Castlevania Anniversary Collection comes to PS4 on 16th May

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Castlevania Anniversary Collection comes to PS4 on 16th May

Check out the eight platforming classics confirmed as leaping onto console soon

Hello PlayStation Blog readers! It’s Konami’s 50th anniversary this year, and we’re celebrating by bringing several collections of our much loved, retro games to PlayStation 4. Last month we announced three of them; Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection (out today on PlayStation Store), Contra Anniversary Collection and Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

We’re still working on finishing up the Contra Anniversary Collection, but today we’re happy to confirm the Castlevania Anniversary Collection will be coming to PlayStation Store on 16th May and can also finally unveil the full line-up of games.

All you amazing Castlevania fans have been vocal with your requests and we’ve been listening! In addition to the already announced Castlevania, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, Castlevania II Belmont’s Revenge and Super Castlevania IV, the four titles completing the collection are:

Castlevania Bloodlines

Released over 25 years ago, Castlevania Bloodlines has been a sought-after classic by retro game collectors worldwide and now will be playable on a PlayStation console for the first time ever. Castlevania Bloodlines follows main protagonist John Morris, and is one of the few times a Castlevania game did not include a member of the Belmont Family.


Kid Dracula

Kid Dracula is a rare gem in the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Since its original release in 1990 as Boku Dracula-kun in Japan, Kid Dracula will make its way outside Japan for the first time! Fans will appreciate the cute and light-hearted take on the Castlevania franchise and is rumoured to be one of the first times we meet Galamoth, better known as one of the bosses in Symphony of the Night.  

Kid Dracula

Castlevania the Adventure  

Originally released in 1989, Castlevania the Adventure was the very first Castlevania game made for a portable console. As Christopher Belmont, players will experience new experiments in Castlevania gameplay adapted for a handheld console.  

Castlevania the Adventure

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

Simon’s Quest evolved the gameplay from the original Castlevania, encouraging players to explore Transylvania in search for the scattered pieces of Dracula’s body. The game’s soundtrack, specifically is still one of the most recognizable pieces of video game music to this day with its iconic song, Bloody Tears. I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s a whole lot of retro Castlevania goodness. We hope you’re ready to sink your teeth into all eight of theses classics when the Castlevania Anniversary Collection launches as a digital exclusive on PlayStation Store come 16th May.

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

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  • Under the Castlevania 2 description you mention EXCLUSIVE to PSN…. are you sure about that?

    • As a side-note before all the “what about…” crap begins – the Konami website is VERY clear this is an origins bundle of early games and only the first Castlevania collection. No doubt it will be a “buy this to fund the next lot” situation.

    • Are YOU sure about that? All it says is

      “This KONAMI Castlevania Collection is designed to be a collection around the origins of the historic franchise. Included is a unique eBook that has details provided by developers, artists and other inspired by the Castlevania legacy. Released as part of the KONAMI 50th Anniversary celebration, now the best time to relive these timeless classics that helped define the platformer genre”

      The other Anniversary titles are Contra Collection and Arcade Collection, there’s absolutely no reference to this being the first part of a Castlevania collection. Origins collection yes, first collection no.

    • The text isn’t calling Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest an exclusive (though the spacing gets confusing; there should have been a paragraph break between the Castlevania II description and the wrap-up of the blog post, also it probably didn’t need to use the word “exclusive” anywhere since it’s not really what people are interested in when they’re looking for that work.)

      What the blog post says is that “the Castlevania Anniversary Collection launches as a digital exclusive on PlayStation Store”, meaning this package will not be available in a box in stores.

  • I liked Bloodlines. Even though I was much more a SNES guy at the time I didn’t really like Castlevania IV but found Bloodlines much more fun despite being on the rival console.

    Also still odd to see more NES games like Castlevania 1-3 on PS4 (and Gameboy too now)

    Also odd that Haunted Castle is in the Arcade set when it’s pretty much Castlevania itself. :P

    • Oo Castlevania IV is the most awesome one by far imo. What an EPIC OST.

    • i never cared for it. Was one of the first SNES games i bought and i just found it really underwhelming and some of the music really irritating (the level 1 theme’s ‘chorus’ particularly grating). wasn’t a huge fan of the NES games either to be honest but that MD one entertained me more than the others. I feel similar way about Contra to a lesser extent though the NES games were entertaining I liked the MD Hard Corps best and the SNES one had some good points, I just really hated the top down Mode 7 levels and found them cheap and gimmicky and not at all fun.

  • I hope this gets some juicy extras like the Mega Man collection. Maybe even make the orginal Castlevania OST a downloadable pre-order/deluxe edition extra. Scientists have proven that this is the most iconic videogame music of all time… oF aLL tImE

    • What scientists have proven this? And I’m only asking because if you read an article or something I would be interested in reading that. I agree that Castlevania music is some of the most iconic in the world. I love it.

  • I would get this simply for Kid Dracula. That game alone is awesome.

  • So happy to see Bloodlines, but i wish Adventure Rebirth was on it instead of the Game Boy version

  • why are you so afraid to mention what platforms these games came from in the descriptions?

    • Why are you equating not mentioning the platforms to being afraid to mention them? That’s reaching a bit but to be fair it’s probably to avoid mentioning competing companies on a platform specific blog. If this had been on IGN or something it would likely have mentioned the original platforms.

  • Digital exclusive as in not available at retail, not exclusive to playstation

  • I’m buying all 3 collections!

  • Will Castlevania III have the option to listen to the sound enhancements from the Japanese version that used VRC6??

  • This is an excellent compilation of 8 and 16bit Castlevania games. Top choice selection with a few surprises, notably, Castlevania the adventure. Bought the Arcade Classics Anniversary today for the archive artwork and notes on the games. We hadn’t seen Scramble and Thundercross on PS4 European store so that is at least something. Can’t wait to see the Castlevania and Contra Collections land!

  • Castlevania 3? I AM SOLD! One of the best games I played as a child.

  • Nobody cares about this how about a new SILENT HILL game?

  • It would be a perfect collection if they added symphony of the night. That is the best Castlevania game ever made and one of the like top 3 best games of all time in my humble opinion. Without that it would just be a “good” anniversary collection. It’s pretty much the first big Castlevania collection so wouldn’t it be better as a “GREAT!” Anniversary collection?

  • Super excited for this, but a little disappointed we didn’t get any of the phenomenal GBA and DS Castlevania games included in the release. Please tell me we will see a collection with Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin!

  • This is great news but will this come out on physical disc as i dont buy digital content, i’ve no interest in digital content at what so ever, if i cant hold it, its not mine. But if this and the other 2 come out on physical i’ll buy all 3 collections.

  • This is very awesome.

    I hope Konami do a Suikoden 1-5 Collection next, those PS1 and PS2 games are my favourite JRPGs.

  • I have no be honest, no interest in this compilation, I’m not much of a fan of the early games, but a second one with SotN, the GBA and DS games would go down an absolute treat.

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