit more like it! Really chuffed about Sonic Mania. Love Borderlands too but I already own that and I’m playing it at the moment, but at least now I’ll be able to take the damn disc out ?

  • Blimey, a vast improvement! But then. oh wait it’s E3 isn’t it. Of course it’ll be stronger this coming month. Regardless, a serious return to form, even if only fleetingly.

    Shame I already own both. It’s not time to resubscribe yet.

  • A side scroller and a game I own already here and on Xbox 360. Atrocious. I look forward to horse racing simulator next month…

  • I ain’t mad.

  • citoyen-europeen

    Amazing Sony! Thank you.

  • Dear Sony, can I please cancel my PS Plus subscription and get the remainder of the months as store credit.

    We already got the Borderlands games on PS3 (Borderlands 1: 16 August 2012 and Borderlands 2: 24 December 2013). I don’t want to get them again.

  • Thx sony good games finally love sonic back when i was a kid and borderlands something i always wannna to try but never got a round too

  • I can’t believe it, it’s a fine game on PS+

  • Will give sonic a go but will give borderlands a miss. I have already a stack of FPS shooters from ps plus I’ve barely touched in my backlog. 2TB storage filling up quickly.

    • I haven’t used my PS4 much since 2018, because i’m tired of deleting games all the time on PS4 (2.5TB).

      Sony refuse to add support for 2 USB HDD’s to get on par with last gen consoles like Wii U and 360.

      Xbox One supports 3 external HDD’s at the same time with games.

      I have 6.5 TB on my Xbox One X, but supports 24.TB in USB.

  • I bought the Handsome Jack Collection years ago when it came with a Claptrap robot. I bought it solely for the Claptrap.

    I’m guessing plus is going back to the old days when games offered were based on upcoming releases (Borderlands 3). The increase of plus sub minus PS3 and Vita games is still a sore point. I have to decide if £49.99 sub gives me more discounts on games I buy from PSN than the £49.99 sub.

  • TheLastLemming2

    Gold games are discounted 1-2 months before they’re free, smart on Sony’s part.

  • CrimsonMarkasaur

    A 7 year old ps3 remake and a sonic game.. oh joy. Borderlands3 looks like sh t. Pitchford and gearbox can go suck a di k. Not even adding that pile of trashes game to my queue.

  • Completely turned off by all of this content. One month for Sony to up the stakes or I won’t be renewing…

  • Will get that Sonic mania no issues on June 4 so I say a polite thank you as I have no issues with having a platform game on my PS4

  • This game is very cheap and it’s only for kids, so bad period from Sony, in last year in this period give to us great titles. Now they throw us, soon will stop give us free game same what they do for PS3 and Vita. Soon we will pay subscriptions for play online games, and not got any free games. Every month give us more more worst rating games. No more exclusive titles,now only cheap titles for 7years old kids. If sony not give to us titles what we deserve, they will lost all members. Until Sony not change politics I not will renew subscriptions.

  • I already have The Handsome Collection but can say that this is a bit better than the last few months at least in quality.

    On the flip side, it’s hightime that remasters were stopped being offered having said that, especially now that PS5 has been announced. #conflicted

    • It’s just their way of still giving out PS3 titles.

      Since actual PS3 titles were dropped, we’ve gotten a PS3 port every 2 months, some of which were already on Plus in their PS3 versions. I guess that the PS5 means another opportunity to get the same PS3 game on Plus a third time.

    • It won’t stop there. Rumours says Spiderman, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn etc. is being ported to PS5 so Sony can charge full price again for old games like they usually do, and make less new games for that reason.

      Looking at how bad Sony handled PS4 vs the glory days of PS3, i can’t even imagine how bad PS5 will be.

      PS3 had by far better support from Sony than PS4 ever did.

    • That does seem a bit weird as a rumor, due to the other more confirmed rumor of full backwards compatibility with the PS4 (which makes sense as it uses basically the same hardware).

      They could possibly do an “enhanced” edition with 8k and some graphical upgrades for the PS5. However, i’m not sure how successful that would be when you could just play the cheaper base version with the “Pro” upgrades.

      If anything i’m hoping backwards compatibility puts an end to constantly porting not so old games so we get more new experiences.

  • Finally something worth of 60€ year sub.

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