Free Days Gone DLC launches in June 2019

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Free Days Gone DLC launches in June 2019

This world keeps coming for you with weekly challenges and Survival difficulty mode

Days Gone is almost here! The team at Bend Studio can’t wait for players to test their luck against three difficulty modes that ship with the game on 26th April. Whether playing Easy, Normal, or Hard mode, you can expect a game that challenges your survival skills across a 30+ hour golden path and many more hours of open world hordes, ambush camps, infestation zones, mysterious NERO checkpoints, and dynamic events in the post-apocalyptic Oregon setting.

Not only does this world come for you, but starting in June 2019 a whole new difficulty mode and new challenges each week are coming for all Days Gone owners with an active internet connection — for free!

Survival difficulty mode tests players by daring them to beat the story with increased difficulty settings, no player perks like Fast Travel or survival vision, and an immersive HUD that removes maps and indicators from the gameplay screen. Every tweak and change made is designed to further immerse players and ratchet up the tension to make this the definitive survival experience.

Each week beginning in June, a new Bike, Horde, or Combat challenge will be deployed to test players even further. These challenges take key gameplay features of Days Gone, and twists them in unique ways to earn additional items and rewards. We’ll give you more information on the specific challenges down the road.

Beating the Survival difficulty and challenges won’t be in vain — players can earn new trophies and unique bike skins to show off in photo mode to prove they’re bonafide Days Gone survivors. Are you?

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  • Ironically I was edging towards buying Days Gone, but this weeks 60 minute open world gameplay videos and 1st hours story videos have turned me right off. Looks boring and just rehashing old gameplay like marking targets and taking them out. Wheres the Fun?

    • I always just watch one trailer of a game Im hyped for, so I dont get tired of it. So I havent seen anything more than the first trailer and are really hyped :)

    • If that was the first video (I saw) with the endless horde, well that looked well good (some claimed it was bugged). but sadly it seems like a red herring and 90+% of the actual gameplay is not like that at all. It reeks of another NMS / SONY ‘over hype’, false misrepresentation of actual gameplay trailer all over again. Glad I never pre ordered on the basis of the trailers and waited for real final gameplay footage.

    • Days Gone is trash since they’ve announced it. It will be a 5 or 6 out of 10 which is unacceptable as a Sony exclusive game. I’am just patiently waiting for the Last of Us 2. It will be much better.

    • What you described sounds like plenty of fun and still only one tiny detail, like that is what you will be doing 99% of the time in this game lol.

      @bedzso-0124 Why is it unaccpetable by Sony standards? After The Last of Us, does that make every other game in existence thrash by your bizarre logic?

    • Why take the worse bits from Uncharted 4 and Legacy then add Crafting, Sneaking and Looting

      Why not just make it full-on Freakers? action? Like the Horde bits…

    • @bedzso-01 I just looked into your psn id… You don’t even play video games on PS4… You didn’t even play Sony exclusives, based on your ID. You have no knowledge to even talking about it… just throwing irrelevant words with no logic whatsoever.

    • @LootParadise: Hey! ?️ This is my account where I buy games/dlc-s. Check out my other account on PSN Profiles or on PSN: SectionHUN

      See ya! ?

      @andrewsqual: I got used to some kind of quality from Sony. All of their exclusives were above 7 or 8 points if I am not mistaken. (Masterpiece Knack doesn’t count) I want this game to be good, but what i’ve seen so far, it is not that good. Just another boring zombie game. Tell me what do you expect?

    • Basically every Sony first party game this generation has been a third person action game with a sad story, generic main character and gameplay made for people who don’t really like games. There’s no reason for them to change now.

      Though I really hope they do. (maybe Concrete Genie will be an exception, though they seem to be trying to pretend it’s a VR title …)

  • Why have the reviews been embargoed until 1pm tomorrow? When this normally happens it means the game is an unfinished mess, and a late review means more sales so the developers can cash in and run before the 4’s 5’s and 6’s out of 10 appear. Please say it isn’t the case this time?

    • Because they want reviews that actually play the game before they write it, and not only to get their review out as fast as possible. Cant tell you how many reviews I have read where it is so obvious the person havent played the game more than a few hours. People are idiots, thats why. And its a day before the release. When the embargo force the review to the same day as the release or even after, then you should worry. Fallout 4 had an embargo, decent game, dont you think :)

    • Because that is why Red Dead Redemption 2’s review embargo was a day before release right? Or is it a problem you only have when Sony does it?

    • Fallout 4 was decent at best. I think they knew people were going to rip it apart for the removal of so many RPG staples. That’s why it’s meta scores hover around 50%. The embargo on Mass Effect Andromeda was the same way and that game was trash. Days Gone is one that I’ll be Redboxing first. I’m cautiously optimistic but I’ve been burned one too many times on pre-orders.

    • If a game has a review embargo of the day of release, I’d be concerned. Day before? Not concerned at all.

    • Maaden_Swe: Well for these purposes, there are review copies, that are sent in advance, so the review can be written from finished game and still before the release date. From my experience especially Sone does not have problems with this and their finished good exclusives are sometimes sent to reviews weeks before release.

      So the question still stands – why is there a embargo after release? And if it is to give reviewers enough time, why did not they get it with enough time in advance?

    • CALLED IT!

      IGN – 6.5

      GAMESPOT – 5

      I thank you.

  • Sounds as if this should have been included in the “base” build.

  • Still so awesome can’t wait!!

  • Any FREE DLC is always welcome, but, personally I hope we might see a proper story expansion at some point down the line, something similar to Horizon’s Frozen Wilds DLC would be fantastic 

    • It took them FAR too long to make this game. It would take them a year and a half to make a small expansion lol. I would rather Sony Bend start working on their next project, maybe a Syphon Filter reboot or whatever they were making in 2012 after Uncharted Golden Abyss came out and then they shelved it in 2015 when they started working on Days Gone instead.

    • Yeah, I take your point and can see where your coming from, but, on the other hand you could say that after all their time working on the game Sony Bend could be in a good position to know exactly what would make a great expansion to Days Gone, maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but, you never know.

    • Asking for a story expansion for a game you haven’t even played yet, nor have any idea how the story ends seems odd.

    • went into full production in January 2015. The game is in development using Unreal Engine 4.The game was scheduled to be released on February 22, 2019, but was delayed to April 26, 2019, to allow the development team to polish the game

    • I fully encourage publishers to give developers all the more time for development. A long development time doesn’t always need to be a bad thing. Doesn’t mean it’s gone off the rails. Maybe they’re just taking their time. Keep in mind, it’s their first game on a home console since Syphon Filter on PS1 I think? Since then they’ve mostly been doing portables on PSP and VIta.

      Personally I don’t think every game necessarily needs DLC and I’m fine with them going on to the next project just as well :)

  • Why on earth everyone hateing on this game days gone that game look ok at E3 . Do want this game to flop or something because I pre order it because looks good and plus it can’t be worst than Xbox crackdown 3. Oh well you have your options can’t say anything about that

  • Do know when new ps plus games news be up

  • Do know when new ps plus games news be up

    • Possibly…

      May 1st.

      Something about the way Wednesday falls on the calendar that I can’t explain properly.

    • I was wondering this, aren’t they meant to be released on the first Tuesday of the month so announced today i thought.

      Looking forward to Days Gone and hoping it’s good but will wait it out until this drops before getting it.

    • New PS Plus Games are announced on the Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the new month – i.e. not today, but next week, because it’s still April next Tuesday.

    • Dang so it is, i was looking at the calender wrong. At least I can stop refreshing this site now

  • So much unwarranted hate for this game. Can’t wait for the reviews tomorrow and see how many people actually score it the same or worse as Ride to Hell, instantly nullifying any credibility from that “journalist”. Another one, anybody that tries to use the “another white guy” as a negative point, that review is also null and void like that TERRIBLE IGN preview lol.

  • will there be a new sale this week on eu store?? it always happen Wednesdays but nothing has been added/announced this week…..strange

  • I really like the sound of that survival difficulty! I’m wondering if I’m going to wait to play the game until it releases. Very tempting!

  • I swear to god if I beat the game on survivor difficulty and get anything less than a gold trophy I will be upset.

  • Didn’t they guarantee players will love Days Gone or you get a full refund? Even if the game totally BOMBS (which I seriously doubt) you can have your money back. So…

  • I’m not one to easily compliment and generally applaud a healthy dose of constructive critisism but I have to say, I don’t get the mild hate this game seems to be getting prior to release… Just because, what? Not everything is revolutionary or hasn’t been done before? Then you might as well quit gaming altogether or wait for a game release from some alien entity… Because of white people and zombies? So you’re gonna skip Last of Us too?

    They made such a fuss over a stupid thing like the Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor but nobody is excited about this horde mechanic? This isn’t something that is generally seen in games, especially not in this size and so dynamically. I think it’ll be an interesting aspect to study outside of the open world elements in their version of Oregon.

    In any case, I’ll take a game where all the tried and tested elements are well incorporated over a game that needlessly wants to incorporate something new just for the hell of it. The fact that it’s an exclusive that usually shows a certain standard of quality doesn’t hurt it either.

  • So if I wait 1,5 months I will get better version of the game, most probably for cheaper price?

    Sounds like nobrainer to me…

  • DLC announced before the game is released… yeah I will not buy this crap.

    • @Odezza

      So FREE DLC is bad now ?!!

      Väx upp för fasiken !!

    • This is not really proper DLC content though, just a harder difficulty mode (and this extra time allows for them to refine it)

      We might see actual new content DLC down the line, either a big one like Horizon or some small ones like Spiderman. Either way, I personally like how they’ve handled most DLC of the exclusives this gen.

  • No ones making you buy it?

  • Waiting for the review embargo to lapse, then once I have regarded a few of reviews I shall make up my mind whether to cancel my pre-order or shell out for the Limited Edition.

  • yikes, 71 on metacritic. you know your game is bad when IGN rates it 6.5/10


    IGN – 6.5

    GAMESPOT – 5

    I thank you. 

  • This review quote is my favourite from digital spy.

    “Deacon is obnoxious, constantly shouting, easily frustrated and murderously self-righteous. It’s really hard to side with him, which is a big issue when you’re stuck with him for the entirety of the game. It’s frankly amazing he has a wife or any allies at all in the game because the guy is quite simply a *****”

    • Did he expect him to be all hunky dory during a zombie apocalypse? He sounds pretty human.

    • During any crisis, the people who lose their cools are usually the first to make mistakes and be killed. So making him an angry little mr roid rage doesn’t make much sense.

    • That sounds fine in theory but is probably not so evident :) And it’s not like he’s angry all the time for no reason. Just a normal, human reaction to constantly getting into bad situations… I don’t see how him having a positive outlook on everything during a situation like that would make it any more believable or real. You don’t see the characters on Walking Dead having parties all the time either :)

    • That series is a work of fantasy with a bunch of angry trope characters because they want to make it “gritty” and violent, not because it’s remotely realistic. It’s a bunch of one dimensional characters written to serve a plot. Real people adapt to situations, the 19023742nd time you fight a zombie it’s going to be mundane.

      In actual real life crisis situations people who live through them don’t do it by turning into anger machines. People who stay calm make less mistakes than some guy raging at everything. People who make more mistakes tend to get killed more. People find humor, hope, etc in order to see the best of things. They also generally don’t have time or energy to expend raging all day and night.

    • As someone who has survived a prolonged life-and-death situation and undergone multiple surgeries as a result, I can tell you that anger is a tried and tested method of dealing with, and beating, extreme fear. Everybody responds differently to stressful situations. I survived because of my fighting spirit and my anger was a part of that. I found humour too, but it was all part of the same package.

      However, if you’re after realism, I’d look to something other than fiction for your kicks. Either way, I’ll not criticise a design choice because it doesn’t meet my expectations. I’m reserving judgement until I’ve actually played the game. ?

  • This is one game I genuinely have no interest in what these liberal activists masquerading as journalists have to say and I’m more looking forward to what the players say.

    They have all jumped on the white toxic masculinity bandwagon and likely lowering the scores for that. If the main character was a gender fluid black man who identified as a woman they would give it GOTY.

  • Hi ,

    Thanks for sharing this post, is very helpful article.

  • I don’t get the negativity. I am playing it and having a blast with it. Not every game needs to be a God Of War.

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