PlayStation Store’s huge Spring Sale kicks off today

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PlayStation Store’s huge Spring Sale kicks off today

Big savings on Marvel’s Spider-Man, Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Detroit: Become Human, more

Web-slinging through New York, fighting a deadly doomsday cult and planning the perfect heist are some of the things you can get up to in this year’s Spring Sale games.

Pick up massive savings on incredible titles including Marvel’s Spider-Man, Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition*, Detroit: Become Human and more until 1st May**.

Make sure to check out the list below for all the discounts and head over to PlayStation Store for more details.

If you just want to sit back and enjoy yourself without having to mash any buttons, you’re in luck. We’re also including PlayStation Video in the Spring Sale, and you can grab a bargain on action-packed films like Deadpool 2, John Wick Chapter 2, The Darkest Minds and more. Check out PlayStation Store on your console for the deals!

* Gran Turismo Sport in the Middle East.

**Some titles will leave the sale earlier than 1st May and new titles will be added over the course of the sale. 

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  • I’ve got Tamriel Unlimited and a bunch of the DLC (DarkBro etc) but not Summerset or Morrowind. If I get The Elder Scrolls® Online: Collection, will that upgrade my game to include both those packs? It feels more cost effective than shelling out for Crowns and buying them in-game.

  • now as we don’t have anymore PS+’s free PS3 and PSV games, i prefer more discounts on these 2 platforms.

    • They should do something for the Vita to make up for how badly they handled it.

      During it’s whole time they basically ignored it, didn’t bother even selling it or giving it any promotion and just very quietly stopped producing it last month. Yet VR which isn’t even 1/5th as popular gets ridiculous amounts of promotion.

  • I will be busy with Days Gone this April but knowing me i will find something on this sale

  • Tetris Effect on sale! wooohooo

  • Not that huge. Barely anything at all from my 40+ game wishlist on here and i already got spider-man and uncharted and such but i’ll have a look if there’s anything that may appeal to me while reduced.

  • aka what we had in other shapes and forms bazilion times before.

  • I was really hoping to see the AC Origins DLC in here along with the other AC discounts. Oh well, hopefully in the next sale.

  • Just bought Dragonball fighterz for 30 and now the Ultimate Edition is in the Sale for 40? Like for real guys fuxk Off

    • Sometimes if you contact support and explain they’ll refund things.

      Might not but it’s worth a try at least.

    • Come on now stay classy, no need to curse?

    • Dark_Yu_Narukami

      MiseryPrincess thanks i will try i even have 10€ on my acc so i could nix it instantly

      AmUnRaSeTi of course it is sony does this [DELETED] way to often why do they put the Standart Edition in the last Sale and now the Specials Editions? This is total [DELETED]

  • Might be time to pick up Spiderman and cities skylines.

    Highly recommended driveclub before it gets removed from the store end of august

    • I’m definitely going to pick Driveclub up before August but, to be honest, this sale is only £3 cheaper than normal price, so I’m going to hedge my bets and see if it’s cheaper in another sale before August.

  • Poor sale, not in terms of volume, but actual discount. I mean, the Playstation Hits titles for instance have been discounted by 18%, which equates to £3. Really? This is the huge spring savings extravaganza?! Come on Sony, it’s average at best.

  • There are so many games in this world i would love to play as soon as they go cheap yet somehow sale after sale i am left with nothing in my cart. Numbers mean nothing if you dont add variety guys. I don’t think there’s anything here i haven’t seen in a hundred previous sales.

    • Best place to get sales is usually on physical copies (though it depends on your region). The prices are controlled by the stores, so usually every single game gets 30-50% off within a year and sometimes more as shops want to dump them to make space.

      Digital sales are very, very rarely better (unless you can only get it digitally) and many publishers don’t seem to bother.

    • Where i am physical games tend to stay full priced until they’re completely irrelevant at best. E.g. i saw final fantasy X PS4 ‘on sale’ at my local store the other day for $69

  • Time to go big on VR :)

  • When will NIER: Automata get a discount ??? :'(

    • Probably in the “Big In Japan” sale.

      Last year it was at the end of April, but it has been in June and July before. So sometime soonish.

    • It was on sale in February but will most likely be on sale again with the Big in Japan sale around May-June.

  • I love these sales! Trying to go all digital so I bought The Witcher 3 on the last sale but the bloody save file from my physical copy doesnt work with the digital version. Is there a solution?:/

  • Tetris Effect for the second time, but still no Beat Saber…

    I was really hoping it would be in this sale. Wait, is this one of those sales where new items get added a few weeks in?

  • If this is the only sale we’re going to get this month, this is one really disappointing month.

    Have some variety next time, please.

  • Please put metro exodus, Red dead redemption 2 and Kingdom hearts I need them too much

  • Why can’t we get sales like this in the us all we got was a reduced price for resident evil 2 and wwe 2k19

  • Wait this started a week ago? I’m on PSN right now and it’s the same 30 games on sale from last week – none of them are these titles.

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