10 ways Dangerous Driving evolves Burnout’s aggressive racing formula

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10 ways Dangerous Driving evolves Burnout’s aggressive racing formula

Persistent wrecks, speciality cars, Spotify integration and more detailed ahead of 9th April launch

You may not have heard of Three Fields Entertainment but you may be familiar with our past work. We started the Burnout series back in 2000 and were Creative Director (Alex) and Executive Producer (Fiona) on every game in the series.

In 2013 we left Electronic Arts and in 2014 started Three Fields Entertainment, which with just seven people is a return to our early days with a small passionate team working together more like a music band than a typical development team.

We have made four games to date and Dangerous Driving is the most exciting yet as it is a return to a genre that we love and have always been passionate about.


All genres have their core ingredients that become genre standards and the games we have made have had a bit of influence in forming the core ingredients of aggressive racing genre.  

It is over 10 years since we last made this genre of game so appropriately enough here are 10 ways we have been able to take the game further revisiting it with fresh eyes and new technology:

1. The widest range of game modes seen in any game in this genre​

The game has nine different single player game modes all tied together in a 69 event single player progression. We looked at what all our favourite game modes have been over the years and included them ALL – Races where Takedowns are what fuel your speed; eliminator races where you literally fight to survive over five laps, with the last place being eliminated each lap; one-on-one races where the other guy is in a faster car and the only way to win is to try and take him down repeatedly; three-race GPs; Pursuit where you play as the cops; Survival where its survive against the clock and the traffic (one crash and its game over) and genre favourite Road Rage is back. But with some new rule sets (see pt.4 below)

2. Persistent wrecks​

One of the best things about coming back to this genre with the benefit of PlayStation 4 hardware is the ability to do things we could never do before – and one of those is what we call persistent wrecks. Every time you take someone down their crashed wreck remains on the road, making each subsequent lap every more dangerous. And we’re excited about what this is going to mean online (see pt.10 below!)


3. New types of Takedowns​

We couldn’t put persistent wrecks in the game without using them as a crash and Takedown variant. Take someone down into a persistent wreck and it’s a Junkyard Takedown, crash into one yourself and it’s a Nervous Wreck – and believe us you will be when you’re on the last lap, desperately hanging on to first place hoping a wreck isn’t going to take you out.


4. Familiar modes; new rule sets​

Road Rage is back but we wanted to introduce new ways to play so in later events we have upped the challenge level. ​How many Takedowns can you score when Shunts are disabled – or when only Traffic  Takedowns count? This can get really challenging and we can’t wait to see the leaderboards for Traffic Takedowns. Our office best to only about 10!

5. Pursuit mode with up to five Target vehicles​

We’ve always been fans of playing as the cops. It’s a recurring theme in much of our work and one of the reasons that we chose to make our version of Need for Speed a remake of the classic Hot Pursuit.

At the start of the game it’s you against one Target vehicle but as the game progresses and you unlock better cop cars you’ll take on faster and more numerous opponents. This is a really intense mode played on our Point to Point tracks and you need to stop all the targets before you reach the end.


6. Cars that are tailor made for modes ​

In this genre vehicles can end up being the same, just a model swap with very similar stats. In Dangerous Driving we wanted to make car choice more meaningful.

So for example the Tuned version of each car earns and uses boost much quicker than any other, making it perfect for Heatwave events (see pt.8 below).  Advanced vehicles are stronger, hit harder and take less damage. Prototype vehicles are the ‘best’ in that they are the fastest but they’re made of carbon fibre so are the most fragile. We didn’t want there to be just one ‘best’ car when we take the game online (see pt.10!). You make a choice based on the mode and your playing style.

7. AI based off real player performances​

Another staple for the genre is AI that is designed to stay around the player and give them a good race. In Dangerous Driving we used real player performance to ‘teach’ the AI to drive and in most of the game modes the AI is racing to a time set by a real human player – take Face Offs for example – these guys are gunning for it just like the human player that was used to create their data making for an incredibly intense experience. The only way to throw them off is to take them down – repeatedly.

8. Modes where we genuinely don’t know the limit​

Following the theme of cars tailor made for modes – take a Tuned vehicle into a Heatwave mode and you get a very special and unique advantage. Heatwave events are purer race events (more similar to races in say Burnout 2) and dropping a whole boost bar in one go refills the boost, meaning you can chain your boost repeatedly.

Tuned vehicles are perfect because they earn and use boost more quickly so you can chain them quicker – but also each successful chain in a Tuned car adds 2 mph to your top speed – until you crash. Interestingly we have no idea what the limit is on this as we have always crashed after about 30-35 chains!! So we’re looking forward to seeing the YouTube videos of how far players push it!


9. Spotify integration​

We’ve long believed that the music people drive to is intensely personal so we really wanted to integrate Spotify and give people endless choice. Authorise your premium Spotify account in the Audio menu and you will then be able to control your music inside the game. Follow the development team’s own Spotify account (‘Three Fields’) or choose your own personal playlist (we are fans of Spotify’s Mixed for you ‘Songs to Sing in the Car’).  

10.Online play

In the first month after release we will release DLC that adds online to the game and we’re really excited about how all the new features will transfer into online – there will be online racing and of course online Road Rage – and persistent wrecks, Junkyard Takedowns and Nervous Wrecks (see above) will all feature strongly!

Dangerous Driving releases on PlayStation 4 on 9th April. You can pre order it now until 8th April and receive an exclusive car (only available to digital pre-order customers).

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21 Author Replies

  • If you can deliver a new Burnout 3, I’ll be very happy. :D

  • Preordered last week.

    Previously bought Dangerous Golf and Dangerous Zone 2 hoping it would lead to a new Burnout (without an open world setting).

    My prayers have been heard! ?

    • Yep we were listening in! Thanks for the pre order (and other game sales), What are you most looking forward to?

    • Happy to see the Heatwave mode, but I’m looking forward to the whole game and how it evolves in the future.

      Got to compliment your work on the community, quick to react unlike the PSBlog people.

  • Hey there thanks for stopping by – we’ve been inspired by all the old games but hopefully have taken it to a new place!

  • Is there another ingame music feature for those who do not use Spotify?

    • Not at this time. Integrating Spotify is something we have wanted to do for a long time as we really believe the music you drive to is such a personal choice. It also allows us to put together our dream play list something we could never do with a traditional soundtrack. You can sign up for a month’s free trial if you want to try it out and we really recommend doing that.

    • Thanks for the reply, Fiona. I will buy it anyway.

      PS: To the Blog Team, as you can see the reply function here on the blog still works.

  • What was the idea behind Persistent Wrecks?

    • It really is as simple as leaving the cars you takedown on the road behind you so when you come back on a subsequent lap they are an additional obstacle (for you but also for your opponents). It adds an extra layer of tension – especially if you’re in a tight race. (They are not present in every mode – for example in Heatwave events there are no Takedowns, Face Offs tend to take place on Point to Point tracks so they’re not relevant there and they’re also off in Road Rage.)

  • Burnout! And within my current budget too. :)

  • Why no crashmode? Most wanted for me…

    • Hi, we did do a couple of games already that were more in that vein – Danger Zone and Danger Zone 2 so we decided that this game would be more focussed on racing. We’re a tiny studio, just 7 people, so we have to pick our battles. That’s why the game that releases Tuesday is single player and we add online next month. Better to do one thing to the best we can.

  • Ah yes! Danger Zone1+2 are missing a lot older Burnout titles (Crash Mode) had… +wish for better physics! Thank you and good luck! Next time fully-fledged Burnout please and i am ready to pay 60€

    • Interesting fact is Burnout games had no real physics. Danger Zone games did . But better damage is something we will add in future for sure.

    • Do you plan to improve the damage modeling as an update for the current game or in a potential sequel?

    • TBD. We’ve been looking at the various options so depends what route we go down. Our focus is on online first and then we will see.

    • At least you have a solid foundation to build on. Dangerous Driving already looks like it has nailed the sense of speed and intensity that made the Burnout games such a blast to play.

    • Exactly we see each game as a stepping stone to the next. Always building on top of the last thing.

  • I can’t wait to pick this game up, I’m not a big racing fan but I adore Burnout, so as soon as I saw that the creators of Danger Zone were making an arcade racer I was in!

    I have a couple of questions, firstly do you have any plans in the future to bring split screen to the game on any platforms? This sort of game lends itself to the couch experience, but I understand that it’s far more hardware intensive so it might not be an option for a small studio.

    Second question, does the pc version of Dangerous Driving come with Danger Zone 2 like the physical editions on other platforms? I’d love to be able to pick up the sequel as I never got round to playing it myself!

    Gonna end this off by saying how excited I am about the Spotify integration! I’ve been wanting this in certain games for years, and this is the perfect combination! Good luck with your launch guys, hope it gets all the attention it deserves

    • Great to hear! Thank you and thanks for the good wishes! Sadly its not really been an option for us to do split screen. As to the PC version it’s digital only so no Danger Zone 2 but you can pick it up in one of the sales at a great price. Glad to hear you’re excited about Spotify, its something we have wanted to do for soooo long – we’ve been adding songs today to our Three Fields playlist. You can follow us at ‘Three Fields’. Hope you enjoy the game !

    • Losing splitscreen on Burnout Paradise started that franchise on a downhill slide.

      Not having it in an age of high-performance consoles is a crime. Good luck to you.

  • Will there be a single event mode that lets you race with any car and track combination outside of the World Tour?

    • It’s funny you mention that as we were just saying the other day that we’d love to include that. Its not something we support at the moment because of the way the game is constructed but we would like to in future.

    • Thanks for the reply! Hope to see it added in the future, especially when there is such a great variety of modes available!

    • I know its crying out for it isn’t it!

  • Burnout 2 is still one of my alltime favourite racers and this looks very similar, but sadly, for me, it’s missing that AAA polish and this almost looks like something you might play on a smartphone, so I’ll pass. Too bad because I’ve been really anxious for a good racer, this gen has been quite lacking in that genre imo. I miss Burnout and Motorstorm…

    • Burnout 2 is one of Alex’s favourites – that’s what the new Heatwave mode was inspired by. Pure racing, no Takedowns – racing, in the zone, eye to the horizon almost not daring to blink!. But fair enough if it’s not for you, respect that. Though if you’re looking for a good racer imho the gameplay is what matters and that’s where our polish has gone in.

    • I respect that you focussed on gameplay as I understand it’s only a 7 man team. I’m sure people will get their fun out of it. For me, gameplay isn’t necessarily the most important aspect but the complete picture is. I’ve never been big on indies in the first place so just one guy’s opinion :) Wasn’t trying to be rude or anything, just my personal, honest opinion.

    • No worries!

    • That is a shame that. Because you cut yourself off from alot of good gaming experiences with your entry requirements. I to like Triple AAA But ive had great experiences with indie titles to if not more than triple aaa. Graphics isnt everything. This looks like an early generation title i think thats fine if thats what they are going for. I loved burnout 1 2 an 3 takedown etc. they were the best ones imo, open world took something away from these games imo. Paradise was great but it was missing something for me something the earlier titles had. Most important thing for me is the physics an feel. Does it play like old skool burnout does it feel like burnout. If supporting this title leads to more resources for the team to add that polish in future titles that has to be good thing right?

    • No, its not really a sit by the side of the road taking nice pictures kind of game. But I get where you’re coming from!

  • I’m in 2 minds about this. On one hand, this game looks fantastic and just what I need after Burnout Paradise. The other hand laments no DJ Atomika and currently no way of adding him into the game via a custom MP3 playlist (I spent many hours hacking my SSX3 disc, extracting all his audio files, and building them into a playlist with tunes for the PS3 SSX game). Atomika was a big part of my enjoyment of Burnout Paradise and I haven’t enjoyed Burnout games as much without him. I know I’m the minority about this (probably a minority of one), and I’ll still probably get the game anyway (albeit after Mortal Kombat 11), but I’ll still miss him.

    • DJ Atomika or Ted Stryker? I’m torn;-). Tbh we were all a bit in love with SSX hence why we used DJ Atomika in Paradise (damn autocorrect keeps trying to correct his name!).

    • Haha, it’s DJ Atomika all the way for me (no disrespect to Stryker though). If you ever want an easy pre-order for your future games… ;)

  • Online mode is DLC sounds a bit shifty. Will this be a paid DLC?

    • Can see how that might feel shifty. No not paid, its free – and its after launch because we are a small team so we figured better to put everything into single player, get that out and then add online post release when we can focus on it completely

    • Thanks for the reply, good to hear it isn’t paid. Just seemed odd that you mention it as DLC and not make it clear that it’ll be free. With modern gaming now being more about shady DLC practices and MTX than it is about shipping complete, fully functioning games it’s wise to expect the worst case scenario.

    • We will edit the pages – point taken!

  • Hi Fiona, great to see so many replies. This level of engagement is sadly a rarity these days on the PS Blog.

    One quick question… is the bonus copy of Danger Zone 2 in the retail copy supplied on disc or is it a code to redeem on the PSN store?

  • Hi, will you be including the traffic check mode from Burnout 3 Takedown?

  • Galactic_Warlock

    Burnout 3 was the last EA game I bought without hesitation and I am glas there will a spiritual successor outside of EA! I’m stoked.

  • This is all very exciting news! I’d really like to know, are there any cheeky shortcuts on the tracks? I miss this in racing games. Also, any chance of PSVR compatibilty for a future update?

  • I am all over this Reminds me of the many hours spent on Burnout, racing into oncoming traffic trying not to blink. The online multiplayer is a bonus but will the game also have any kind of local split screen modes?

  • That game wakes up so many good memories, Burnout 2, Takedown, Revenge, Dominator, Legends. All were amazing games and the market was empty without a proper successor, since 2005.

  • I’m a fan of Burnout for over a decade .I’ve bought all Burnout titles on PS2 and 3 copies of Burnout Paradise(PC PS3 PS4remastered), also bought Burnout Crash! ,dangerous zone and dangerous golf. I’m very happy to see this game coming, it reminds me the old good days playing Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge

  • The UI needs a rework. It needs to be more “raw”, more “aggressive” looking rather than some fancy roundy fonts.

    Look at Burnout Revenge, that game had gameplay filters and fonts that put you in the mood, in that “dirtiness”.

    Also, tone down the motion blur. You need less motion blur the faster the framerate is. Maybe do something like the 180 degrees of shutter angle rule on cameras? Pretty sure you can find a solution to that.

    It does look alright but i really hope these things change drastically.

    • I absolutely love the UI design. The fonts in the middle of the screen are still a bit low-fi, but the overall style really captures the feel Burnout 3 had and is a wonderful nostalgia trip. Revenge (and Dominator even more-so) went all in on grunge and it could be a bit much, getting too close to NFS territory, so I’m glad they’ve gone with a cleaner more inviting look.

      Agreed about the motion blur though. Doubly so, since I’ll probably end up getting it on PS4 because of the Epic Game Store exclusivity. Don’t usually see many graphics options on console, and I have serious doubts there’d be an option to disable motion blur available. There was tonnes of it in classic Burnout, but only when boosting at super high speeds and I think the key difference might be it was only really applied to the edges of the screen in prior games. Here the whole image can get quite smeared. Even in Criterion’s version of Most Wanted, they made sure the area your eyes focus to was clear of blur.

  • Hey Fiona :) Just wanted to say thank you so much for making a game like this , had no idea it existed until now. Just to clarify the guys at Ghost Games are busy with the Need For Speed games whilst Criterion are still making software albeit on a smaller scale due to the cutbacks and layoffs etc which I’m sorry to hear about. To how much leeway do you guys get in terms of making it (essentially) a spiritual successor to the Burnout series as I’m assuming you guys can’t make a straight up new game? Sorry if silly question!

  • Does the game include licensed music? Spotify is not available in my PS4 region and playing the game on silent mode is not ideal.

    • If you don’t have Spotify there is no music whatsoever outside of the main menu, not even original music made just for the game. It’s a really big oversight since not all regions support Spotify on PS4 and not everyone even has Spotify at all.

  • Nice to see a new “Burnout” game is released.

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