Watch State of Play live here

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Watch State of Play live here

PlayStation’s new video showcase airs today - tune in here for new PS4 and PS VR announcements

Today we’re bringing you the first-ever episode of State of Play. The new livestream event will deliver a host of announcements and updates for upcoming PS4 and PS VR software. You can watch State of Play right here, today at 9.00pm GMT/10.00pm CET.



You can also watch State of Play live on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook worldwide. Can’t tune in? No worries – we’ll publish a VOD edition shortly after the episode airs.

Revisit this post after you watch State of Play for more information about the game announcements and updates. A comprehensive collection of detailed blogs packed with new information will be waiting.

Enjoy the show!

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  • Glad I won’t have to stay up til like 3am like past E3 events!

  • So based on there not being a weekly store update posted yet I’m gambling on an “It’s available right now!!!” moment and the store update will be posted after this concludes.

  • Decent of you to wait until the England game is finished ?

  • they just gone 1-0 down by the way England. but that,s beside the point where the hell is this weeks Store update not that it matters that much just a handful of rubbish like we have seen over the last 14 months maybe they will include it in the Video?

    • Seven release tomorrow I think, looks great :) Outward also, and the final episode of the last season of Walking Dead.

  • Announce 1st party titles on PSnow day 1 and I’ll sub straight away. (Even with a price increase.)

  • Thanks for the link!

  • That was AWFUL. Awful and short.

    • Lol I know right. 15 minutes? Are you kidding me? Nintendo directs get millions of views, good luck with that Sony if this is what you have to show

    • It’s based on Nintendo Direct, which are also short. It’s not an E3 conference.

      They’re meant to be short and sweet, with more coming throughout the year.

      If you didn’t like any of those, you must be a very miserable person.

    • Not VR fan and everything else was meh. Days gone I’d made my mind up to get long time ago but the more I see the more generic it’s looking tbh.

      Sony is standing still when gaming has just begun to hit another period of innovation with all their competitors making big strides with new services and ways to play.

    • It’s not based on direct @maxdiehard Sony dis a series back on the ps3 call First Play then Xbox did their thing which they started doing again after the launch of the One X. Nintendo were the last to do the video magazine type format.

    • @neutronbomb Sony aren’t standing still. They’re doing exactly the same things their competitors are only just starting to do. Streaming services, subscription based game libraries, these are things that Sony have been doing for years and the only real new things coming from major players at the moment. And Sony’s continued expansion of PS Now shows a commitment to the idea but I don’t think it will really hit it’s stride until PS5 comes and (hopefully) brings some kind of dedicated streaming hardware inside the box alongside traditional console hardware.

    • If you honestly think that VR isn’t moving Sony forward, then you’re sadly mistaken. This is only making it bigger.

      And no, FirstPlay was a digital magazine by Future Publishing, it was not by Sony.

    • Come on, sure I had hoped for more but it was the first. The big stuff will come during the summer, hopefully before E3. Happy I got to see some more Concrete Genie tho :) And Observation look great

  • WOW!!! Mostly VR games, no big announcements. What a let down. That was my first and last broadcast i ever watch…

    • Wow, Sony literally can’t win. Either they don’t talk about VR enough or they talk about it too much.

    • It was the first, to get the ball rolling. They will show the big stuff closer to summer :)

    • There’s a big divide between “not talking about it” and “talking about it for half the show”.

      They should limit it to 1-3 titles at most.

      They’re basically talking about releases 95%+ of their userbase can’t play for half the show.

  • idk why but people are just so ungrateful… Can’t wait for Concrete Genie, it looks amazing!

  • I was right not to get my hopes up, turned off my game for that… Too short and insignificant. Might have well put the trailers online and do a blog post on VR support for No Man’s Sky as usual… Still like the look of Concrete Genie but the footage wasn’t more revealing.

  • Not even an April ps plus announcement! Show was BAD. Wake up PlayStation.

  • Great show. Just the pace and the amount it needed. Genie looks fantastic. Stop whining.

  • This is actually awesome, stupid conventions that noone can attend to anyway, or get there to wait for hours and hours are so outdated.

    Bundling Resources to get the Stuff in our Homes is the right step!

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