Your First look at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, out 15th November on PS4

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Your First look at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, out 15th November on PS4

Respawn Entertainment's third-person adventure has you playing a Jedi on the run

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an upcoming third-person action-adventure game made by Respawn Entertainment and EA. On the heels of its reveal at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, we’re giving the world its first look at the next major Star Wars title!

This single-player story puts players in the boots of Cal Kestis, a surviving Padawan in a post-Order 66 galaxy where the Jedi are considered traitors.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The galaxy has never been a more dangerous place for a Jedi. The once wholly trust Jedi Knight are now betrayed without hesitation by a fearful populace. Only the Force can be a trusted ally. It’s up to Cal to hold the light of the Jedi Order above the darkness as he ventures across new worlds and uncovers ancient pasts.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Working together with a team of unlikely allies, Cal must do whatever it takes to survive as the Imperial Inquisitors hunt him down as he seeks to restore the Jedi Order. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order releases on PlayStation 4 on 15th November.

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  • Pretty excited about this. Total focus on singleplayer and no multiplayer is a great thing. With Stig Asmussen (God of War 3<3) and Vince Zampella and Respawn on this, I can’t see it going bad. Last SW game I really enjoyed was the first Force Unleashed.

  • I tuned into the ‘reveal’ and for a game that is getting released in 7 months. NOT one piece of in game footage shown! Smacks of another No Man Sky to me. Even now I am still scared by NMS and the false promises. I am NOT pre ordering anything until some final game footage/review. Even now I am unsure of Days Gone… Is it a fast action game like Spider-Man or slower paced with crafting like Red Dead Redemption 2? We none the wiser are we…. Sony gets no $$$ until we see ingame gameplay /reviews of final game.

    • Calm down Sally

    • Hey Sally,

      It’s good to not pre-order but Day’s Gone have already had many gameplay video on youtube lol.

    • My point being. Sony released many videos of No Man Sky (NMS), but when the game actually released. Many of the things that were in these Sony released videos weren’t in the game! The videos also did not actually reflect the ‘actual’ game NMS is… Full sandbox was not the advertised game! As for Sean Murray (NMS main designer) he many many false statements too.

  • Wait a STAR WARS(TM) game?

    Published by Electronic Arts(TM)?

    First look three nondescript concept illustrations from probably six years ago?


    Where do I sign over my soul? Just kidding, I know you just want my credit card details.

  • “Your First look at (a couple of pieces of concept art for…) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”


  • I am just here to read the whiners’ comments. At this point people just love bashing at EA for any reason. Yet a lot of them still buy their products on day 1. Oh the irony…

    • You’re not just here to read the whiners comments, are you. Let’s be honest, you’re here to make a smug, self congratulatory comment and give yourself a little pat on the back. Well done, you. Have a banana.

    • HAHA, not a single game have I bought off EA this gen. Try to smug harder next time.

  • Guys… When we say “first look” we mean at a product in progress, not an imagination of a product. Please don’t do that again.

  • EA, Single-player SW game!? LIES I SAY! EA hates SP titles, it should of been cancelled! Lucky for us gamers its not cancelled! So long as its a good game, so many times EA will release something [DELETED] in blame it on being a SP game but it just just bad game design.. Least its Respawn we have hope!

  • Who can say no to a single player Star Wars game??? Can’t wait!!!

  • Whoa, EA and singleplayer is oxymoron, let’s wait for some further info.

  • look alright

  • What a clickbait-y non-article. This is nothing more than a look at the concept art, not the game. In theory I am optimistic, but I don’t care until we see some gameplay footage. As an aside, this is a really poorly written post. Do you have a vacancy for a new editor or copywriter?

  • This is going to be fun :)

  • Saw the trailer. Damn was that an awful bland trailer. And even though the game is being made in Unreal Engine 4, was that trailer made using Frostbite because the character models sure looked like the same bland Frostbite character models people have been playing as in every EA game this gen.

    Not me though, I avoid their games, especially if it’s on Frostbite lol, like the plague.

    • if that’s true and the game is made in UE then good luck to them lmao. Unreal games all look the same, very underwhelming.

  • I thought EA had a policy of not releasing single-player only games any more but I’m glad if that’s no longer the case. Maybe it’s even possible they will just let Dragon Age 4 be single-player only as well. There hasn’t been a proper single-player Star Wars game since The Force Unleashed II in 2010 so I’m looking forward to Jedi Fallen Order. The single-player in Star Wars Battlefront II was good, but it was only a small component in an otherwise multiplayer game. Hopefully this is the start of EA turning things around for their Star Wars games.

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