New titles join PlayStation Store’s huge Spring Sale

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New titles join PlayStation Store’s huge Spring Sale

Grab a bargain on FIFA 19, COD Black Ops 4, God of War Digital Deluxe Edition and more

Our Spring sale is still going strong over at PlayStation Store, and today we’re adding even more titles to bring some of that Spring freshness to your games library without breaking the bank.

From today, you can pick up huge savings on FIFA 19, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, God of War Digital Deluxe Edition, Overwatch Legendary Edition, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and more, until 1st May.

Take a look at the full list below and head over to PlayStation Store for more details and game trailers, and start bagging those savings.

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  • Here is to hoping that your “Digital Deals” make a return to your lists. Sick of all these AA or AAA titles with hardly a reduction in sight.

    Gimme games that are arcade and Indie with a modest price for once.

    • They will not give you want you want…. deal with it. They’ve stopped listening to their customers years ago. Sorry to be negative, but that’s reality.

  • This is just depressing. Not even mad at this point.

    I just really really miss the sales from a few years back. Back when there was more than one console on their spotlight, more than the same fifty titles, and an entire country’s output wasn’t relegated to just the one sale a year. (Yes, Japan.)

    • Lol, yeah. I got a bunch of things on my wishlist and they ALL get on sale in the same week or two like twice a year… Shame. I can’t buy them all at once, Sony…

  • Got excited when I saw Metro Exodus then I saw a paper thin price discount…. 25% off !!! Really ? Then again The Division 2 with 30%…. That isn’t a price sale at all….. Why try and promote digital sales with awful price discounts…. God Of War is cheaper to purchase in the US store with a PSN voucher card than it is to purchase in my country store ? Why is that ?? Losing faith with the EU store to be honest ..

    • Jesus christ, you people are so entitled.

      These games literally just came out, and you already want sales on them?

    • Why should they sell Metro for less than 25 % off? It released not that long ago. Some people want the world but refuse to pay anything. Sad little people.

    • I was thinking the opposite. I would be [DELETED] off if I bought the division for it to be 30% off already. No matter how much I want a game day one I know I only to have to wait a month or so to get a decent discount on an essentially brand new game.

    • Wait like year and it goes for a tenner.

    • Oops double post, can only edit not delete lol.

  • Exactly, I was so exited when I saw Metro Exodus, but the price is… And calling deal for BO4 a bargain… No comment.

  • I paid less for my launch day copy of Metro on disc than that ‘sale’ price. Laughable pricing.

  • So basically the sims, rocket league and a couple of other games.

    What is already a poor sale stretched out to a month.

  • but i already have rocket league, spider-man and god of war and they only games on this list i would get. Got 52 games on my wishlist most of which not had sale in ages or at all. :O

  • I dont log in to comment or complain that often.

    But I feel I have to say, last few months the PS Store has had 2, 3 sometimes 4 or 5 simultaneous different sales with biiiig discounts. Whether triple A or digital, or a developer sale or add ons, there was so much to buy and look at.

    This Sping sale discounts are terrible, and you say it’s a massive sale, it isnt really compared to past sales. And it’s the ONLY sale!

    Plus it was listed as terminating on 17th April at midnight, that’s tonight, so new sales today… yet I log on, looking forward to hopefully a return to the multi sales format and what greets me?… Not only no new sales, not only a few extra games tossed in additionally for Spring Sale. But a full 2 week surprise extension on the entire Spring Sale!?!

    Really!?! I got money to burn, but refuse to buy digital full price.

    Like I said at beginning, I rarely log in to complain, but terrible, TERRIBLE sale and annoying 2 week surprise extension guys. Not cool!

    • Yea easily the worst sale of the year so far 4 me. When all the digital deals an 2 week rotation was on since Christmas i could easily fill 2 pages of a notepad on games i wanted. This stretched out monthy sale has been far the worst i have about 3 to 4 things down on my notepad. Gotta thank sony though hugely less temptation on a purchase for the month nice to give wallet a break. But I do hope we get back to the almost 4 different sales at once games under 10 an 5 etc.

  • Well I’m happy…..£3.99 for Battlefield 1. I don’t normally buy digital but at that price I couldn’t help myself

  • @macroballistic I fully understand your comments and agree with you. You can buy lots of physical games brand new for cheaper….I’ve never been able to get my head round that unless I’m missing something obvious?

  • Ooo might be time to pick up division 2 and the Spiderman dlc

  • Do they not know April fools was only on the 1st of the month? Says grab a bargain but I can’t find one.

  • Not a great sale but some bargains, what bothers me more though is the length of time they seem to last lately, 3 weeks is too long to stare at the same games on sale, used to love it when it was a weekly rotation, maybe two weeks max, but 3 is too much, or if they have to have 3, have a smaller side sale kick in at some point

  • I don’t recall ever wanting a sale to end, but here we are. Seriously, when the same games go on sale every two weeks, it doesn’t feel like a sale anymore. It just feels like the regular price gets bumped up every now and then, because if ea and the likes can put a game (assuming it isn’t ancient) on sale that often, clearly it was never worth full price in the first place.

  • Also, don’t be a fool like me and buy the Sims 4. Not only is it poorly ported, but it isn’t nearly as good as ts3 and can’t hold a candle to ts1 and 2. Save your money.

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