Conan Exiles and The Surge are your PlayStation Plus games for April

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Conan Exiles and The Surge are your PlayStation Plus games for April

Survive brutal exile in ancient civilisation or fight for your life in an uncompromising dystopian future

Two new titles join the PlayStation Plus monthly games line-up on 2nd April, each distinct but offering their own unique spin on what it means to survive. Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Conan Exiles


Drawing inspiration from classic barbarian tales, survival adventure Conan Exiles winds back the clock to the very dawn of civilisation, casting you as a forgotten exile abandoned alone in the desert for crimes unknown.

Starting out with nothing but a loin cloth, you’ll have to explore this vast, hostile world, gathering materials, crafting tools and carving out a new life for yourself.

Exploring a shared online space, you’ll have the chance to meet other players, build settlements and bases together, and even raise your own armed fortresses as you advance your mission to dominate this treacherous environment.

The Surge


From the creators of brutal medieval action-adventure Lords of the Fallen comes a challenging sci-fi spin on the hardcore action RPG genre.

Take on the role of new staff member Warren who, following a trying first day on the job, awakens to the aftermath of some unknown cataclysm to find his new workplace devastated by out-of-control machines.

Explore the twisting maze-like environment of the CREO research facility, fending off haywire tech, scavenging new parts and weapons, rescuing survivors and unlocking the secrets of this vast, abandoned facility.

Both titles will be available to download from PlayStation Store on 2nd April.

In the meantime, you still have a few days left to pick up March’s two PlayStation Plus titles.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a great chance to revisit one of the grand-daddies of the FPS genre, while The Witness is a mesmerising slow-burn of smart puzzle design.

If you haven’t tried them, there’s time yet: both will be available to download for PS Plus members until 1st April (no foolin’!).Let us know how you get on with March and April’s titles over on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll see you again next month.

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  • Not even a “top story”. No faith in the games? EDIT: O_O

  • So, I’ll be one of the first to say it, this is an April fool’s joke? Yes? Please let it be!

  • What a load of rubbish. There was me thinking quality would rise when the amount of games went down . No such luck.

    • Which games would you have wanted?

    • They could have given at least one of their oldies – Killzone or Order. It is time actually.

    • The Order was on Plus last year I think.

    • It wasn’t

    • Not a janky survival mmo and a rubbish souls like. Something which is more than 75 on metacritic rated would be nice. The line up this month is trash.

    • Perhaps one of the first party Sony games that hasn’t been on plus yet.

    • I dont get it, you people actually go onto metacritic when you see which games they are gonna put up? People let others decide what they think of a game, well ok, you will miss alot of fun games but its up to you :)

    • That’s funny! The surge is a great game and you are missing out fot not giving it a try. One of the best games I played that year.

    • .

    • @ThePirateLeChuck

      Being a slave to numbers or thinking that what the masses think is universal truth is never smart.

      If you’re paying for PS+ you might as well download the games and try them out. You might actually enjoy them.

      There are an infinite number of games (or other media) that have gotten weak (metacritic) scores and not been popular with the masses at release, but a lot of people found it to be enjoyable or it becoming a cult classic later on. The original NIER is a perfect example of this. Despite the weak metacritic score and the fact that the masses didn’t enjoy that game at all more and more people got around to playing it and enjoying it. It even got to the point where without the cult following for NIER we never would’ve gotten NIER: Automata.

      In this instance, The Surge is absolutely not a bad game and has good qualities. For one the combat is actually pretty good and different.

      But if you’d rather be a slave to numbers and the masses while complaining then by all means don’t let me stop you.

  • THIS is for the players?

    • I want them, Im a player. Which games do you mean they could have chosen that would appeal all players?

    • Ones that are currently not up for sale, ridiculous totally conning people who think they are getting a good deal for conan and not even 2 weekks later it is on ps plus.

    • @BTBuster2010 they did something like this before with shatter on the PS3 if you contact Sony customer support they may actually refund it of course they might not but you don’t know unless you ask

    • Dupe post, ignore.

  • Very poor month, 2 mediocre games… Thanks sony… Absolutely rubbish!

  • Conan Exiles – 68 score on Metacritic

    The Surge – 72 score on Metacritic

    If you’re going to remove PS3 and Vita games at least add another PS4 (could be indie) title.

    • People actually look at metacritic, that site is a joke. Anyone can get their “review” on there. And yes, both user and critic. Why would anyone listen to people there, who only give 10 or 0. Try reading some of the reviews and you will never listen to them again :)

    • @Maaden_Swe Then don’t look at the user reviews and just look at the critics’ reviews instead?

    • @Maaden

      For all I know you may be a very nice person, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but why do you feel it’s your job to take on everyones’ frustration at Sony? I’m not saying this is the case, but you must understand your over enthusiasm for Sony’s progressively poor offerings makes you look like a Playstation employee (yes, we all know staff at PS use the comments sections), or that you really wish you worked for Sony.

      When popular opinion is so anti-anything, there’s usual heavy merit towards it. The two games on offer this month are widely regarded as poor, ‘average’ is relatively complimentary. For those of us who are long time subscribers the value for money has deteriorated beyond recognition. Around a year ago £40 a year would have got you 2 PS4, 2 PS3, and 2 Vita games, cross-plays often included. Since PS+ ditched the other consoles and increased the annual price by 25% popular expectation inevitably increased, but instead the PS4 games have actually become far less appealing. Personally, I love The Witness, but I appreciate that 80% of gamers probably wouldn’t enjoy what is essentially a ‘line puzzler’ on a high-res Proteus island. COD is just a rehash micro-transaction money-grab, albeit with definite playability, but this month is worse and exceptionally bland.Playstation believe that this current deal is in keeping with current trends, despite direct rivals offering (currently) far superior incentives (and more of them). This was also an opportunity for Sony to replace PS3 and Vita with a game to help push a department that needs it, such as the Indie scene (PS+ used to be excellent at introducing players to niche titles they wouldn’t normally delve into) or VR (if a VR game was offered every month or two I for one would almost certainly get a headset), but just like so many before Playstation have reduced their support (ask Vita owners how ‘great’ things have been for them…). Also, don’t forget the huge influx in games released per month, on the PS4 alone there are between 50-100 games released (digitally and on disc), so it really isn’t a case of them ‘running out of good games’ they can add, the back catalogue is very extensive.The addition of extra cloud save storage is great, but anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone will know 50gb a month is never more than a quid a month.

    • (continued)

      Additionally, ever notice how these monthly posts never have any ‘Author replies’? That’s because nobody wants to take on the responsibility for what they clearly know to be a poor deal.

      For those who say the £50 a month is for online gaming, maybe it is for you, but not all of us, and don’t forget you can still play online on your PS3 or PC for free – the idea it costs gamers £50 a year in server charges (after console, game and peripheral fees!) is beyond ridiculous.

      Also, for those who can’t afford to save up for annual subscriptions, those poor folk get a really raw deal, paying up to twice as much as per annum offers.

      And it’s also the way we’re told we’re getting ‘£80s worth of games this month’ when everyone knows that valuation is insulting questionable.

      I hate saying this as I’ve been loyal to Playstation since the mid 90s, but this is purely a motion created by greedy executives, they’ve been here before and had to backtrack due to fan backlash.

      For people who think they are being robbed due to the terms/quality of a subscription drastically being altered mid-contract I would strongly suggest contacting Trading Standards/Citizen’s Advice (for those outside the UK alternatives exist), it’s easy and they have client service operatives who genuinely take note of what hassle you’ve endured, and with enough complaints they’ll look into what’s really going on. But please don’t use this as an unnecessary excuse to be needlessly rude to PS staff, a lot will be in the same boat as us. Ask questions, don’t start fires ?

       *Due to the details in this comment and how it abides by the Terms & Conditions I would appreciate this message not being deleted, Playstation, doing so would be a direct violation as to my rights of freedom of speech as this message really is ‘For The Players’.

    • An indie??? Are you nuts? The complaints here would DOUBLE if there was an actual extra indie game lol.

    • @bobbysaints

      Well said

    • The people that wrote that misunderstand the difference between “cost” and “worth”. Fifa 19 Ultimate whatever “costs” 979.99, but it’s only “worth” to me what I would be willing to pay. So as I have no interest in Fifa, it’s worth 0.00, however much it costs.

      It’s pretty unlikely anyone places 80 as the “worth” of these games. As they’d have bought them on the store for 20 already.

      (by the way, even though I agree with you and it shouldn’t be deleted, you don’t actually have any “freedom of speech” in a private setting)

    • I dont work for Sony and I dont wanna work for Sony and I dont see that it is my job to do anything. I write it as I see it, and I see an insanely amount of whiny children. Its always the wrong game, no matter which games they put up :) If its an indie game, no matter how great it is, its wrong, just because its to cheap or to short. The price seem to be important to alot of people, I find that hilarious, a good game is a good game. So to sum up, test the damn games before you complain. Dont look at metacritic, dont let other people decide what you think, actually start the damn game.

    • How exactly is people stating their dissatisfaction a reason to insult, belittle and dismiss based on assumed grounds?

      They’re arguing for something you’d profit from. To “fight” against them seems a bit foolish and pointless.

      Also, these aren’t unheard of games. A great many people will have played them and formed opinions that way.

    • Jesus I see this guy Maaden_Swe in every ps plus post defending them. I like the surge, I like call of duty remaster and the witness. The problem is they increased the price and removed 4 games. Why

      I thought we would start getting Ps vr games or maybe 3 ps4 games but nope, its the same 2 games.

      When people show they’re upset its because of that

    • @Maaden

      Thanks for your honest response, and I understand nobody enjoys enduring another complaining, but by complaining about others complaining you’re being a tad hypocritical, not to mention oppressive in trying to speak down to anyone who feels like this news is bad. You may find pricing hilarious but again, that’s more on you failing to understand financial constraints, but that’s irrelevant as there is no question that PS+ has greatly diminished in value over the padt 18months. Also, in Sweden PS+ will seem a much better deal to you as everything else is more expensive than most places. People are entitled to form their own opinions, even if that means they rely on a third party. Given the amount of games that are released it’s absurd to think people should have to independently make up their mind on each game. I agree, sometimes the complaints are silly, we’ve had some great indie titles and so on, but a 25% price increase followed by a 66.6r% drop in content, there’s huge validity in feeling aggrieved by such a decision, especially when the remaining 33.3r% of content isn’t an improvement.

    • @Maaden_Swe I see you directing a lot of criticism towards “whiney children” who are never pleased with any of the Plus games but this is simply untrue, you just need to understand that people pay for a service, in fact they’re pretty much forced to pay for it to play online but when Plus began on PS3 it had nothing to do with online access as it was a premium service for monthly games, the current Plus is a far cry from that but people still want quality games from it, after all Sony actually use that as an incentive in their marketing.

      @bobbysaints gets it, they make more money than ever from Plus but give less and less in return, I actually pay for 2 in my household so it stings a little bit more.

      I know it only works out at only pennies per day but Sony have 36.3 million Plus subscribers which is roughly £254 million per month (£3 billion per year!) so is it really unreasonable to want quality games every so often?

      These are from the Playstation Blog, spot the pattern . .

      Sept – Destiny 2 & God of War – 77% Liked

      Oct – Laser League & Friday 13th – 13% Liked

      Nov – Bulletstorm & Yakuza – 57% Liked

      Dec – Soma & Onrush – 40% Liked

      Jan – Steep & Portal Knights – 38% Liked

      Feb – Hitman & For Honor – 79% Liked

      Mar – CoD MWR & Witness – 39% Liked

      Apr – Conan & Surge – 27% Liked (currently)

      The Plus games will never please everyone but there are 2 that stand out above with a high percentage of likes and they are also the only ones with 2x AAA games, people just want value for money even if those AAA’s aren’t the best, they are generally of more value in terms of retail price and length of playing time as most Indie games tend to be shorter.

      I admit some of the Indie games I have enjoyed but they can usually be completed fairly quickly, people like the big games, thats why they sell more despite the much higher price

      We are customers and Sony is a business, we both want the best deal but remember that these aren’t freebies, we pay for this and Sony do very well out of it, we all want to feel we are valued especially as Sony constantly tell us its “For the Players”.

      Personally I have not played either of these games so I will try them before I can have an opinion but I haven’t felt like Plus represented value for money for a long time.

  • Here I was expecting quality over quantity. Neither of these even mustered 75% on metacritic. Pathetic offering.

    • Stop deciding what you think of a game from metacritic, lol. Play the games and then decide, I would never let anyone else decide what I think.

    • For the record I don’t care about metacritic reviews, I don’t actually read reviews I’m more than capable of deciding whether a game is right for me from trailers & previews. However, when Plus was in its infant years we were promised quality games, never dipping below a certain standard. & Sony themselves used to use metacritic as a benchmark which is why I just did, it’s ironic. When I first decided to subscribe I had demons souls/kingdoms of amalur/dragons dogma/Team Ico HD Collection. Open your eyes dude, standards have clearly dropped… don’t preach to me that these two games are anywhere close to that value for money.

    • This guy is going through here like a militant zealot, criticising everyone who feels disgruntled at the quality of games we’re being offered. The good old early days of PS+ are gone forever. They know people who want to play online will pay because they have to, not because they want to like the PS3 days.

    • Nope, Im just tired of the whiny kids in here. The Witness is a fantastic game, played thru it with a friend when it came out. For Honor, another great game. Rogue Aces was also fun, did any of you actually play it? I doubt the majority of the people complaining have tested any of the games they whine about. They see the games, they check the price and the metacritic score and then come here to whine. And I just find that pathetic, thats why I keep writing. And I wont stop just cause it hit peoples nerves :)

    • Different people whine about different things though, we all have different tastes. I for one didn’t whine last month as I was close to buying The Witness lots of times.

      I have had PS+ continuously since a few years before the PS4 launched and picked up a PS4 day one. We had practically every top first party and many highly rated indie Vita games over time, many quality titles on PS3. There have been a few gems on PS4 including Rocket League, the Housemarque games, Outlast, Tearaway (didn’t bother on PS4 as I platinumed the Vita version) to name a few but nobody can deny there has been a massive reduction in the quality of games we are getting in general on PS4. There are two other excellent Housemarque games yet to be included, Nex Machina (which I paid full price for) and Matterfall which I have yet to play. Outlast 2 etc. Some idiots complain when we get indie games, even though that’s were most innovation is these days, but there’s no denying these are two poor games this month and that is the general theme most months. I got rid of my PS3 shortly after PS4 and my Vita a few years back, so I’m not affected by the games stopping but anyone still with all three are understandably unhappy.

    • .

    • Whiny kids? Are you serious? Coming from the shill who is always out to defend Sony and apparently wastes his time trying to combat the “mean bullies who tell Sony they’re bad”. Grow up. You’re the only kid here.

      Also, I played the entirety of The Witness. It’s mediocre. Highly, highly overrated. And I like puzzle games. But regardless of that, it’s been on sale so many times, and in single digits. Not even remotely worth the PS+ price to get it.

      PS+ has definitely plummeted in quality over the years. I’ve had it almost since the beginning but it almost unanimously turned bad once the PS4 launched. Not surprising, but disappointing.

  • PLEASE tell me this is an April fools!! What a massive let down…

    • It’s not Sony cutting back . They aslo not makeing anymore psn cards since Sony don’t want them anymore

    • ScooterMix, who said anything about PSN cards ? Sony has forbidden digital voucher on other stores, nobody said anything about PSN cards.

  • Wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Glad my sub has run out. Although my son wants a free Fortnite skin via Plus so, sorry son, but you’re going to have to wait a bit longer as I’m not resubbing for this!

    • You dont need Ps Plus to play Fortnite? Thats pretty cool actually, I like that, guess thats another reason why they got sooo many players :) Which games would you have wanted to resub to plus?

    • I believe all ‘Free to Play’ titles on PS4 don’t require Plus to play them, although I may be wrong. Fortnite certainly doesn’t because I let my Plus lapse back in November I think.

      With regards games that would have made me resub, none really. I don’t play online and I have an active PS Now sub (got it for £59.99 in a sale) which seems to get most of the Plus games anyway, so I can’t see a reason to get it again. If there were two AAA games I never had before I may resub for a month just to get the Fortnite skin for my son.

  • I’m seriously thinking about unsubscribing from PS+. Would be better to buy 2 good games for this money instead of getting bunch of trash. And these games will be mine forever.

    • So which games would you have wanted?

    • As sure as night follows day, Maaden_Swe is here doing his tiresome shill thing. Again. And again.

      Are you employed on a pay-per-post basis, or does your being a crashing bore come naturally?


    • @Captain__Chunk , hehe, well nobody actually write which games they want. Nope, not employed. Are you employed by Xbox for whining on every post?

    • @Maaden_Swe You might as well give up on defending sony and trying to ‘fight’ against anyone who is dissatisfied with the monthly games, because the truth is the value of ps plus has been going down to a point where we are essentially getting ripped off. And that’s a fact.

    • Not sure if that was an attempt at humour or just wilful stupidity.

      If the former, it didn’t work.

      It’s pretty simple really, though something for which you clearly need further explanation – this reply is only the second post I’ve made in a *very* long time, yet there you are , stinking up every PS+ related comments section with your inane and rampant fanboyism.

      So scratch ’embarrassing’ – let’s go with ‘tragic’.

      You offer nothing to the debate, yet criticise others for, in your one-eyed view, doing the same.

      So a hypocritical shill then.

  • Hahaha, not even even the augmented edition for The Surge. Also, it’s on sale right now, so that’s gonna [DELETED] people off for sure!

    Happy april fools in advance!

    • Of course, the DLC alone costs 2x more than the “deluxe” edition currently does, and people wont be able to buy it once they redeem the game.

  • You’re resting on your laurels Sony. Remember what happened the last time you did that

  • Checked out Conan a while back and didn’t look for me but The Surge is a good game. Kinda glad this month is a quiet one, been trying to clear through the backlog.

  • At least give us PlayStation Now included to make up for the lack of games here…

    • At LeAsT gIvE uS PlAyStAtIoN nOw

      Change the record already

    • Lmao no point, ps now is trash too

    • true, we do need ps3 backwards compatibillity and the ability to download said games, but you get the last of us, uncharted, until dawn, red dead 1, MGS and way more, the new selection is rubbish and i really needs to be fixed, also where is gta san andreas but beswide that, think of the classic gems

      it still needs downloads

    • PS3 backwards compatibility is basically impossible on the PS4, due to the PS4 being not powerful enough to emulate the PS3’s non standard 7 core CPU properly.

      Vita backwards compatibility is more than doable though (and it’s weird they haven’t, with Vita production having officially ended on the 1st of March).

  • Well I’m happy, been thinking of getting conan for a while

  • Just had the email through – “£79 of games for you this April…..”

    Erm, no, actually at current prices it’s £27.23 of games, and I’m not sure they are worth even that….

  • I honestly wish I’d waited to renew PS+ I already have both of these.

  • So, two more games where you wander around hitting stuff, collecting some stuff, hitting some more stuff, collecting some more stuff, getting very bored after half an hour of fighting the same things again and again. Although can’t possibly be as bad as doing the same puzzle over and over again like The Witness this month. Just had a 12 month Plus voucher for my birthday, would have preferred the £50 if Sony keep this up.

  • Kinda just paying for online play at this point, and I’m not sure I’m even up for doing that since I’m in such a RPG kick right now anyway…

  • Bruuuhh.. I was expecting a much much better lineup.

    Next month just give us 20 or £30 and let us buy what we want.

    • Not sure why you’d expect more, we’ve been used to this level of…”brilliance” for a while…

      I’ve been thinking that for a while. They could either offer “their” selection or the option of 5 Euros of store credit.

      That way they’re encouraged to not make it terrible. Also if the two junky games have no appeal, then we can get something more to our liking.

  • Im big fan of R.E. Howard’s Conan books so i’ll give it a chance, however Funcom is really bad developer. Surge is dark souls wannabe with machines.

  • Crap two indie games for free . How about lowering the price for ps plus because you should because ninendo Online is cheapma year than ps plus for online. Sony you got enough cash and PS4 and PSVR sold like hot cakes ? and all you doing cutting back on things E3 cut , PSN Cards your axeing . Aslo you did playstation experience since last one was boreing. It’s like saveing money for a raining day plus owner of playstation 4 it letting Xbox win but why ? And plus state of play should been better. If can’t give us better ps plus games cut the price for online that all I have say . Plus Telling truth The PS3 PS plus games are way better than the PS4 Ps plus free games

    • What do you think indie mean?

    • Low budget games

    • No, indie does not mean low budget. And these games are not even low budget. If its indie it does not have finacial support of a publisher. These did.

    • When does a game published by an independent publisher cease to be an indie game?

      Celeste – for example – is published by Motion Twin – an independent publisher with 11 employees. It IS an indie game.

      Conan Exiles is published by Funcom – an independent publisher with 135 employees. IS it an indie game?

  • Change to 2 games per month and you throw us this rubbish? I only have plus for online these days. ‘The player’s’ are obviously not your focus these days and just lining the pockets of your overpaid executives.

  • Okay, The Surge isn’t bad, however down to 2 games now and this is all we get?

    I’m sorry, but whoever thought this will be better, is seriously out of touch…

    Can we go back to the 4-5 games from before with PS3 and VITA? At least then the chances were actually better to get something cool for most people. Now it’s so easy to be disapointed…

  • Suck them in for another year by running a reduced 12 month sub promotion, then throw crap at them the day after it ends…

     all the way to the bank. My sub is up next month. Glad I didn’t fall for it!

    • Thats mature

    • Why thank you. Cynicism comes with maturity. Of course I sense a hint of sarcasm in your two word reply but we’ll ignore that!

    • Cynicism does not come with maturity, its just a sad way to look on life. A mature person simply would never write “then throw crap at them the day after it ends”

    • @Maaden_Swe

      A mature person wouldn’t go through every comment and lash out at anyone who is dissatisfied with the monthly games.

    • Any sensible person would be cynical, especially of a company like Sony whom are historically notorious for having shady business practices.

      NOT being mature is being a shill for a big corporation. It’s called the free market for a reason. Let them sink or swim on their own merit. Since they’re providing little merit lately, they should probably sink, but it’s shameless shills like you who keep them afloat.

  • Since we’re only getting 2 games, 2 games I’m never going to play, can we get a dlc with it or a free dlc for a random game?

  • Am I the only one who actually feels like it’s an ok month? I’ve actually wanted to check out Conan. Surge is also tempting, though it feels like a mediocre cash grab on Dark Souls, but in Sci-Fi. Still, might give it a try.

    • yes, you are probably the only one.

    • Make it two

    • The surge is made by the people who made the utterly terrible Lords of the Fallen. A boring lazy Dak Souls ripoff, lacking all of the fun, memorable cast, and monster designs, with boring/bad combat against boring/bad AI enemies…

      This is basically the same…in space…

    • I actually liked lords of the fallen. Combat is too slow but the rest is good (average)

    • MiseryPrincess.

      Since when was The Surge in space?

      It’s sci-fi yes, but it’s not really space. It’s basically just a futuristic view, with robots.

      Beside, Lords of the Fallen may have been too inspired by Dark Souls but there were still differences. You may see it just as bad or boring, but thats because you think Souls rip off. The combat was slow paced, but that seemed to be intentional.

      By no means were Lords of the Fallen or The Surge masterpieces, but terrible? No. They are average or just above in my opinion but not below.

    • Lords of the fallen wasn’t a bad game because it “was a DS ripoff”, Nioh is a great game. It’s a bad game because it’s a bad DS ripoff made by talentless people with no original ideas. It was just trying to cash in on something popular while not understanding why it was, or what made it fun.

      They though “oh DS games have hard combat”. So they made the bosses spongey boring fights that felt straight out of a poorly made free to play MMO with weird random oneshots that made no sense, no DS “pattern learning”. They also didn’t get the finer points of the combat, and replaced it with a shallow dull amateurish blergh where you moved like a log. They thought “oh DS has weight classes and weapons and stuff” yet everything felt very similar and worked basically the same, there was zero functional depth (and no fun weapons) and you were too rewarded for tanking.

      They missed the “fun” and “quirks” of DS because they thought it was all about being sad and grey. There was zero fun or memorable characters. The main guy was some bearded dullard with squiggles on his face. He had to go through badly written dialog options and then had to make dialog choices that were basically all the same (and none I wanted to pick). The story was straight up bad and also had zero depth, yet made you get small snippets that told you only that the story was very, very boring (no DS like “make up your own mind from vague clues”, it was very unvague clues about a puddle deep plot). The enemy designs felt like something an intern with zero ideas made while working on a low budget Diablo 3 clone, that didn’t get used. The world designs were equally boring and felt like they were randomly generated designs from a bad roguelike. Urgh it had no redeemable features. Like, at all.

  • I got a friend who play Conan alot so Im definately gonna try that out. I think I bought The Surge on a Black Friday sale, havent tried it tho. Damn the backlog is getting huge.

    • So you admit you haven’t even PLAYED most of these games and yet you keep shilling for Sony? Wow, you have as much shame and humility as they do (zero).

  • Surge looks okay. I thought the demo was good. Conan on the other hand looks like a bad, baaaaad knock off of AC Origins. And I didn’t even like Origins.

    • Knocking of Origins? It came out before Origins. It’s also a online survival title. If it’s knocking anything of it’s the likes of Ark Survival Evolved and 7 Days 2 Die ect.

    • ocelot07 is right , Conan Exiles is much much closer to those which he mentioned..

    • No Conan is a convoluted tower defence, spend time building a base and a monster runs through it, destroy the base, forage more supplies to rebuild it etc according to the trailer. That’s what put me off buying it.

  • This is why I continue my subscription, getting to play titles I wouldn’t ordinarily.

    Thanks PlayStation!

    • Deluded

    • @BBbossness 53.1 Deluded (adjective) believing something that is not true.

      Please explain your response. I’ll wait.

    • Easy: you are delusional to thank Sony for basically conning you out of your money. Even if they were giving us good games, that’s not something to say “thanks” for, as they are ultimately a business providing a service.

    • You must be fun at parties. Remind me to invite you next time.

  • On the bright side it makes going through all the plus games backlog from 11/02/11 to now a bit easier. I’ m not interested in playing online and I would personally rather have plus offerings of something I can’t buy outside shops and online retailers.

    I don’t get the need to have AAA games as plus games. Just because millions are spent to make a game doesn’t mean it’s good. I guess next month will be Fallout 76 and whatever other AAA game that’s past it’s sell by date.

  • I never got around to buying The Surge, so i’m happy with the offering. Conan Exiles i will definitely try out.

  • Happy about the surge as I so very nearly bought that recently. The thing is, I so very nearly bought it for £8 from CEX so Sony emailing me to tell me I’m getting £80 worth of games is laughable ? unless Conan is worth £72? ??

  • Conan is on sale as we speak in the march sale,do you guys have no shame?

    • Both games are in the sale.

      What makes it worse is Conan has a bonus 5% off for being a Plus subscriber.

      So they actively tried to get Plus subscribers to buy it knowing it was part of the months offerings.

  • when you tolerate mediocrity, you get more of it..

  • Looks like I’ll be skipping my subscription yet another month. Disgrace to remove the PS3 + Vita offerings and then come with these games.

  • It’s got to the point where it’s difficult to even bother redeeming the games…

  • Unsubscribing from plus will just hurt your experience, they have bundled it this way for a reason.

    if you want to make a point, wait for Sony new releases to drop in price before you buy them.

  • I’ve set my PS Plus to not renew when it expires in July. I haven’t played a plus game for ages.

  • I’m just gonna pretend that Path of Exiles was this months PS Plus game

    • Well I suppose there’s that free pack for PS+ subscribers, so it’s technically very slightly true!

      (randomly they haven’t bothered with free themes or anything for while)

  • I would never buy those games , so I suppose it is good to try them.At least The Surge combat looks good!!

    However , the fact that both of them are in sale during the announcement,shows that the decision making of PsPlus games is done without much effort…Another poor planing after the first disappointing State of Play…

    Let’s hope upcoming announcements will be better!!!

    P.S. If I were to give a title that is already on sale , I would at least choose Nioh (14.99€) instead of Conan Exiles (22.49€) , because it has an actually good Season Pass that players would probably buy after playing the game!!

  • This is an utter joke of a service. Disgraceful.

  • State of Play clearly showed that Sony wanted to push the psvr… so add some game to psplus why won’t you!?

    The surge is pretty good though for those immediately dismissing it as a “crap souls like”

  • Terrible.

    Surge or any souls like game is divisive straight away because only a select audience have the skill or patience to play them.

    And Conan. Pfft.

  • …… Erm…… I’ll pass. I sadly have PsPlus till January next year so there is nothing I can really do except add them to the library of previous “Poop Stuff Plus” games that keep growing. I’ve barely played on the PS4 the last 6 months (especially on the PS+ games), I mean I’ll download give them a try but then end up deleting them 30 mins later. I’ve spent more time on the Nintendo Switch or on the Laptop playing Minecraft. Granted things could change with plus and the quality of games they put up but when you pay for a service you no longer play online with and are basically paying for the Plus games and not all the other stuff tacked on. If it continues and I don’t get much from the plus games then my renewal will be cancelled come January.

  • I am easily pleased. Sometimes when I have written comment here on PS Plus post, other users have criticised me for being too easy to please, which is fair, I guess. I’ve always found something positive about the monthly games. When the major offerings weren’t of my taste, there would always be a pleasant little indie game that could entertain me for a couple of hours, and that was enough for me. This month it’s different, sadly. While the games might not be utter crap, they have received mixed reviews at best, I have no interest in playing any of them. I really wish they would throw in an indie game on top of these two main games. There such an enormous library of less known games on this system. For me personally, this is the worst month on PS Plus ever.

    • Im excited for Conan since a friend is playing it. But I agree with the indie titles. I buy alot of games so to get indie games at release would be fantastic :)

  • This is as uninspiring as the state of VR play the other day

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