All the PlayStation news and announcements from State of Play

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All the PlayStation news and announcements from State of Play

A full recap of all the PS4 and PS VR updates from today’s broadcast

Phew! PlayStation’s first-ever State of Play livestream has concluded, but that’s just the beginning. Peruse the list below to learn more about each new announcement from the show, including deeper insight into each one from the developers behind them.

What was your favourite announcement from our first episode? Join the conversation in the comments below.

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  • So good. I loved it. Especially hyped for Days Gone and the VR stuff! Nice! ?

  • Really enjoyed State of Play. Well done Sony. Been wanting to pull the trigger on PSVR but worried about a new version coming out. Thoughts?

    • I’m pretty certain no new headset for PS4 / PS4 Pro. Next new headset will come for PS5 only (VR 2.0) and that’s still way off from now so buy a VR now and join the fun. Many great deals on VR throughout the last year so you should find a starterkit for a good price if you just look around the stores.

      I will buy Blood & Truth on day one and download the VR update and return to my No Mans Sky this summer.

      As I already pre-ordered Days Gone a long time ago, I’m set for a great gaming spring/summer :)

    • Yeah, like the guy above said, any PSVR2 is still a way off, & who knows what it will cost at launch, so depending on your finances, it might longer still before price drops to something afforable. Plenty of time to get more than your money’s worth on the current model, & if you do decide to upgrade when the new one comes out, you can always part exchange.

  • Sorry….. State of Play

  • I know this is part of the last ditch effort to claw back some profit on silly VR, but seeeeriously should have had much less focus on it.

    As less than 3% of PS4 owners own one and even less still use it, having half the show dedicated to it is a bit much and made it hard to stay interested.

    Maybe do a separate show (and blog) for VR or something?

    • Most successful piece of VR so far. You mean, you don’t want to be Iron Man?

    • Username checks out

    • Yea, thats not whats going on with the VR. You think they lose money on it and they absolutely do not. Last ditch effort, that was funny, lol. You will see :) This was the first State of Play and they had said it was focused alot on VR. They big announcements will come closer to summer.

    • “..and even less still use it..” Truth! I’m happy for those who still get enjoyment out of it, but I prefer to not get motion sick and would like to keep my eyes healthy. Blurry Skyrim ain’t worth it.

    • I like how people ignore that the developers are constantly reporting they have made no money (or losses) and support has been by dropped by basically every big publisher and developer on the planet.

      VR itself isn’t remotely profitable, nor are it’s meager sales remotely close to offsetting it’s cost, the same happened in the 80s and 90s. It’s being propped up for now by a few hopeful businesses, but it’s not even 1/5th as popular as the Vita in the same time period.

    • And still more than 4 mil. people bought PS VR, and Sony is making money of it, so they are not losing money on VR. What you want Sony to do? O whe have VR and dont make games for it?

      I’am glad that they support theyr VR so firmly. They give VR owners what they want, content. They can please everyone. Some people will have always something to complain?

  • I am really excited that Concrete Genie has realise window Fall 2019 hopefully between Days Gone and that Sony will give us 2 more exclusives or at least 1. And i know i said some things about VR previously that its not looking good and if Sony doesn’t support them VR might have the same faith as Vita,i was wrong the amount of content that they anounced last night for that device is big. PS4 isn’t slowing down one bit and its great to be part of this comunity that really has a lot of good things on horizon..

  • Shouldn’t you start your first State of play with a big bang? This show was rather disappointing, mainly VR ads and a few indies. Where is the really interesting stuff?? News about “Death Stranding”, “Ghost of Tsushima” and of course “The Last of us 2”?

    Sorry, no offence, but that was the replacement for an entire press conference? Man, to call this first show lame would be an understatment.

    • Huh, replacement for press conference? At E3? Eh no, of course not, its march. They big stuff will come around E3, of course :)

    • But Sony IS skipping E3 2019.

    • I think what he or she meant to say is that around E3 time you will get Death Stranding, Last of Us type of news

    • I know that, but as I wrote before, for their first State of Play this was really “meh”. If they want to establish something new, shouldn’t it be a bit more meaningful at their first attempt.

    • This first episode was not ‘meh’. Just because you whiny non-VR players didn’t get enough recognition doesn’t make it bad.

      VR is quickly becoming the next major step in gaming and the fact it’s getting massive support like this only cements that fact.

      You already know what major games are coming out this year, so grow up and let new games shine.

    • I would not have said no to more info of course, but I really like VR so I liked it. And Im really hyped that they showed more from Concrete Genie :)

  • “State of Play”? More like State of VR.

  • Enjoyed it straight to the point of each game. Loving what is coming to PSVR this year. Just hope I can have mine set back up ASAP.

  • they tricked me into watching a Days Gone trailer. I have to say, I was mildly interested before, but after seeing that trailer… ooof. That game looks ridiculously bad.

    • Yeah shure, what ever rocks your boat. Critics and a big part of gamers are very positive how far Days Gone is improved and is looking like a real AAA game now. And you know, they are right. Days Gone is a good game, and the reviews will show that.

  • I don’t know, vr still doesn’t look that engaging to me, except blood and truth none of the games looked like an actual game but more like tech demos. If you push it and get a few more actual titles I get vr with the ps5.

  • While I had the VR I really didn’t like it, it’s cool it’s still being supported though. Even though the show wasn’t that great I appreciated how quick and fast each bit of info was, great to see observation is due soon and concrete genie is out this year :)

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  • This was very underwhelming and the lady sounded super patronising. 

    VR state of play more like. I’ve no interest in VR Sony , what’s in it for me?

  • I love VR had it since day one so I was pleased to see how much is coming out for it and also more games are being made VR compatible..but I can kinda see how people would be disappointed with the State Of Play if they don’t own a VR or were expecting a lot more.(I admit I thought some release dates would be coming at least for TLOU2 etc) but I’m super excited about Concrete Genie.:)

  • Loved the amount of psvr support! Bring on the next one!

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