10 developer tips to survive Path of Exile as the action RPG launches on PS4 today

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10 developer tips to survive Path of Exile as the action RPG launches on PS4 today

Make the best use of skills, elemental resistances, upgrades and more to battle through Wraeclast

Path of Exile is set to launch on PlayStation 4 today and with so many new exiles set to wash up on the shores of Wraeclast in the coming days, we wanted to make sure you’re well prepared.

Life in Wraeclast is unforgiving at the best of times, especially for new players, so, we’ve compiled a list of 10 simple tips that will ensure you start off on the right foot.

1. Decide on a playstyle

Path of Exile has hundreds of skill gems and due to its sprawling passive skill tree and deep item customisation, it also has thousands of potential playstyles.

It can be tempting to try to do a little bit of everything, but you may end up being good at nothing. Picking a specific playstyle (such as a fire spell-caster or bow-wielding ranger) you want to use and sticking with it will get you much farther than spreading yourself too thin.

2. Support your skills

Support Gems can drastically alter a skill’s performance. Not dealing enough damage with Ground Slam? Try using the Brutality Support to increase your physical damage. Ice Shot not hitting enough monsters? Lesser Multiple Projectiles Support will fix that by turning your single projectile into three to decimate a crowd. Make sure that the skills you are using are properly supported.

3. Don’t neglect your life

Killing things is fun, but dying isn’t. Make sure you have enough life to survive a few big hits. The passive tree is filled with life modifiers, but they won’t do much if your items don’t also supply life. Keep an eye out for things that keep you alive and make use of them!

4. Resistances are amazing

Got a lot of life but still keep dying? Check your Elemental Resistances in the character panel! You can visit your character panel by pressing on the touchpad to go to your inventory and then navigating to your character list from there.

Elemental damage can be lethal if you don’t have enough elemental resistances. Luckily, resistances are plentiful on items and can even be temporarily supplemented with auras and flasks! Cold Resistance is particularly useful in Act 1, and Lightning in Acts 2 and 3.

5. Upgrade your flasks

As your character grows stronger and tougher, your life flasks will refill proportionally less and less of your life. Keep an eye out for better life flasks as you slay monsters, as a well-timed flask use can be a literal life-saver.

6. Uniques aren’t always an upgrade

It’s exciting when you see that orange flash of a Unique item dropping, but remember that Unique items are often very specialised. They might be able to take your build to the next level, but it’s no good equipping a Unique bow to your mace-wielding character. Don’t fret, because…

7. Items can be valuable

The Trade Board will let you sell items you don’t want to other players. You can find it by pressing “Options” and going to “Trade Board”. Consider using it if you’re looking for an upgrade or have an item you just can’t use.

8. Use your stash

Your stash comes with four tabs by default and is shared by all characters on the same account. You can stash items you want to use later, or even on a different character entirely, and it’ll still be there when you check it in the future. Many players save gear for their other characters in their stash.

If you run out of space, it’s possible to purchase more in the in-game store. Some even come with extra features to make organising your wares even easier.

9. Ascend

Special Trials are hidden throughout the campaign that unlock access to the Lord’s Labyrinth — a difficult, ever-changing dungeon. It’s not easy, but completing the Lord’s Labyrinth is well worthwhile, as it unlocks access to your Ascendancy classes.

Ascendancies come with very powerful role-defining perks! All but one of the character classes has three Ascendancy classes available to it. The seventh class only has access to one while simultaneously having access to them all… you’ll just have to wait and see what we mean.

10. Don’t get discouraged

Path of Exile has a steep learning curve, but balanced by nearly bottomless depth. If you feel like you’re getting stuck, ask for help or check online for tips (like these!). Or even try starting a new character! You’d be surprised how much farther you get on a second character with the lessons learned on your first.

We’re so glad you’re joining us on this journey and we’re looking forward to playing with you!

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  • Great game. Looking forward to starting a new character on PS4. ?

  • The store entry says “Paid PlayStation Plus subscription required for online multiplayer”. I thought that PS+ wasn’t necessary for F2P games. Is this an error?

  • Great game so glad its hit the ps4, my pc is for work/home use more than for gaming

  • I just downloaded on ps4 a few days ago. LOVE IT! The options are endless. I will start a new character for sure as I will need to work out some path options that I could do without. Over all though, My son and I love it. Thank you for developing a classic rpg. Add me in game @mj420511

  • I’ve been playing this game for a while and I can say that is really good. Hard as hell in the beginning, But once you catch up with the gaming style, it rocks.

    I had to use some guides, like in devianart, wikis, and other sources to understand it but hey, what can we do? The best source of them all that I found is Seller and Friends. They have really good content about Path of Exile Tips and tricks. I keep reading them until now!

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