Hands-on round-up: 5 huge upcoming PS VR games playtested

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Hands-on round-up: 5 huge upcoming PS VR games playtested

First impressions of Iron Man VR, No Man’s Sky VR, Five Nights at Freddy’s VR and more

Salutations! Last week, the PlayStation Blog team journeyed to the exotic land of San Francisco to attend a hands-on event featuring a bundle of upcoming PlayStation VR experiences, many of which had just been announced during our first episode of State of Play.

We were plenty impressed by the lot of ’em, but we found time to write more detailed impressions of five new games coming to the platform in the months ahead. Peruse at your leisure, and hit the comments to let us know which ones stood out to you in last week’s show.

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  • Just hook it to my veins!

  • THEN SORT OUT THE MOVE CONTROLLER SUPPLY ISSUES!!!! £130+ on Amazon, Out of Stock at Argos, GAME, Shopto, etc and can’t get it on its own at Very.co.uk.

    The prices for two move controllers has spiralled out of control, and my guess is that those controllers are in a short supply which drives the price up. If Sony want to make VR a bigger success, then sort this crap out.

    • You can buy it from anywhere in the EU as long as UK remains a members.

    • Have to mildly agree.

    • I ended up paying £90 on ebay for a new set. £20 more than I should have. Sony do not care. Ask Playstation on Twitter follow flow charts and haven’t the intuition to deviate from it. No one at Sony wants to answer anyone. They have gone full on arrogant once again.

  • Absolute craziness that they don’t address this Move Controller supply issue. Sony are making extremely bizarre decisions of late.

  • It’s still sorta weird that Move controllers are so in short supply and increased demand now when before PSVR they could often be found in 2nd hand shops for about £5 each. Kinda wish I’d stocked up on a few. :P

    • I got a new set of move controllers when the Dreams beta launched. Many others may have done the same.

    • Should sell mine, I was kind of just hanging onto them for their “historic” value…

  • Should move all the VR stuff to a new separate blog…

    It’s a perfect solution. The fans of this thing can not get annoyed by a post about a normal game once a month and everyone else wont have the front page filled daily with irrelevant stuff they have no interest in..

  • I am excited for everything but No Man’s Sky. Especially FNAF. I have wanted a FNAF game on PS4 for quite some time now.

  • I have always been really hooked on the idea of „Blood & Truth“ and I personally can’t wait to play it!!!

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