New on PlayStation Store this week: Falcon Age, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Falcon Age, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, more

Plus, Earth Defence Force: Iron Rain and Dangerous Driving also launch

Things are looking busy in this week’s PlayStation Store update, with tense courtroom duels in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and over-the-top racing action in Dangerous Driving to contend with.

What are you still doing up here? Take a look at our full list of releases below and get started on your next adventure*.

1. Falcon Age

Battle robot invaders and discover the lost art of falcon hunting in Outerloop Games’ PS VR-compatible action adventure. Raise a baby falcon as you learn to hunt, gather resources and craft items. You can even dress your winged buddy up in hats and scarves – or armour if you want something practical.

2. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

OBJECTION! Follow Phoenix Wright on his journey from rookie defence attorney to seasoned professional in Capcom’s courtroom adventure. Gather evidence, cross-examine witnesses and meet hilarious characters as you prove your clients’ innocence and solve a few murder cases along the way.

  • Available: Tuesday 9th April

3. Earth Defence Force: Iron Rain

Earth Defence Force: Iron Rain

Join the Earth Defence force and fight off huge alien bugs in Yuke’s action-packed shooter. Customise your soldier with exoskeletons and hundreds of weapons as you take on over 50 missions with five difficulty levels. If you don’t want to battle the invaders on your own, you can join other EDF soldiers in local and online multiplayer.

4. Dangerous Driving

Dangerous Driving

Co-creators of the original Burnout series deliver an arcade racer featuring the type of driving you’d only do if no one else was looking. Race at breakneck speed in a variety of modes, crush your rivals in Takedown races or take the law into your own hands in Pursuit Mode.

This week’s pre-orders

1. Borderlands 3

Gearbox Software is back with its action-packed shooter (and looter) where you take on the role of a Vault Hunter. This time, you get to explore new worlds beyond Pandora, each with their own unique environments and enemies.

2. Warhammer: Chaosbane

Play solo or with up to four players in co-op and choose a hero from four character classes as you hack and slash your way through the Warhammer fantasy world.

3. Jupiter & Mars

Embark on an underwater puzzle adventure set in a world where humans have disappeared, and nature is bouncing back. Play as a dolphin with enhanced echolocation powers as you navigate through murky water and solve environmental puzzles.

*All release dates are correct at time of publication.

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  • Rocksmith DLC for this week is a Cat Stevens 3 pack with “Father and Son” “Morning Has Broken” & “Wild World”

    • Rock Band DLC for this week is three singles – “If You Can’t Hang” by Sleeping with Sirens, “The Attitude Song” by Steve Vai and “Seven” by Sunny Day Real Estate, available 11th April

  • Rocksmith DLC for this week is a Cat Stevens 3 pack with “Father and Son” “Morning Has Broken” & “Wild World”

  • I’d like dangerous driving but i havent much money this month. Need new washing machine. my ps4 can’t do laundry.

    • How can you say that if you haven’t tried it yet… Put some water and some detergent on your ps4 you might be surprised washed my socks yesterday

    • The PS5 does though!

    • New socks only or is it backwards compatible with old ones??

    • I remember how devastated I was when i needed to replace my phat ps3 & they removed the laundry cleaning features from the slim!??

      Nice feature & feedback from devs to posts abt Dangerous Driving. Like Ace Attorney will keep it on my radar.?

      Still no Battle Princess Madelyn sadly either…

  • Dangerous Driving and Ace Attorney for me. I hope we get the theme with Ace Attorney. :/ I have no idea what is going on with pre-orders on the store.

  • Days Gone is this April and thats what i am looking foward to i will move away from Division 2 and aftermath of smallpox pandemic to post-apocalyptic open world of Days Gone.From agent to bounty hunter, can’t wait to kill some freakers..

  • Well i really don,t bother with the PS Store these days (not the European Store anyway) since the demise of the ACA Neo Geo & Arcade Archives pretty angry though that the US store seems to be being back dated by Hamster.So what do you buy an Xbox-one as for the i am having driving lessons far more exciting than playing all though driving simulations.Well what,s my next game are yes Samurai Spirits by Snk slated for a June Release . Just hope the new Boss of Sony EU sorts out the mess of the last it gets worse every week

  • who does the pre orders page on the store. Because they are useless. Ace Attorney out tomorrow. no 2 on this list but void on the PS Store page.

    seriously. then again legends of cold steel 2 is confirmed for next month but again no where to be found. Just “borderlands 3” oh yeah. so looking forward to the same game i’ve played 3 times already.

    • I thought at first it was just copy pasted off the US blog (like basically everything else is) which is why the information is sometimes weird. But on the US blog they actually do explanations of every single game being released that month, however tiny, along with extra stuff like films and music.

      Maybe they don’t get paid to do this or something…

  • Nice, but can we get the Summer Swimsuit Bundle for Death end re;Quest that was supposed to be out last Friday now?

  • For the ones that were in the 1st phase of the beta for Warhammer : How do we get our hands on the Closed Beta package, for the 2nd phase ?

    I have, of course, pre-ordered the game.


  • Finally we getting Ace Attorney Trilogy !! lol most of the people already finished it !

  • Gee where did the new big Boss go i know he does not give a Neo Geo about the likes of us but it was so nice of him to reply to my post i feel Honored

  • Does anyone know what’s going on with Battle Princess Madelyn? And I guess Vaporum will not be released today. At least not in Europe.

  • @Todesglubsch,your guess as good as mine,mate! Been checking Casual Bit Games public posts on their kickstarter, & twitter etc.,but not being a K.S. backer bit limited as to seeing what they’ve posted.

    A few weeks ago they temporarily posted on twitter intro ps4 euro/aus coming soon then edited it a day later back to jp/u.s. psn only. When they have answered posts its usually “still working on it”/or alluding to Sony europe on steam forums…

    But when i think of other small team indies like @SeithCG (Ghost of a Tale), or Games Aterlie (Monster Boy & the Cursed Kingdom) getting their games out on ALL psn stores,Xbone & Switch at the same time you have to ask just what the BPM devs have done to fix the “unforseen issue” they alluded late last year!

    Just a fan of the G’n’G classic capcom series & it sounds like the recent patches have made it a better game. But if I were a kickstarter euro/aus ps4 backer i’d be peeved. Casual Bit Games ought to update ps4 owners on just whats going on?

  • so a free version of World of Warships is out later, is that the idea?

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