New on PlayStation Store this week: Constructor Plus, FAR: Lone Sails, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Constructor Plus, FAR: Lone Sails, more

Plus, pre-order Control and World of Warships: Legends

We’re back with a fresh slate of new PlayStation Store releases for you to explore in the week ahead. Build structures all over the solar system in Constructor Plus, go for a post-apocalyptic drive in FAR: Lone Sails or challenge your friends to a magical arena battle in Skorecery.

Read on to see the full list of highlights, then head over to PlayStation Store for more info.

1. Constructor Plus


System 3 returns with a sequel to its hilarious RTS city builder including the original title’s sarcasm and a plethora of new content. Start your career as a small-time property developer and grow your empire using any means possible, even if that means making deals with some shady characters. Rising to the top should be easy – it just might be a little bit illegal…

  • Available: Thursday 4th April

2. FAR: Lone Sails

What if you’re the last of your kind? Maintain and upgrade your vehicle as you travel across a dried-out ocean in Okomotive’s post-apocalyptic adventure game. There are no vicious monsters in this world, only you and your vehicle against a desolate world filled with roadblocks and hazardous weather.

3. Skorecery


Invite a few friends over and settle your rivalries in GrappleHook Games’ couch co-op arcade game that takes seconds to learn but hours to master. Battle it out in close-quarter arenas with up to three other players as you run, jump, cast spells or maybe unleash a curse or two…

  • Available: Thursday 4th April

This week’s pre-orders

1. Control

Remedy Entertainment serves up a third-person action-adventure where you’re left as the director of a secretive agency following an otherworldly attack. Master your supernatural powers and modifiable load-outs as you fight your way through unpredictable environments. What a way to get promoted!

2. World of Warships: Legends

Want to work on your tactical skills? Enter large-scale sea battles in this naval action MMO where you can play with a range of strategies to defeat your rivals. Plan ambushes, flanking attacks or take enemies out head on. If you pre-order, you can start playing from 12th April.

*All release dates are correct at time of publication.


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  • Is Borderlands GOTY for PS4 not out April 3rd?

    • Yes, it’s likely that this blog post was written before the announcement and thus wasn’t changed before it went live. Borderlands GOTY was also excluded from the US Blog’s new releases list.

  • So power rangers isn’t out yet?

  • Rocksmith DLC for this week is a Roxette 3 pack with “It Must Have Been Love” “Listen to Your Heart” & “The Look”

  • just let know that Driverclub And VR Servers are shutting down Match 31st Next year this not a joke it’s real.

  • What about that Borderlands though?

  • So no free2play version for World of Warships?

    Edit: The developers confirmed to me on Facebook that it is in fact Free2Play. The useless blog team just neglected to state it.

  • Never thought I would see the day when my favourite sport got a video game release. Poop Slinger!

  • Finally there’s a poop slinging game for PS4. I hope this will stop me from doing it in real-life. I’m tired of getting arrested all the time.

  • Sword and Fairy 6 could be interesting as I’ve never played a CRPG before. Curious as to how the Chinese portray their myths in a game.

    Far: Lone Sails premise reminds me of a film called Snowpiercer without gelified roaches.

  • Control is on my radar. That looks pretty damn sweet.

    • Definitely. ‘Alan Wake’ and ‘Quantum Break’ were both awesome so I have high hopes for this one.

  • The call of duty games has reached the point that the average gamer no longer can play the game and have fun you throw us in a lobby with master prestige players witch i cannot kill and they ruin the game for the rest of us skill based matchmaking works but you choose not to use this tool because then they have to play against players there own skill level heaven forbid they might loose sever matches an hour instead you turn them loose on us well after being a loyal sony customer sense the first console came out i think ive purchased my last console if im not having fun why buy another one thank you for all the years of fun but unless you make some changes im done.

    • What do Sony have to do with call of duty?

    • @mhance1, According to these so called players, Sony is responsible for every fault in the gaming. Just look at some comments on YT. There is an indie game coming to store and people say “Why are you making these trash games Sony!!!”. It’s just hilarious :D

    • Oh boy, i cannot express how much i appreciate proper punctuation right now…

      But yeah, i love it when people face issues regarding multi-only games. Next time, think harder where are you spending your money :)

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