A new look at Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4

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A new look at Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4

Watch the brand new trailer from State of Play, with more details due this June

Finally, the long awaited moment has come. Sorry to keep you all waiting! We hope you enjoyed the footage shown during the State of Play stream. It was quite short, but hopefully you enjoyed seeing Cloud and Aerith brought back to life with such realistic graphics.

And oh my god! Did you notice he was there too?

We are preparing to release more official information in June, but we wanted to try
something new here on State of Play by showing you this special trailer as a taste of
what’s to come.

Stay tuned for more updates about the Final Fantasy VII Remake in the future!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy VII RemakeFinal Fantasy VII Remake
Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy VII RemakeFinal Fantasy VII Remake

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  • Great to see more of FF7 today, but hopefully the news in June includes a release date. Also hopefully the news in June also lets us know that you’ve scrapped the plan to make it episodic.

    • Its not gonna be episodic aka telltale games. Its a missquote. They already gone out and described they meant several full-lenghts games, think FF XII.

  • You mean Aeris right?

    (by the way, any fool who says “but it’s totally the originul translation” (even though it isn’t) can go have Terra renamed Tina..)

    Still hoping they’ll drop the mindless bland FF XV style combat. Also the entire cast of voice actors (or at least let people play with the original dialog).

    • The real time combat is what has me interested.

      I hated the original because of turn based, just ruined it.

    • So you hated the original game, which is fine. There are plenty of 2 button action games out there for you to play. No reason to turn a game into a reskin of a generic 2 button action game.

      Problem with “action” RPGs is that they’re all easymode lame versions of proper action titles and end up boring. No tactics, no thinking and no challenge of any kind. Just mashing the action button over and over while your teammates carry you though every fight.

    • “they’re all easymode lame versions…” Have you heard dark souls?

    • Dark souls isn’t what we’re talking about. Things like Ni no Kuni II, FF XV and Kingdom hearts.

      If it was like Dark Souls and not a FF XV reskin, there would be much less of a problem.

    • I actually like “action” rpg’s like that and am NOT into dark souls and the likes. Sure, it’s easier and more superficial but it’s visually more appealing and personally I don’t like to spend minutes on end taking on simple footsoldiers for the added benefit of some strategy, I think that’s really boring… But I can definitely see your point of view, it’s kind of “visuals vs gameplay” and to each his/her own :)

    • Problem really is, that if I want to play an action game, i’ll play an action game, not an RPG pretending to be an action game. There’s piles and piles of 3rd person action games out there but barely any “proper” RPGs, so it would be nice to have that unique experience.

      I’m really into gameplay, but that’s why I want different experiences. I’m really into games like Nioh. However, if every game was a reskin of Nioh with more or less elements it would get boring really fast. What they’re basiclly doing with FF VII is turning it into a reskin of FF XV, which was a reskin of Kingdom Hearts, it’s so boring and stale.

    • Aerith is the correct translation, hence why they have corrected that in every appearance she has had since. Aeris was a mistranslation.

      Tina/Terra is a totally different matter. Tina is the correct translation, but Tina was chosen because it sounds exotic in Japan. In the west, Tina isn’t exotic, so they made the PURPOSEFUL choice to rebrand her as Terra in the west.

      Your comparison makes no sense, because the 1st was a mistake that was later corrected, the 2nd was a purposeful creative decision that has been kept in every western appearance of Terra since.

    • No “airwithhhhh” is not the “correct” translation, as it’s not remotely like the original Japanese but a weird transliteration that doesn’t match the original text name remotely. The “rith” thing was done by people who don’t understand how English works phonetically. If they had really, really wanted that, they could have changed the original Japanese phonetically to make it that, yet they didn’t.

      You just pointed out the reason why it’s the same. Like “Tina”, Aerithh sounds bad in English, like some weird lisp. Names are constantly changed to make them not sound stupid in English, so why is this a special case that has t be reverted to something it wasn’t really to begin with?

      The original translation that doesn’t sound gross and stupid makes sense for a western audience. Especially as it’s the one that anyone who played the original would be used to, not the “rith” name people who started with the (rather poorly translated and nonsensical) Crisis core would know. As it’s remake of FFVII, not Crisis core/the crappy film the original and better translation makes sense. It’s not even a debate. (oh and they didn’t “correct” it in any of the ports/rereleases, even the ones they “fixed translation issues” in, only the crappy film/some of the weird spin offs).

  • Notice the two green Materia in the Buster Sword.

  • DarkEnglishStorm

    Woo hoo baby yea can’t wait looking forward to the golden saucer materia hunting here we go again

  • One of the greatest games ever. It’ll all be down to the combat system though. That’s what I’m waiting for.

  • For many years FFVII was my favorite game of all time – it’s only been beaten relatively recently by the likes of Dark Souls and RDR2, but I remain cautiously optimistic about this remake. I’m hopeful!

  • Finally! Thank you – looks amazing!

  • Wow, so they actually did show this off once more? At this point I figured they iced it…

    Now I just hope they drop the ridiculous episodes idea and turn this into a single, proper AAA game…

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