Announcing feature-length documentary “Raising Kratos”

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Announcing feature-length documentary “Raising Kratos”

New behind-the-scenes look at the making of God of War to premier on YouTube


“Doubt is the demon that lives in the ear of every person in this industry…”

– Cory Barlog

On the one-year anniversary of its release, we’re excited to share this peek behind the curtain of God of War’s very own Santa Monica Studio with a trailer for our upcoming film, Raising Kratos. This full-length feature documentary, coming very soon to PlayStation YouTube, is an exploration into the massive undertaking required to change the course of the God of War franchise.


More importantly, this is the first time PlayStation has taken a chance in telling a story about the people who created this work of art.  With clips and interviews chosen from hundreds of hours footage captured during the production of the game, we hope you’ll enjoy this cinematic journey of second chances, rooted in family, sacrifice, struggle, and doubt.  


The ultimate goal of this documentary was to go beyond a ‘making of’ piece and dig deeper into the experiences of those who spent countless hours and huge effort in aspiring to make something great. All creative endeavors, especially those of this magnitude, require an incredible amount of dedication and focus. With a team comprised of hundreds of people, and a development timeline spanning years, teamwork was paramount to the game’s success.  

Delicate and crucial decisions were made daily, with each choice affecting the final game in sometimes unexpected ways. Our hope is that once people see the experience of Santa Monica Studio unfold on the screen, they will be able to appreciate the incredible passion the studio have for their work and the remarkable respect they have for their craft.  For God of War specifically, fans have shown a great deal of love and loyalty, which has earned them an everlasting seat at the Santa Monica Studio family table.


The creative people at Santa Monica Studio and all throughout PlayStation are eager to offer a glimpse into the heartfelt development of this world that means so much to all of us. We sincerely express our thanks to the fans that have celebrated God of War with us over the years and we’re so excited to use this new medium to introduce our world to new fans who have yet to discover its wonders.   


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  • cant wait!!!!!!!

  • Awesome! Look forward to watching this.

  • This is an industry I would love to work in…. But from everything I’ve read and currently watched (Netflix Documentary – For Honor). It seems to be one of the most stressful environments to be in. I admire any game developer that can fight for a vision and able to deliver on what they set out on. Will be watching this for sure.

  • This is cool. Look forward to watching it.

  • This is gonna be great, thank you!

  • I’d never played the GoW series before as I wasn’t that into button-mashy beat-em-ups, but this being more story-driven got my interest. I was given it as a Christmas present last year, but only started it recently due to having quite a backlog of games.

    For me personally, it is a fantastic game, but there are a few issues which prevent it being the masterpiece it is for others. That said, I’m enjoying it immensely.

    But I’m not happy that it made me kill a dragon.

    • You do also release some though ;)

    • You also need the nostalgia from playing the previous games to agree its a masterpiece.

      I’ve been playing since the first when I was little and even the psp and its really something else this one. Because they didn’t just rebooted it, you’ll know if you reached that scene

  • Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  • Looking foward to seeing how they reinvented the series, love how Sony and PlayStation give us this behind the scenes look at what it takes to develop game of this scale and with expectations it had. We take final product for granted but it is amazing task by pepole who work in this industry and give us masterpieces like this hats off to all developers and studios wheather they are indie or AAA the job of developing someone vision is a big task..

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