Everybody’s Golf VR demo is available from today

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Everybody’s Golf VR demo is available from today

Check out our quick guide to the game's mechanics ahead of tee-off this week

The team here at Japan Studio is thrilled to announce that from today, PS VR owners can grab a free playable demo of Everybody’s Golf VR from PlayStation Store!

The demo lets you play in the full game’s practice area, as well as enjoying the scenery from the Forest Course’s teeing ground.


To help you get into the swing of things in the demo, we’d like to talk a little about the game’s all-new shot system. In Everybody’s Golf VR, the shot system is as simple as swinging the controller like a golf club. Though it’s simple enough for anyone to enjoy, it also has a lot of depth…

Everybody's Golf VR  

How to perfect your golf swing

Let’s start with a little practice in Practice Swing mode. If the afterimage of the club head is red, your swing wouldn’t have hit the ball.

If the afterimage of the club head is blue, you know your swing would have hit the ball.

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the swing in Practice Swing mode, switch to Address mode and take the shot for real! Switching to Address mode is as simple as pressing the Move button.

The speed at which you swing the golf club determines how far the ball will go, and the direction the club head is facing on impact changes the ball’s trajectory.

Everybody's Golf VREverybody's Golf VR

Swing data is computed using D-Plane theory, resulting in realistic trajectories similar to actual golf. As you improve, you’ll learn to control how much the ball curves left or right, the direction and angle at which you launch the ball, as well as its spin.

Once you’re comfortable with the controls, try making some amazing shots, the kind only a pro golfer could make!

We do hope you enjoy the game’s practice area in the demo and are looking forward to the game’s full release on 22nd May. Don’t forget, if you pre-order before then, you’ll get a load of digital extras at launch – including the charismatic Caddie Steve to help you perfect your game!

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  • I don’t have room to stand up or move around in front of my VR set up and some people literally can’t stand up and move around. Does the game feature a control system for me. Or is accessibility not a bother?

  • (Thank you at least for providing a demo.)

  • There’s an option for you. It’s called Dual Shock 4 :)

  • Looking forward to trying this out

  • Oh my god. This game is amazing. I liked quite a lot 2017 game although I’m not a golf fan and never played golf IRL. VR version of this game is simply amazing. Graphics are beautiful as they can get on PSVR, colors pop real nice but you really do wish for better resolution of PSVR when you look at your ball in distance after your 200+ yards drive. Gameplay is so smooth and using move controller (didn’t try to play with dualshock) as your golf club seems so natural yet it will require a lot of practice as even minor misdirection in your swing will result in hitting the rough with your drive or missing the hole with too much power with your putt. Interface is so intuitive and game seems so much fun. I think they knew what gem they made and that’s why they released free demo (almost never happens these days) to show their work to the world even if the demo is just practice range with little teaser of playing on real course. I haven’t been this amazed since Astro Bot and I think this game might even end up better than that. It’s free and must try for every PSVR and Move owner.

  • @QuietlyWrong you can play with DS4 or Move, in seating or standing position.

  • Hi Japan Studio , is this a full new game or do you pay for add on to the original everybodys golf? Or is it anothet freebee for having PSVR?

  • This is the first golf game I’m exited to play. Never thought I’d say that about Everybody’s Golf but I can’t wait.

  • Why, oh why, don’t they include a link to the product in the PS Store??

    How hard would that be??!

  • Poker_Eleven_Qc

    I just tried the vr version of the demo with ps move controller. It seem on the firing range everthings is ok. But then Ill tried the course demo who suppose to have 3 holes. And I just can’t put the ball on the tee. they said to push move button to adress the ball but when you did it a pop up menu ask me if I want to leave every times. Anyone got this issue?

  • Could also update the original game, though I think trying to resurrect it now would be futile. Game is more for less dead, and never stood a chance. How many people even knew it existed before it’s release, much less stayed with it afterwards.

  • For me the Ping Pong VR is more playable.

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