Dreams Early Access launches today!

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Dreams Early Access launches today!

Calling all creators – it’s time to bring your game ideas to life.

Here at Media Molecule we’ve been so impressed by how creative (not to mention helpful and supportive!) our community was during our beta and we can’t wait to see what an even bigger group of creators will do in Dreams. Beginning today, Dreams Early Access will start rolling out to new players, starting in Europe at 10:30am BST, then the United States and Canada at 8:30am PST.

To begin your journey in Dreams, Early Access offers brand new tutorials (including a much requested one for character creation) and for those advanced players, Masterclasses with our Art Director Kareem Ettouney and Creative Director Mark Healey.

Or you could…make an instrument from the silliest thing you can find, curate a collection of everything related to cats in the Dreamiverse…then build a museum for it! Make a tree fort – bring life to a short story you wrote – be the voice actor or actress the Dreamiverse needs. It’s really up to you, you have all the tools you need in Dreams.



Of course, we have a whole host of additions and features planned for Dreams during Early Access so we’ll keep you updated on everything that we plan to add. And we hope you’ll let us know what you want in Dreams as well, by joining the conversation on our feedback forums on, our companion site that lets you access the Dreamiverse. It’s also where we put lots of helpful information like patch notes helpful tips for updating your content, and more.



We’re incredibly excited to be putting Dreams in the hands of such an amazing community of creators. This is a huge milestone for Dreams and Media Molecule and we hope you’ll join us during our 12 hour livestream starting at 10:00 AM BST to celebrate this momentous occasion! If you can’t join us, you’ll be able to watch the archived version on our Twitch page after the stream. We’ll be answering questions, creating live and of course, having some cake.

Everyone at Mm is so grateful for all the support our community has shown us over the years – have an incredible time in early access and please, share your creations, big or small, no matter how ridiculous, with us along the way. Seeing what you do in Dreams is what makes us tick.

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  • If I buy this, will I have access to the complete game with the all ocntent later?

    Or will you release some special / preorder / limited edition, that contains some bonus stuff, that wont be available with normal edition?

    • You will have access to the full game at launch. However it’s also very likely that they’re making collector or special editions for the which include mini figures, art or additional in-game content.

    • And that is my question and worry – if they create some edition with additional special in-game content, will I have access to it? Or will I have to purchase game again? Or will it actually even say “This content is not available to you because you own standart edition”?

      Im would love to try the EA. But I dont want to lock myself out from some full game content.

    • Early Access means that you become beta tester of sorts. Your game just switch to “standard” on official release date. Don’t worry. Any additional content will be monetized through season passes, in game purchases no matter when you buy game.

    • Argonark – yes. I understand it will switch to standard.

      My question and worry – if there will be also some special edition with some bonus ingame content, will I will able to get it? (as a owner of standard edition)?

  • I thought this was only suppose to come to certain countries at this point but I see it on the Swedish store?

  • Can’t wait to get home. This and world of warships to play with tonight.

  • Purchased my copy at 10:15 this morning, can’t wait to get home and start creating.

  • Nice to know this and all other PS4 games will run on the PS5 just confirmed. :)

  • it’s 8:30 in America and its not in the store.

  • Ok i bought the early access because the beta was very good and had a proper music editor in it way more extencive then lbp3 had now i bought early access i get full game for free plz someone confirm this

  • The game is awesome! As soon as I saw the trailer of the game, I was ready to pay in advance for the purchase of this game, this is a fairy tale in fact. I have long dreamed of such a project and now I can put all my ideas in it! That’s cool! 

    The only thing that prevents me from quickly getting comfortable is the absence of the russian language in the early access.  There are many languages, but there is no mine, which causes great difficulties with understanding. I would be grateful if russian will appear in the early access. Big thanks. Tomorrow I’ll get this game!

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