20 awesome things you need to try in Blood & Truth, out tomorrow on PS VR

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20 awesome things you need to try in Blood & Truth, out tomorrow on PS VR

London Studio shows off a few of the action-hero interactions included in its new blockbuster

It’s Blood & Truth launch week! After years of hard work, the team here at London Studio are thrilled to finally get our all-action PS VR blockbuster into your hands.

If you have seen our launch trailer, you will know “Be the action hero!” was our mantra in the design of Blood & Truth. I see it when I close my eyes at night!

The game puts the player at the very centre of an action movie where they are the hero. Alongside some incredible blockbuster moments, we also focussed on including some smaller touches to ensure that every moment feels as epic as possible.

Here are 20 moments in Blood & Truth that will make you feel like a true action hero:

  1. You can dual wield a weapon in either hand and fire them!
  2. Blood & Truth

  3. You can still grab ammo from your chest pouch and reload them, but for true heroics do it in slow-motion as you jump through a window or off a building.
  4. Blood & Truth

  5. Reloading normally is for chumps! How about throwing your magazine in the air and catching it in your gun?
  6. Blood & Truth

  7. Some weapons have extra interactions, which improve their performance. For example, put your hand over the hammer of the revolver to fan it and get a faster fire rate.
  8. Blood & Truth

  9. Flick shut the revolver and sawn-off after loading them so you can fire quicker.
  10. Blood & Truth

  11. Use your teeth to pull out grenade pins!
  12. Blood & Truth

  13. There is so much fun to be had with grenades! You can ‘bake’ a grenade by pulling the pin before you throw it to get a slightly shorter detonation time.
  14. Blood & Truth

  15. Roll grenades and bounce them off walls and they will detonate instantly if you hit your target.
  16. Blood & Truth

  17. For ultimate style points, catch an enemy grenade and throw it back at them! Even better, activate precision mode and shoot the grenade before it lands to take them out! Awesome!
  18. Blood & Truth

  19. You earn mods and gun skins by collecting Stars. These are awarded for mission scores, hitting hidden targets and finding collectables.
  20. Blood & Truth

  21. We have silencers, extended magazines, sights and laser pointers that you can attach to the weapons in your collection!
  22. Blood & Truth

  23. The gun skins are just for fun, but you can seriously show off by customising your pump-action shotgun in hot pink or your revolver in classy gold!
  24. Blood & Truth

  25. This deserves a special mention because nothing says action hero quite like the THUNK of a grenade launcher. Particularly when aimed at a 4×4 or attack helicopter. You’ll unlock the grenade launcher when you play through the missions, but you can also unlock a sub-barrel grenade launcher mod for the assault rifle and semi-automatic rifle. You can quickly switch between the gun’s normal fire mode and grenade launcher with the Triangle button.
  26. Blood & Truth

  27. If you just want to show off, hold down Triangle and flick your wrist to spin your gun on your trigger finger. Brilliant with a 9mm pistol, awesome with an SMG, totally off-the-scale with a pair of sawn-off shot guns!
  28. Blood & Truth

  29. There are so many things you can do in the middle of a gun fight. Try turning up the car radio whilst taking out an enemy’s tyre.
  30. Blood & Truth

  31. Stagger an enemy with successful rapid fire and watch them clutch onto their injured limbs. Activate precision mode and land a lethal kill shot.
  32. Blood & Truth

  33. Try out your music skills by cross fading and adding samples on the DJ decks in the casino!
  34. Blood & Truth

  35. Getting headshots in precision mode, will extend the time you are in it – so make sure you’re accurate!
  36. Flip the bird or give your best hand gestures as you put a bullet into a gas canister.
  37. Blood & Truth

  38. Knock down enemies in run ‘n’ gun sequences by driving your fist into their skulls, or for extra style, try pistol-whipping.
  39. Blood & Truth

These are just a few of the epic touches we’ve included in the game to make you feel like an action hero – there are plenty more to discover for yourself when you start playing. We can’t wait to see you create your own action hero moments when you get your hands on Blood & Truth, starting tomorrow.

We’re also happy to confirm today that we will be supporting the game with free DLC post-launch, such as online leaderboards, new time attack and score challenges, New Game+, and an additional Hard Mode for those of you who want to up the ante.

From the team here at London Studio, we hope you enjoy Blood & Truth!

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