DayZ hits PS4 today – what will you do to survive a zombie apocalypse?

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DayZ hits PS4 today – what will you do to survive a zombie apocalypse?

The multiplayer survival horror phenomenon arrives on PlayStation Store - find out more

Chernarus was once been a popular tourist destination. Now it’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland struck by an unknown epidemic – and you’re one of the survivors immune to the virus, desperately trying to make it through another day.

We’re excited to introduce you to the authentic open world of DayZ – available today on PlayStation 4 in our most complete release so far! Get a quick intro to the gloomy, post-apocalyptic country of Chernarus in our brand-new live action trailer:

What if the zombie apocalypse actually happened?

DayZ is a persistent, 60-player online survival game, but when you immerse yourself into Chernarus, everything immediately feels disturbingly real. The fear of other survivors, the growling sounds of the infected, and the looming danger of permadeath makes you behave like you were actually there, surviving the apocalypse.

To achieve this feeling, we based many of the stunning locations you see across Chernarus on real places (as seen in the live action trailer!), and the environment design closely follows the landscape of a small region in the heart of Europe. DayZ is as real as it gets.


No laws, or rules – it’s pure survival

When society falls, it brings out both the worst and the best of mankind. In DayZ, we give players the ways and means to demonstrate what we’re capable of as human beings when following our basic survival instinct. There are all the ugly things of course (have you been force-fed a disinfectant spray before?), but at the same time, DayZ players can forge true friendships, or restore your faith in humanity through random acts of kindness.


How far will you personally go to survive? Are you a hero, or a bandit? The choice is yours. We don’t hold your hand or give you any artificial goals or rules to follow. The game is your playground, an online social experiment with one ultimate consequence for making bad decisions: in DayZ, when you die, you die.

This is DayZ, this is your story

A way to survive is to get a couple of friends together and play DayZ as an adrenaline multiplayer shooter, killing every survivor before they have the chance to get the better of you. You’ll have loads of fun (and loot!) for sure, but doing this, you’re missing out on the best: interacting with strangers and experiencing unscripted moments as they naturally enfold.

So while we don’t force you into anything, here’s a piece of advice on how to play DayZ: put yourself out there and try to talk before you shoot! From direct voice chat to public address system loudspeakers, DayZ offers a variety of communication tools to let the situation play out.

Yes, you will probably die often, but then, it’ll all click together once or twice, leaving you with an epic story to tell. And exactly this is DayZ – it’s your survival story. Make it a good one!

See you in Chernarus, Survivors!

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  • Hi Tim, what a lovely surprise, didn’t know this was coming and is definitely my thing. Hope I have a server of decent people, but in this current climate I very much doubt it. Are there PvE servers available so I can keep away from the loons? Thanks again.

  • The price is just too high guys. A game like this cannot be over 30 dollar/pound.

    Pubg is a more polished game and that cost 30 from the start. And yet I dont think it have sold that many copies.

    • Though I do agree £40 for a game that first released on PC 5 years ago is a bit to much. PUBG is a battle royal game this is a survival game like Arc and Conan.

    • Well, Conan you can play alone, dont think you got this option here. Max 60 players on every server. So its got alot in common with pubg even if its not directly a br. But still , max 30 if they wanna sell copies :)

    • PUBG is a completely different game/experience in every way. There’s no obvious reason you’d use it as a comparison point. You want a game for £30 and free servers forever with free updates forever? That’s basically what’s happened with DayZ. They are giving the community updates and servers for nothing. This isn’t like Battlefield or most other games where DLC is crucial to continue playing on all servers … there’s no DLC. There’s no loot boxes. No expansions. This game is worth double what it costs. Because when you get into this game and understand how it works, you will have more fun on DayZ – yes, even with all the horrendous bugs, and there’s plenty for sure – than any other game. This is one of the worst bug filled games ever, yet it’s one of the most engaging, fun and value giving games I’ve ever bought. Two copies on PC, one on Xbox One X and I will be picking this up on PS4 Pro too. I cannot stand comparisons with crap like PUBG because those games are nothing like this one. Nothing is.

    • n1ght_runn3r_905

      You carry yourself as if your opinion is of any consequence In the grand scheme of things. Hubris. Nuff said.

  • gtr455677ujbvxz4

    It’s cheaper on Steam and even there the price is too high. I’ll keep an eye out for a sale but the current price is ridiculous.

  • “What will you do to survive?”

    Not buy or play it. That way i’m unkillable, bwahaha!

  • I’m extremely tempted to buy DayZ but it would be such a punch to the nose if I bought it at when it’s overpriced and then it goes on sale soon ?

    • It JUST released. It ain’t going into a sale any time immediately. But honestly, is £39.99 really that much? It’s less than most people spend on a single night out at the pub!!! lol. Well, people who have friends at least. £39.99 is just downright cheap.

  • This game needs some serious work. The frame rate is pretty poor and the pop up issue is so annoying that I wonder why has it been released in such a state. Tested on PS4 Pro.

    • Your comment and price tag have made me delay picking it up, but it does seem a great way to while away a summer without football

    • Yes, it is poor. And don’t expect it to get any better any soon. BUT … holy crap, I’ve been playing this on Xbox One X (from an SSD which makes a huge difference to the texture pop in) and on PC before that … and it’s worth every penny. The crazy amount of fun you’ll have when you team up with people and form friendships and build bases, loot stashes etc. It’s unlike any other game. Worth £39.99 all day long, bugs n’ all. Although yeh, I want them to fix those issues … lol

    • gtr455677ujbvxz4

      It’s always been buggy, speak to PC players. It’s unlikely they will ever be fixed, same issues for 5 years, that’s just DayZ. But as Scribbly mentions there’s a definately something about it.

  • Ye want to pick this one up and eat people lol. But at 40 smacaroonies idts if it drops to 20 im on it lol get us a day z discount on the go

  • Finally!!!

  • Please give me a refund

  • So odd that people are whinging about a measly 40 quid …. 40 quid is nothing.

    • gtr455677ujbvxz4

      Perhaps you should offer to buy a few copies for those less affluent than yourself. You don’t know what people earn.

      If anyone would like a copy, reply here and Scribbly may buy you one since £40 is nothing to him.

  • i cant find this on the uk playstation store?? can someone help ?

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