An in-depth look at the 3dRudder motion controller for PlayStation VR, launching this summer

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An in-depth look at the 3dRudder motion controller for PlayStation VR, launching this summer

Foot-controlled peripheral launches 17th June, compatible with wide range of PS VR games

This June, we’ll release the 3dRudder. This officially-licensed foot-powered motion controller for PlayStation VR will kick your experience up a notch across more than 25 compatible PS VR games. Here’s everything you need to know.

An idea born in architecture

“I’m an architect,” explains company co-founder Valerio Bonora of the peripheral’s origins. “10 years ago I was in charge of redesigning all the metal work of one of Paris’s historical monument – not the Eiffel tower, for those wondering!

“I was sat at my computer using my hands to zoom in and out and rotate the structure over and over while designing it. My wrists were aching, and I thought: ‘this all would be much more efficient if I could move around in my project with my feet, and keep my hands focused on designing’. That’s how I started drawing the first concept of the foot motion controller.”

Fast forward ten years and here we are with the 3dRudder, which is coming to PS4 soon.


The peripheral’s design

The device is topped with a slim circular platform onto which you rest your feet. This platform rests on a rounded bottom half. The combination makes for incredibly intuitive movement: you simply tilt your feet in the direction you want to move. The more angled the tilt, the faster you’ll move.

It allows for life-like motion. You can walk straight, sprint while taking a corner or stop exactly where you want to, in a smooth, seamless way.

No sticks, no buttons. Inside the device are IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and pressure sensors which track your movements and translate them to in-game motion. We’ve demoed the 3dRudder at numerous shows and events, and everyone who has tried it has commended the seamlessness of the experience.

To use the 3dRudder, you just need to plug it in to your PS4 console via USB. No additional setup is necessary.


How it improves your PS VR gameplay

Shifting motion controls to your feet frees up both your hands for action, giving you the possibility to move and act simultaneously.

Imagine yourself playing a first-person shooter with a PS Move motion controller in each hand. You come under fire. Thanks to the 3dRudder you can use your feet to dodge incoming attacks and leave your hands to concentrate on firing back, while glancing round for additional enemies. It’s simply a more immersive experience.

“It provides a different kind of gameplay experience,” says Mixed Realms, the studio behind Sairento VR (coming soon to PS VR). “The 3dRudder is an innovative device that provides a whole new form of movement for VR gamers. We see it as the hoverboard for virtual reality experiences.”

Carbon Studio, the creator of The Wizards Enhanced Edition agrees. “The 3dRudder allows for a more free, precise, and intuitive control: besides freeing up the hands, the controller allows for more kinds of movement.”


25+ compatible games at launch

Ultimately, 3dRudder is all about offering a new, thrilling experience to PS VR players. We are happy to confirm 25 PS VR games will support 3dRudder at launch:


And this is only the beginning: more PS VR games will be getting 3dRudder support in the future. The 3dRudder will launch on 17th June, with a RRP of £119/€119. Global pre-orders are now open on our website.

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  • And here I was, thinking VR couldn’t look anymore ridiculous.. :) To each his own, I suppose. I’ll stick to my joysticks over all this convuluted stuff.

    • Such a miserable person aren’t you.

    • Because I don’t like what you like and am honest about it? What are you, my shrink? We can’t all have a lack of standards and drop to our knees at everything presented at us ;) Have fun with your band of cheerful infants and stop replying to me if it’s not game related.

    • If you didn’t like it, don’t comment and go bother someone else.

    • But… You’re bothering me with your silly comments… How about taking your own advice? Either don’t reply or make a sensible argument instead of making a direct assault on my person? The type never seems to learn that this is a gaming blog and not a place to try to instigate little catfights and engage in petty trolling…

      How on earth did you get the idea that only people with something positive to say should be allowed to comment? Not to mention your infantile attempts to drown out the rest of them.

    • @maxdiehard – Pot, meet kettle.

    • So being able to move using your feet is convoluted. Ok. So by your logic, i shouldnt have to use my eyes to look around. Joysticks started with one controller and one button, so what you’re actually sticking with has evolved as well, to numerous buttons and more than one stick. Are all those extra buttons convoluted as well? No, they serve a purpose, as does this. Try not to be so myopic in your vision. If people like the ones that came up with the failed systems that didn’tgo anywhere stopped trying again and again, we’d still be dealing with atari 2600 style [DELETED] that i had when i was 7

    • How sad for you.

    • Nobody is telling you what to like. People are responding to a comment you took time out of your day to write, to broadcast to everyone how you don’t want it. Stop being so precious. You stick to your analogue sticks, everyone reaches a point or age where new things “aren’t for me anymore”. You’ve just reached that point. VR is not going away and is in its infancy, but is building momentum.

    • You obviously haven’t played a good VR game. Every single person I have had try my psvr is blown away and most of them when on to buy one of their own so buddy you are missing out VR is here to stay

    • You just wanted to start an internet fight didnt you, being rude assuming someone is miserable but by commenting to him you invited yourself to be bothered by him. Toxic… Dont gotta be miserable to be happy with what you have. Tho you might be a miserable person your self to get upset at someone calling something silly

    • Bet you can’t wait to see a full dive vr setup like s.a.o .

    • Your comment is ridicules and unwarranted. You may not like it and that’s okay. It’s also okay to express that.

      But to go on saying it is ridiculous and convoluted is toxic and you can get [DELETED] out of here with that.

      One of the things I have a lot of trouble doing is controlling things in VR other than with a standard DS4. The aim controller is a no-go for me. I only have one hand. This means I can hold two Moves either.

      This would open up a lot of doors for me in the realm of VR and I’m very happy about that.

      So go on not liking it all you want, but don’t try and shut it down the way you did calling it convoluted and ridiculous.

    • Your comment is ridicules and unwarranted. You may not like it and that’s okay. It’s also okay to express that. But to go on saying it is ridiculous and convoluted is toxic and you can get out of here with that.

      One of the things I have a lot of trouble doing is controlling things in VR other than with a standard DS4. The aim controller is a no-go for me. I only have one hand. This means I can hold two Moves either.

      This would open up a lot of doors for me in the realm of VR and I’m very happy about that.

      So go on not liking it all you want, but don’t try and shut it down the way you did calling it convoluted and ridiculous.

    • Why are gamers such [DELETED] to each other? It’s really sad.

    • Should I sugar-coat it and give the industry (who I’m really addressing) the wrong impression for your benefit? Not everyone is natively English here (maybe my wording could’ve been less… controversial, but those were honestly my main impressions). Just because I don’t like it and express that, doesn’t mean I’m trying to undermine it or anything… I’m allowed to differ in opinion. No need to get agitated or resort to name calling just for that, we’re all gamers interested in the same industry.

      I just think it’s ridiculous and convoluted that you’re close to needing a full body suit of seperate peripherals for every basic mechanic in a game (if you can even call those tech demos that). I never liked gimmicks because they aren’t cost-effective or usually even practical. But those who do happen to be interested, by all means, have a lot of fun.:)

    • VR isn’t “in it’s infancy”, unless it’s infancy has lasted at least 30 (or even 50) years. It’s basically the 3D TV of the gaming world. It was around in the 80s (Atari) and 90s (Sega) in various forms, it’s nothing new.

      You have to remember it’s a niche gimmick, It’s far too expensive and annoying to use for the average person. Which isn’t a bad thing, there have been some fun games in niche gimmicks, but it’s not going to “change the industry”, much like the Kinekt, Move games and 3d TV games didn’t. It probably isn’t going anywhere while Sony are bankrolling it, but that works both ways, it’s not going to get much bigger either (i’d be surprised if it ever even reached 9 million, a mere 1/10th of the PS4 userbase and less than 1/2 the Vita).

      So a better expectation is to think if it more like a lightgun or move games. It will have some titles made by smaller developers for a small dedicated fanbase. Thinking of it as some “next step that will change the world” is a bit naive and expecting too much.

    • Wrong, VR isn’t just a ‘niche gimmick’, nor is it exclusive to PS4. It’s a constantly growing platform both here and PC, and is set to become the future of gaming. The next step is to be in the game, not just watch on a flat screen. If gaming is to last, then it has to evolve, these are the first steps towards that.

    • And yet gaming has more or less kept in the same form since it’s inception. Same with basically every media. They change delivery method (digital/CDs), but the basic thing is more or less left identical.

      Thinking that the average person is going to page hundreds and hundreds extra (or thousands for the PC versions) to dance around with lightsticks and a stuffy helmet on is a weird prediction. A weirder prediction is assuming that’s how all games will be (I guess genres that don’t work in VR will just stop happening, along with local co op).

      Normal people like simplicity, cheapness and things which take minimal effort, VR is non of those. But you can keep pretending it’s some “futuristic” world changer if you like. Not just a newer lightgun.

  • “To use the 3dRudder, you just need to plug it in to your PS4 console via USB.”

    So one USB for the VR, one for the rudder – that doesn’t leave any USB slots free on my standard PS4 for anything else like, say, external storage or recharging dualshocks. *sigh*

  • So is it 25 games or 30 games supported? Make your mind up.

    Do you have any idea if Skyrim is going to be supported, because getting this for small indie games just isn’t worth it.

    • Yes.I would also like to know if Skyrim will be supported..The rudder would transform my game with the move controllers

  • Support for Skyrim, Borderlands, Resident evil, Arizona Sunshine etc. in that order of necessity or I will also pass.

    • Yus.. So many possibilities could be opened with so many games that use the moves and locomotion.. Maybe we’ll get that port of Bioshock in VR with the rudder.. Imagine that

    • If this happens, I will buy a PS Pro, PSVR, and the 3drudder.

    • No Man’s Sky, Borderlands 2 VR need something like this. And Sony need to make their own version for half the price if they actually want to sell them and make it a standard.

  • Plus Doom, and many other Triple A titles which we have been lucky to get on VR. This device could change VR for the better but won’t unless it is properly supported, similar to the PSVR AIM which has just been supported by Borderlands and has increased the fun and immersion by 100%.

  • Would it really be so hard to slap glowing orb on top of one of those moves with the joysticks you guys already make

    • No, because the navigation controller doesn’t include any motion features at all. It’s literally just a shell with buttons.

    • Do you have to comment on EVERY thread?

    • I was giving an answer. It’s a blog. It’s not like the blog staff are gonna reply, they never do.

    • Ok would it really be so hard to slap a glowing orb and some motion sensors inside of the move with a joystick they already make?

    • At that point, wouldn’t it be easier to slap an analog stick on the Move (like they should have done long ago)?

  • This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • No ! No ! And HELL NO! This is just too much, first they sell PS VR with no MOVE controllers, then the MOVE controllers are outdated because they were designed for PS3, and then you guys launch this…really, how much fragmented you want the PSVR owners?! I feel I payed to be a beta user of the PSVR, or a company releases a full packaged product or else just don’t release it at ALL!

    • This isn’t a Sony product, it’s by a third party but has official support and branding.

    • Yeah! Bundle it all together! So those of us with cameras and move controllers already can pay for them twice! Awesome idea! And the move controllers were not outdated. They simply had a different charge port from the PS3 era. Also, they do have bundles that have everything included so I don’t know [DELETED] you’re smoking.

  • I like the idea, especially if it helps reduce motion sickness for those who are affected, but the price doesn’t make it an impulse buy, £50 and I might be tempted!

  • Just bought Acer WMR for $149, this cost $119 and still does not fully solve the issue with move controllers. noty.

  • What about the using ? Can I stand on this device ? Or the only put under chair and delicately put feet ?

    I have bought PSVR for moving full body instead of sitting.

  • I agree with many others, if not compatible with more games like Skyrim, Farpoint, etc not interested. Also, another USB port LOL I don’t have enough as it is. Lastly it looks kind of uncomfortable awkward height also looks like I’d want to stand up which won’t work. You’re going to have to work out a lot of negatives before I spend more money.

  • First of all it can’t be used if we are standing up so better stick to controller unless they come out with something i can stand on. And wayy too many usb devices and wayy too less usb ports on ps4. I hope they make something better for ps5.

    • What if they made shoes that are rounded on the bottom (like those shoes that are supposed to make your butt look good)? Lean forward, move forward; lean back, move back. Would have to figure out strafing. Maybe lean one foot forward and one back to strafe in each direction?

      But click your heels together 3 times and it takes you Home!

    • Dude, having a balance board (actual exercise equipment) that people stood on would be a horrendous idea, especially for VR. The number of accidents would be through the roof. Losing your balance, getting tired, in the heat of the moment things (mind not connecting the leaning motion to normal muscle memory movement), getting startled (horror games), etc. and then tripping over with expensive VR equipment (possibly damaging it, something else in your room and yourself).

      You clearly didn’t think that complaint through at all.

  • Is this a late april fools joke? All kidding aside, who was even asking for this?

  • Who brought the roll n rocker back from the 90’s

  • Galactic_Warlock

    I would much rather have a reimagined set of motion controllers than this but. I may try it, depends if it is bundled with something worth while.

  • I would definitely use one of these, but at that price, it’s going to be difficult to justify the purchase.

    If they were around half that, I’d buy one straight away. :(

  • Since this comes out on my birthday, is there anyway you could send me one of these? I’ve really wanted to get into the PSVR stuff and with this coming out it would be a perfect time!

  • I double checked if this article wasnt from 1st April.

  • Someone stealing ideas from Ernest Cline / Steven Spielberg?

  • Another amazing add on thanks Sony

  • I like the idea of using my feet to move, but £120 for what is essentially a big analogue stick is too pricey.

  • The idea is nice, but at that price? Maybe if it was compatible with all games & you could stand up on it, I could justify saving up the money to buy one. But as it is? Nope.

  • This is a step in the right direction with regards to how we move around in VR.

    Sadly I will not be buying it. With the PSVR already permanently consuming one of my USB ports, and my external hard drive consuming the other, there is no place for this controller in my setup.

    If this is was a wireless Bluetooth device I would likely buy it just for the novelty of its unusualness.

  • In theory, it looks like a good idea, but there are some problems with the design of this device if you ask me

    #1 You can only use it seated.

    So you need to sit, in order to be able to walk in VR? That seems counterintuitive for realism’s sake. Isn’t realism the whole point of VR?

    #2 It seems aimed at casual gamers.

    But do you think casual gamers will spend hundreds of dollars on a console + VR system and this peripheral? Only hardcore gamers will spend that amount of cash. And hardcore gamers want move controllers with analog sticks, not this.

    #3 It’s a third party device.

    With the next gen consoles on the horizon, we need to wait and see how many games actually are going to support this device. And the ones who do need to implement it in such a way that it will unmistakably be the players preferred option for movement. Otherwise you’ll end up with a hundred dollar paper weight.

    • Personally, I want to use this to move around, not analogue sticks. It keeps my feet grounded and busy, and leave my hands free to do what they’re supposed to. When my hands are trying to move and fight at the same time, it doesn’t feel natural, it’s just cumbersome and overloads them.

  • There is NOT ENOUGH USB slots on a PS4 to accommodate this? Where are you plugging your Ext. HDD, your VR, your controller charger, your move chargers.

    PS5 will be addressing the lack of USB slots I assume? But you need to come up with something better than “just stick it in a USB slot” – there isn’t any!

    • get a usb hub like above comments suggest. and things like controllers can charge via wall socket with one of those usb things some phones come with or can buy separately or plug in a nearby PC’s usb socket. I can’t remember the last time I even plugged my controller directly into my PS4.

  • Didn’t I see the Angry Videogame Nerd on one of these over a decade ago lol?

  • Never tryed PlayStation VR so i can’t talk about something i haven’t experienced, but for VR players and developers this must be another tool that they can use to give us more realistic experience of worlds they are creating.. So from just from that its thumbs up from me

  • I honestly thought this was an April Fools I’d missed as I hadn’t been on website for a few days lol

  • When I brought the aim controller it was sold with the game farpoint. I don’t think I would have brought it without a decent game bundled with it. Especially as it is the only game I have used it on so far.

    the 3drudder could do with a game bundled in as well . Maybe No Mans Sky would be a good fit if support gets added. This could be either sold as a physical copy or a download. I think they would sell a lot more that way which in turn would increase the support for this device by game developers.

  • Would be great if they could be used to emulate rudder pedals in games like Elite Dangerous and Ace Combat. But then again one could buy normal rudder pedals for that price.

    • Except those games themselves don’t even support the rudder add-on for the HOTAS 4, so this will also be a no-go. The devs need to update the game for them.

  • How about maybes making the move controllers more readily available, They’re as rare as hens teeth man.

  • Thats great. If it gets support for my favorites: Doom VFR, Killing floor incursion, Creed, Arizona Sunshine,etc… then its sure buy.

  • alucard_gallows

    Ok. So my issue is this, I’ve always loved ps4 gaming and decided to go all crazy this year and purchased everything for playstation 4 vr. I got the gun, wands, rudder, gaming chair, charging stations and all the extra stuff i could possibly get to cover all my vr wants and needs for ps4. Didn’t spare a dime cause i wanted the best first experience. I’ve been buying ps4 vr games that go on sale with my with my plus account every time i see one i like on sale and so far I’ve collected 20 amazing and fun vr games since i got my vr. Problem is nothing I’ve purchased so far works for the rudder. They seem like they should or would but don’t. Few games do and non of the one that do, look nearly as good as the ones that should work with the rudder. I don’t want to buy a game i don’t want to play just so i can experience the rudder. The ones that would be amazing with it don’t seem to be making patches to make the rudder work. I mean if it’s a few extra dollars for a patch than I’m in. So far I’ve taken the rudder out of the box and connected it and that’s it. I kinda am starting to feel like that’s the one thing i waisted money on and am not angry so much as disappointed. I refuse to return it cause i suspect that once i do that a game might actually come out that works with it that i like. I might recommend that playstation network at least add more ways to sort the games on both their search engines as well as our personal ps4 game consoles. Cause if i could look for specifics like games that support the rudder then i won’t have to go scouring through the list of games looking for what may or may not work. It would just be incredibly convenient to look up vr games then narrow my search to just rudder or gun games both when I’m shopping or looking to play a game on my ps4 console. So far i give the rudder a thumbs down though. Not cause the design or anything but cause non of the games on vr i like support it. And the ones that do don’t look as great so I’ve still yet to buy one for it. But i wouldn’t have purchased it if i would have known that i would have only the choice of 25-ish not bad but not great games. I hope they patch things quickly for games like borderlands 2 or skyrim and make some cool games for it. Also i really feel like making a new search browser is needed for it. Cause it was a head ache for me to figure out and search for all those rudder games. Could been avoided if i could just narrow search for vr rudder. That’s what frustrated me the most was the discovery that most games don’t work and then it was very hard to find the ones that did work. Then playstation says it’s up to the game designers to add it. Well as much as i have spent on this system i feel like playstation should be my middle man and tell these people to start making some patches or make it an available requirement for all future vr games that can utilise it. Or maybe these are just the words waisted of a tired old gamer.

  • We need more games supported for this. No mans sky , waking dead, Skyrim… it works well enough but where’s the games Sony??

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